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‘Common Core’ Nationalizes Education

December 22, 2013
The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

Editor, News-Register:

I just finished reading the article you posted on Common Core and critical thinking. You have posted a very one-sided opinion that needs to be rebutted. The Common Core Standards are the smoke to the issue; the fire is in the details. The article does not mention that two of the validation team members (James Milgram, Stanford Professor and NASA mathematician, and Sandra Stotsky, Professor University of Arkansas and creator of Massachusetts standards, the only two with teaching and developing standards experience) refused to sign off on the standards and are now crossing the nation in opposition to them.

However, for me the major issues are:

1) Loss of any West Virginia teacher or parent control of the standards. They were developed by outsiders and are copyright protected. There was no W.Va. teacher or educator involvement, nor will there be! This is national control, not state and local!

Most states got caught up in Common Core when they signed up for President Obama's "Race to the Top" program, funded by wasted stimulus or Fiscal Stabilization money. When the governor signed up for Obama's money, he agreed to join Common Core and accept the terms placed by two outside organizations (The National Governors Association and Council of Chief State School Officers). He gave up our state sovereignty over education! A historical first!

2) Yes the curriculum is important, but as the standardized computerized testing is being rolled out, teachers and school officials will realize that to succeed they must teach to the test developed by the same outsiders that developed the standards! So they will adopt the outsiders' curriculum. That is being realized by the states further along in implementation than us and they are now pushing back! Almost every state in the country has opposition groups and states are opting out monthly! Examine a Delaware teacher's opinion at this link -

It doesn't sound like there is too much critical thinking going on in her school.

3) The issue of student data protection and parent privacy is not discussed, but under the agreement our governor signed, our state is required to link student data to other states and to the Dept. of Education. The Dept. of Education can then release the data to third parties without parental consent because the administration in 2012 gutted the existing FERPA law that protected student data. This totally unacceptable! No student data should leave local and state control and absolutely never be provided to outsiders like Bill Gates, education associations, or the federal government. Perhaps these issues will be covered in "part two" but these concerns are far greater than has been implied! I refer you to this website if you are interested in the pursuit of truth:

Don't be fooled! This is the Obama administration effort to nationalize public education!

Fred Dailey

St. Marys, W.Va.

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