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John Marshall Duo, McCoy Join a Decade's Worth of Captains on the All-Valley Softball Team

June 9, 2013
The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

Captain Molly McCoy, Senior


McCoy ended her prep softball career with a blast.

Article Photos

Kylie Howard


The senior shortstop lead the Ohio Valley and set an

Edison school record with 13 home runs and was the only player in the OV to finish with double-digit homers.

Fact Box

First Team

P - Amy Rotriga, John Marshall (c)

P - Katie Ellzy, Harrison Central

P - Hannah Absalom, St. John

P - Victoria Mimken, Fort Frye

C - Ashleigh Sidon, Wheeling Park

C - Kristin Lewicki, John Mashall

IF - Kylie Howard, John Marshall (c)

IF - Mallory Chapman, Magnolia

IF - Morgan DeLuca, St. John

IF - Molly McCoy, Edison (c)

OF - Lauren Swiger, Buckeye Local

OF - Sis George, John Marshall

OF - Maddy Gulan, Steubenville Catholic

Util - Taylor Clark, Steubenville Catholic

Util - Sydney Bennington, Wheeling Central

Util - Carly Greer, Wheeling Park

Util - Andrea Guzek, Bishop Donahue

Util - Lauren Figura, St. Clairsville

Second Team

P - Linda Hall, Cameron

P - Alex McComb, Steubenville Catholic

P - Megan Ging, Bellaire

P - Sarah Henry, Wheeling Central

C - Dallas Messenger, Bellaire

C - Audrey Bryan, Cameron

IF - Miekka Buffo, Weir

IF - Marrisa Tucker, Wheeling Park

IF - Kadie Coppa, St. John

IF - Micca Mirabella, Steubenville Catholic

OF - Sammi Giannamore, Steubenville Catholic

OF - Haylee Bowers, River

OF - Michaela Hinerman, Brooke

Util - Alli Delaney, Union Local

Util - Megan Heagney, Shadyside

Util - Joni Zavolta, Wheeling Central

Util - Natalie Smith, Fort Frye

Util - Paige Geanangel, Indian Creek

Third Team

P - Skylar Carrington, Wheeling Park

P - Kelsey Loy, Paden City

P - Madison Basinger, Wheeling Central

P - Ashley Hadzima, Bridgeport

C - Audrey Gibb, Magnolia

C - Abby Orr, Indain Creek

IF - Ashley Gast, Wheeling Central

IF - Sydney Helms, St. John

IF - Kristen Slater, Wheeling Park

IF - Abby Durig, Magnolia

OF - Kierstyn Czuchran, Buckeye Local

OF - Athena Sayrie, John Marshall

OF - Lexi Berger, Toronto

Util - Kelsi Johnson, Wheeling Park

Util - Morgan Watson, John Marshall

Util - Caitlin Sliva, St. John

Util - Ashley Montgomery, Meadowbrook

Util - Hannah Rogerson, John Marshall

Honorable Mention

Bellaire: Mackenzie Conroy, Mary Garloch

Bishop Donahue: Katie Scott, Selena Gaphery, Abbey Mele

Bridgeport: Caitlyn Kroll, Dustyne Cargnell, Emily Nowakowski

Brooke: Brette Geary, Kristen Reardon, Taylor Simala, Isabella Preston

Buckeye Local: Aliyah Marelli, Ivy Starcher

Cameron: Marissa Meintel, Bailey Wood

John Marshall: Jackie Gellner

Magnolia: Kasey Hilpert, Kennedy Slampak

Meadowbrook: Abby Tatgenhorst

Steubenville Catholic: Ashlynne Daley, Megan Lloyd, Kelsey Grandinetti, Maddy Metcalf

St. Clairsville: Alicia Avila, Carlee Gillespie, Krista Morrison

St. John Central: Kristen Russell, Amber Lamotte

Union Local: Olivia Minamyer, Britanny Stack, Shayna McGary, Ali Bethel

Weir: Haley McLaughlin

Wheeling Central: Laken Visnick

Batting Average

(.325 or better with minimum of 15 hits)

