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Can’t We Learn From Mistakes?

April 3, 2011
The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

Editor, News-Register:

This letter is in response to Mr. Traubert's letter concerning dog and cock fighting published March 27.

Mr. Traubert, no one is trying to take away your right to attend these cruel events, nor am I imposing my values upon you. I am simply asking you to think about a few points of reference before you "enjoy traditional sports that men such as our founding fathers were part of."

1 - You cited Colliers as being the site of a World Boxing Championship. The men that took part in this did so by their own choice and willingly walked into to the ring to face physical harm. What choice do the animals have in taking part in the events that you want to be legalized? Is it their choice to be maimed or killed so that you can enjoy the sports that our founding fathers did? They don't go into these rings willingly; they are thrown into them and sometimes even chained so that there is no escape. What kind of pleasure do these spectators get from watching an innocent creature being maimed and killed? Makes me wonder about that kind of person!

2 - You call it a traditional sport of history. Maybe so, but did we not learn from our mistakes in history? Shouldn't our past mistakes make us able to better judge our current actions and choices? Slavery happened, but will we allow something so terrible to happen again? The events you mention were indeed a part of our past, but should we allow them to continue when we know they inflict such torture and death on innocent creatures who are unable to control their own fate? Where is your conscience when it comes to this inhumane act?

3 - You say you would support legalization of these events. So in other words, you support cruelty to animals. I, for one, would never vote for any legislator who would introduce or vote for such legislation. I am sure that most legislators would view backing such legislation as "political suicide" due to the many people who find these events inhumane. Good luck finding a legislator who will back legalization of this!

5 - Sport, you say? To me, sports are activities like football, baseball, hockey, etc. You may come back with the thought that hunting is a sport and animals are killed, so what is the big deal? The deal here is that most hunters do not torture and maim their prey; they kill immediately and the animal used as food. To me there is a huge difference. Animals used in the events you speak of are maimed and sometimes thrown in the garbage and left to die an agonizing death. The "winners" in the events eventually suffer the same fate because they are only kept as long as they do win. And you call that a sport? I guess I don't get it!

5 - You state that Brooke County was the site of a World Dog Fighting Championship. You are actually proud of that? Do you honestly think that most people in Brooke County would be proud of that? WOW! What a wonderful way to put Brooke County on the map! A key word in your phrase should be "was." I personally think that people in Brooke county would never allow that to happen here again (at least I like to think so).

6 - I've read that many criminals derive pleasure from torturing animals or watching animals being tortured. It makes me wonder about the people who enjoy the events of which you speak. I am not calling them criminals, but I just can't imagine deriving pleasure from watching innocent creatures being tortured and calling it "fun."

This letter was not aimed at imposing anything on you, but rather to make you think about another point of view concerning this issue. You mention freedom. Brigham Young said, "True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what's right." You and I both enjoy the same freedom of speech, so I feel that I speak for those innocent creatures who have no voice. Think about doing what is right for them.

Jeanne Ferrell


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