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Huggins: No Update on Cottrill

December 19, 2010

MORGANTOWN - You get the feeling that if indefinitely suspended freshman guard Noah Cottrill is ever going to play a minute at West Virginia University, he might first have to go to work in the coal mines, maybe have his silhouette featured on a major sports logo, or throw on a coonskin hat, some buckskin, and shoot a musket, or spend 51 years in the United States Senate.

Right now, Cottrill just isn't a great Mountaineer, according to coach Bob Huggins.

There are those who wonder if Cottrill, whose suspension is "for conduct unbecoming of a Mountaineer" will ever play a game in a Mountaineers uniform.

In response to a query by the Sunday News-Register on Saturday afternoon, Huggins didn't sound like a man who willing to overlook any of the actions of Cottrill, last season's Evans Award winner as West Virginia's top high school boys' basketball player.

"I'll tell you where I am," Huggins said. "I think we ought to all be concerned with the people who truly do want to represent the university and truly do want to represent this great state. If you do, you're going to do the right thing. That's where it is with me.

So, no, there is no update."

Cottrill, whose suspension was levied Oct. 29, is still listed as a member of the team on the roster and game notes.

But because of his suspension, a failed qualifier (David Nyarsuk), and a medical condition (Darrious Curry), only one member of Huggins' heralded freshman recruiting class has actually played this season in 6-foot-10 freshman Kevin Noreen. Noreen was a late addition after being released from his letter of intent with Boston College. He has played in six games this season, totaling 39 minutes, and has scored 18 points.

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