McCoy, Edi.583

Chapman, Mag .563

Lewicki, JM .524

Figura, St. C .500

Kroll, Bridge.484

Clark, SCC.477

Bennington, WC .470

Ellzy, HC .463

Messenger, Bell.463

DeLuca, St. J.460

Gulan, SCC.456

Delaney, UL .455

Giannamore, SCC .449

Swiger, BL.448

Mirabella, SCC.422

Bryan, Cam.420

McComb, SCC.417

Buffo, Weir .417

Tucker, WP.417

Sayrie, JM.416

George, JM.414

Mimken, FF.414

McLaughlin, Weir .413

Zavolta, WC .410

Absalom, St. J.406

K. Johnson, WP.404

Hadzima, Bridge.403

Ging, Bell.400

Howard, JM.400

Coppa, St. J.400

Hinerman, Brk.400

Helms, St. J.399

Sliva, St. J.398

Smith, FF.392

Greer, WP.391

Durig, Mag .388

Huck, FF.386

Hall, Cam.382

Slater, WP.381

Cargnell, Bridge.375

Montgomery, MB.371

Gast, WC .370

Marelli, BL.370

Bethel, UL .367

Guzek, BD.366

Stack, UL .365

Minamyer, UL .364

McGary, UL .364

Gillespie, St. C .360

Czuchran, BL.353

Meintel, Cam.351

Henry, WC .350

Russell, St. J.350

Garloch, Bell.350

Conroy, Bell.345

A. Sidon, WP.345

Rotriga, JM.341

Morrison, Mag .338

Gibb, Mag .337

Tatgenhorst, MB .333

Avila, St. C .329

Watson, JM .329

Rogerson, JM.326

Simala, Brk.326

Gellner, JM.325

Lemasters, FF.325


(Minimum of 20)

54 - Lewicki, JM

49 - McCoy, Edi

48 - Howard, JM

46 - Mirabella, SCC

45 - Coppa, St. J

44 - Messenger, Bell; Giannamore, SCC

41 - George, JM; DeLuca, St. J; Clark, SCC

40 - Chapman, Mag; Absolom, St. J; McComb, SCC

39 - Swiger, BL

38 - Hinerman, Brk; Helms, St. J

37 - Sayrie, JM; Ellzy, HC

36 - Figura, St. C; K. Johnson, WP

35 - Durig, Mag; Delaney, UL; Sliva, St. J; Tucker, WP; Ging, Bell

33 - Montgomery, MB

32 - Gillespie, St. C; Minamyer UL; Slater, WP; Huck, FF

31 - Rotriga, JM; Rogerson, JM

30 - Buffo, Weir; Guzek, BD; Czchran, BL; Marelli, BL; Kroll, Bridge

29 - Simala, Brk; Hall, Cam; Bryan, Cam; Mimken, FF; Smith, FF

28 - Watson, JM; Scott, BD; A. Sidon, WP; Garloch, Bell; Daley, SCC

27 - Stack, UL; McGary, UL; Tatgenhorst, MB; Geary, Brk; Russell, St. J; Cargnell, Bridge

26 - Gibb, Mag; Gellner, JM; McLaughlin, Weir; Scott, BD; Meintel, Cam

25 - Greer, WP; Lemasters, FF

24 - Avila, St. C; Mele, BD; Preston, Brk; Hendershot, FF

23 - Morrison, St. C; Conroy, Bell; Gulan, SCC; Lloyd, SCC

22 - Bethel, UL; Ghaphery, BD

21 - Reardon, Brk; Lamotte, St. J; Canter, Bell; Grandinetti, SCC


(Minimum of 8)

20 - Absalom, St. J

15 - Coppa, St. J

14 - K. Johnson, WP; McCoy Edi

13 - Geary, Brk

12 - George, JM

11 - Helms, St. J; DeLuca, St. J; Montgomery, MB; Stack, UL; Chapman, Mag

10 - Howard, JM; Clark, SCC; Gulan, SCC

9 - Guzek, BD; Bennington, WC

8 - Delaney, UL; Morrison, St. C; Zavolta, WC; Gast, WC; Lewicki, JM; Hadzima, Bridge; Kroll, Bridge


(Minimum of 3)

8 - Howard, JM

6 - Sliva, St. J; Ging, Bell

5 - Absalom, St. J; Tucker, WP

4 - Bennington, WC; Delaney, UL; McGary, UL; DeLuca, St. J; A. Sidon, WP; Gulan, SCC; Mirabella, SCC

3 - Zavolta, WC; Sayrie, JM; Rogerson, JM; Minamyer, UL; Buffo, Weir; Scott, BD; Geary, Brk; Wood, Cam; Helms, St. J; Conroy, Bell; McCoy Edi

Home Runs

(Minimum of 3)

13 - McCoy, Edi

9 - Gulan, SCC

7 - DeLuca, St. J

6 - K. Johnson, WP

5 - Hall, Cam; Tatgenhorst, MB; Figura, St. Chapman, Mag

4 - Coppa, St. J; Buffo, Weir; Ellzy, HC; Bennington, WC; George, JM

3 - Tucker, WP; Sliva, St. J; Wood, Cam; Swiger, BL; Czuchran, BL; Marelli, BL; Guzek, BD; Montgomery, MB; Avila, St. C; Conroy, Bell; Smith, FF; Huck, FF


(Minimum of 15)

