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Planning on a Budget?

October 22, 2013
The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

Caviar and valet parking isn't right for every wedding. But scaling back doesn't have to mean compromised style or fun. Separating your needs from your wants is a good starting point for planning a wedding on a budget. By thinking creatively you can utilize a thrifty approach to pull off a spectacular event.


Wedding planners are invaluable resources. They have executed many successful weddings and possess insider knowledge on hot trends. But they are also expensive. Some big-city planners can cost you more than $4,000 for their services.

With online research and a little elbow grease, you can serve as your own planner and defray the high cost of going professional. Enlist the help of your friends to choose your colors, themes and wedding features. This will generate more ideas that you may not have come up with on your own.


Open bars may keep your guests happy but they can definitely hurt your wallet. Offer one or two free drinks per guest, or select a predetermined number of kegs. Once the free beer or wine runs out, shift the bill to your guests.

Also, avoid the pricey champagne toast, instead letting your guests toast with whatever drink they have picked up from the bar. Even unlimited soda for the kids and non-drinkers can rack up your bill in a hurry. Impose a small charge for all drinks to help recoup some of your drink deposit.


We all have a friend who dabbles in graphic design. Reach out to them to provide discounted services for your wedding. Sit down with your artistic friends to design the perfect invitations. If you're lucky, your friends may even throw in their help for free or as part of their wedding gift.

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