45 - Clark, SCC

43 - DeLuca, St. J

40 - Absalom, St. J; Gulan, SCC

38 - George, JM

36 - Howard, JM

32 - Helms, St. J

31 - Bennington, WC; Figura, St. C; Gillespie, St. C; Morrison, St. C; Ellzy, HC

29 - Bryan, Cam; Coppa, St. J; Sliva, St. J; A. Sidon, WP

28 - Gast, WC; Rotriga, JM; Czuchran, BL

27 - Rogerson, JM; Guzek, BD

26 - Zavolta, WC; Avila, St. C; Scott, BD; Meintel, Cam; McCoy, Edi

25 - Tatgenhorst, MB; Tucker, WP; Ging, Bell; Conroy, Bell

24 - Swiger, BL; McComb, SCC; Huck, FF

23 - Henry, WC; Hall, Cam

22 - K. Johnson, WP

21 - Gibb, Mag; Montgomery, MB

20 - Chapman, Mag; Ghaphery, BD; Russell, St. J; Smith, FF

19 - Delaney, UL; Simala, Brk

18 - Sayrie, JM; McLaughlin, Weir; Greer, WP; Kroll, Bridge; Garloch, Bell; Mirabella, SCC

17 - Stack, UL; Mele, BD

16 - Geary, Brk; Marelli BL; Wood, Cam; Gillespie, Bell; Lemasters, FF

15 - McGary, UL; Lamotte, St. J; Slater, WP; Canter, Bell


(Minimum of 20)

44 - Giannamore, SCC

39 - Buffo, Weir; Mirabella, SCC

38 - McCoy, Edi

36 - Coppa, St. J

33 - George, JM

32 - Lewicki, JM; Howard, JM

31 - Messenger, Bell

28 - Ging, Bell

27 - Russell, St. J

26 - Gellner, JM; Hall, Cam

25 - Swiger, BL; Marelli, BL; Sliva, St. J

24 - Ellzy, HC

23 - Durig, Mag; Sayrie, JM; Meintel, Cam; Metcalf, SCC

22 - Chapman, Mag; Montgomery, MB; Hinerman, Brk

21 - Scott, BD; Geary, Brk; Czuchran, BL; Wood, Cam

20 - Ghaphery, BD; Garloch, Bell

Stolen Bases

(Minimum of 15)

36 - Mirabella, SCC

31 - Cargnell, Bridge

26 - Messenger, Bell

23 - Kroll, Bridge

22 - Coppa, St. J

21 - Giannamore, SCC; Lewicki, JM

19 - Lamotte, St. J

15 - Ghaphery, BD

Pitching Wins

(Minimums 10 wins/50 innings)

25 - Absalom, St. J

24 - Rogtriga, JM; Mimken, FF

21 - McComb, SCC

17 - Ellzy, HC

16 - Hall, Cam

15 - Ging, Bell

14 - Henry, WC

13 - Guzek, BD

11 - Chapman, Mag

10 - Starcher, BL

Earned Run Average

(Maximum of 2.00)

1.90 - McComb, SCC

1.66 - Ellzy, HC

1.447 - Hall, Cam

1.40 - Henry, WC

1.24 - Ging, Bell

.99 - Rotriga, JM

.951 - Chapman, Mag

.568 - Absalom, St. J

.516 - Mimken, FF


(Minimum of 60)

338 - Absalom, St. J

374 - Mimken, FF

278 - Rotriga, JM

175 - Ellzy, HC

165 - McComb, SCC

130 - Ging, Bell

123 - Guzek, BD

123 - Hall, Cam

82 - Henry, WC

77 - Greer, WP

63 - Bethel, UL

- Statistics submitted by coaches;

compiled by Tony Viola

She also lead the valley with a .583 batting average, including 14 doubles, which also set a Wildcats school record.

Her 30 total extra base hits were a school record as well.

McCoy scored 38 runs in her senior season and drove in 26 runners from her leadoff spot.

Captain Kylie Howard, Senior

John Marshall

Howard was

another who

didn't disappoint the Marshall County faithful in her final

season in a Monarchs


A repeat All-Valley Captain and a four-time first-team honoree, the John Marshall shortstop played in all 34 games and went to the plate 120 times.

The four-time first-team All-Stater ended with a .400 average and was second on the team in both hits (48) and runs batted in (36).

She led the Monarchs with eight triples and also doubled 10 times and stole 13 bases.

JM was 64-8 in her final two seasons.

Captain Amy Rotriga, Senior

John Marshall

The 5A OVAC Player of the Year, Rotriga was back at it for her senior season. The first-team All-State honoree earned 24 of the Monarchs 30 victories in the

circle as she struck out 278 of the 601

batters she faced and posted a 0.99 earned run


She pitched 155 1/3 innings

during a season where John Marshall won the 5A OVAC Championship as well as the W.Va. Class AAA Region One, Section Four crown.

Rotriga also finished with a solid year at the plate as she batted .341 with 31 hits and drove in 28 runners.

Hannah Absalom, Junior

St. John Central

Absalom led the Ohio Valley with 25 wins, 338 strikeouts and an ERA of 0.57 in her junior season. She also helped guide the Fighting Irish to the Ohio Division IV district title game. Absalom pitched six no-hitters, two perfect games, threw less than a 3-hitter seven times and was in the circle for 175 innings. The OVAC 1A Player of the Year batted .406 with 40 hits, half of which where doubles to lead the OV. She also drove in 40 runners, had a .544 on base percentage and stole 10 bases.

Kristin Lewicki, Senior

John Marshall

The John Marshall catcher was the only player in the Ohio Valley to break the 50-hit marker (54) and had the third-best batting average (.524) during her senior season. She also led the Monarchs with 21 steals and added eight doubles and drove in 12 runs from her leadoff spot.

Katie Ellzy, Sophomore

Harrison Central

Ellzy returns to the first-team after she set a Huskies school record for hits with 37. The sophomore batted .463, scored 24 runs, drove in 31 runners and added four homers. The OVAC 4A co-Player of the Year also went 17-8 in the circle as she collected 175 Ks and posted a 1.66 ERA.

Ashleigh Sidon, Junior

Wheeling Park

This is the debut appearance on the first-team for Sidon as she earned honorable mention a season ago. The hard-hitting catcher posted a team-high six home runs as she helped the Patriots reach the W.Va. Class AAA title round. She also lead Park with 29 RBI and finished the year with a .345 batting average.

Mallory Chapman, Senior


Chapman was the heart and soul for the Blue Eagles during her senior season as she pitched 157 innings, struck out 165 batters and posted a 0.95 ERA for Magnolia. Chapman also had 40 hits in 71 at-bats, including 11 doubles. She was second in the Ohio Valley with a .563 batting average.

Morgan DeLuca, Sophomore

St. John

DeLuca bounced back after missing all of last year due to injuries to land a spot on the All-Valley first-team. The sophomore led the Fighting Irish with a .460 average, four triples, seven homers and drove in 43 runners. She also had 41 hits and 11 doubles to go along with a .700 slugging percent for the OVAC Class A champions.

Sydney Bennington, Sophomore

Wheeling Central

One of the younger members of the first-team, Bennington was a key part of the Maroon Knights' run to the state tournament. The sophomore hit .470, including nine doubles, four triples and four home runs. She also brought in 31 base runners.

Lauren Swiger, Sophomore

Buckeye Local

The OVAC 4A co-Player of the Year, Swiger batted .448 to help lead the Panthers to the OVAC title. The sophomore ended the year with 39 hits, including three homers to go along with 25 runs scored. She also collected 24 RBI.

Taylor Clark, Senior

Steubenville Catholic

Clark ended her prep career as the OVAC Class 2A Player of the Year and helped lead the Crusaders to an appearance in a Ohio Division III regional semifinal. The senior went 41 of 86 at the plate with 10 doubles and six home runs to go along with 45 runs batted in.

Carly Greer, Junior

Wheeling Park

Greer moves to the first-team after earning second-team honors a year ago. The junior was in the circle for 92 innings for the Patriots, including all seven of the West Virginia Class 3A tittle-round as she earned a spot on the first-team All-Tournament squad along with a first-team All-State nod. Greer batted .391 on the season with 25 hits in 64 at-bats and brought in 18 runners.

Andrea Guzek, Senior

Bishop Donahue

Guzek was a force for the Bishops both in the circle and at the plate. The senior lead the team with a .366 average with 30 hits, nine doubles and three home runs. She also drove in 27 runners, another team high. Guzek won 13 games as a starter and fanned 123 batters.

Sis George, Junior

John Marshall

George earns her first first-team nod the same year the center fielder received first-team All-State recognition. The junior finished the season with a .414 average, including 41 hits, 12 doubles and four homers. She also led the OVAC Class 5A Champion Monarchs with 38 RBI.

Maddy Gulan, Junior

Steubenville Catholic

Gulan was second in the Ohio Valley with nine home runs and blasted her way onto the All-Valley first team in her junior season. She batted .456 with 47 hits, including 10 doubles and four triples. Gulan also drove in 40 runners.

Victoria Mimken, Senior

Fort Frye

The OVAC Class 3A Player of the Year, Mimken posted the lowest ERA in the Ohio Valley (0.52) and struck out the second most batters (347). Out of the 31 runs the opposing team scored when Mimken was in the circle, only 14 were earned. She also only walked 17 in 190 innings for the Class 3A champion Cadets.

Lauren Figura, Junior

St. Clairsville

Figura led the Red Devils not only with a .500 batting average, but her 36 hits and five home runs were also tops on the team. She doubled six times during her junior season and drove in 31 base runners.?

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