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Jobs Added, But Many Still Give Up

May 3, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — The American economy shrugged off the end of a brutal winter last month, rebounding with the biggest hiring surge in two years....

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May-04-14 9:47 PM

Slumdog, Easter Sunday last month.

Took a drive on Sunday morning about 9 AM down OH 7 to Powhatten, turned around crossed the bridge to Moundsville, went up WV-2, exited in Wheeling drow up Chapline, down Main, returned up Chaplain to 250 then hit I70 back into Ohio.

GORGEOUS Weather that day, as you will recall.

Wheeling looks like Fallujah without the Sand.

I encountered 5 cars at that time of the morning. One Corolla and 4 Dodge Charger WPD cruisers!!!

WTF??? A police state? Looks Like Detroit.

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May-04-14 7:30 PM

"Sage of South Wheeling blah blah," dah.

Curious, dah, when was the last time you were in Wheeling?

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May-04-14 5:29 PM


Psychiatrists see escalation in kids' anxiety...

'Constantly exposed to doomsday talk' on global warming...

Sounds like FRUIT OF THE DOOM, aka Wheeldog aka Swing Dog aka Sage of South Wheeling blah blah.

It is YOUR {censored}ing fault, Clown Boy!

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May-04-14 5:26 PM

Slumdog "I happen to believe that we are all culpable for most of the problems of our world. "

Well YOU certainly ARE, you condescending blowhard mental midget of Moundsville!

You are a TOOL of Obama yet you have the nerve to claim you are independent!

BULL! YOu are lying sack of shat who IS the PROBLEM.

Keystone XL Pipeline will create about 42,000 jobs, many of them $80-150K high paying difficult outdoor labor, real MAN JOBS, yet azxzwipes like you babel constantly about the environmental risk.





Mistake for


That'S what!!!

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May-04-14 12:14 PM

yawn... now let's hear some specific criticism of the Obama-Clinton-Kerry-Biden mess for a change. Since your contempt for politicians is so unbiased and all... LOL

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May-04-14 12:10 PM

Troll, it so happens that I am not particularly impressed by either party or by most who have held the White House office. Politicians, both red & blue, are largely cut from the same cloth and follow the same basic pattern of behavior. On rare occasion we get one that is fairly good, but it has nothing to do with their party affiliation. There is no party of political "angels" who form a direct line to the Main Office in the sky. Politicians have simply figured out how to appeal to a small group of very affluent people who spend their money playing a form of political monopoly. Have you ever done research into how much it "costs" to run for a national office - let alone the White House? The people who get there have pretty much sold their souls to the highest bidders and act accordingly. Unless you happen to be one of the "high rollers" in politics your only job is to vote - usually based on the fantasy that you have made up your own mind.

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May-04-14 12:06 PM

"Cue tote morons."

You mean like the NY Times? From the article "It’s a Mistake to Pretend This Jobs Report Tells a Consistent Story MAY 2, 2014"

"The monthly survey of households showed that the economy actually lost 73,000 jobs; the only reason the unemployment rate fell is because people dropped out of the labor force, no longer looking for work and thus not counted as officially unemployed.

Continue reading the main story RELATED COVERAGE

Statistical Noise: How Not to Be Misled by the Jobs ReportMAY 1, 2014 Employment Picture: The Jobs Report Isn’t as Good as It LooksMAY 2, 2014 It’s tempting to try to combine the two surveys into one neat package and claim that the economy added jobs, albeit not enough to bring people back into the labor force. But that’s not right. If you believe the household survey, the economy lost jobs."

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May-04-14 12:21 AM

doggie, you say "we're all culpable" but you sure spend the vast majority of your time blaming conservatives "for the ills of the world." You bias and your hypocrisy make it clear which side you're on, leftist. LOL

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May-03-14 11:32 PM

Rag & Troll, you seem to need a goat to beat in punishment for your real or imagined problems. You need someone (except yourself) to blame for the ills of the world. I happen to believe that we are all culpable for most of the problems of our world. It is convenient for those who can't admit that they are part of the problem.

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May-03-14 10:17 PM

This president has been a disaster. Even his most ardent supporters are abandoning him. His foreign and economic policies have been a disaster for all Americans and he had abandoned his supporters on the left. Sure, they got their Soviet health care system and sham gay marriages but, at least to them, he has not done enough.

If you had $100,000 when Obama took office, that money is only worth about $70,000 now. This is a direct result of his fiscal and monetary policies.

You cannot blame "obstructive" Republicans, either. The Democrats controlled the presidency and the House and had a veto proof majority in the Senate for nearly two years. Since that changed, the Democrats still controlled the Senate, where Dingy Harry Reid has refused an up or down vote on numerous bills.

George W. Bush left office 64 months ago. It is time to stop blaming him for Obama's failures.

Finally, I hear liberals blaming President Bush for Medicare Part D. Did Obama eliminate that program?

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May-03-14 10:05 PM

"Major downturn"? Didn't you hear the news? Unemployment is DOWN to 6.3%! 8 MILLION Americans now have health care! Spending is DOWN! The stock market is UP! Hope and Change is HERE!

Funny how wheeldog never complains about all the hopey-changey lies from the libbies, and only complains about reports of doom and gloom from Republicans, and then goes on to tell us himself how we're in for doom and gloom. You're a riot, doggie. LOL

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May-03-14 9:57 PM

FWIW, I happen to believe that the economies of most developed nations are poised for a major downturn. It has nothing to do with with which political groups happens to be in power or the classical "liberal vs. conservative" debate. It has been developing for at least the last two decades, even during economic upturns. We live in interesting times.

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May-03-14 9:49 PM

It is comical to read the reactions to the stories of the national economy, health care, etc. Whenever there is a glitch or downturn the ultra conservatives come roaring out to attack the president as the cause and embodiment of all our problems. However, when the news is favorable the same individuals go into a rant that the "liberals" and the president have no right to claim any progress has been made and things are not as good as they look. It is a "dam-ned if you do and a dam-ned if you don't" syndrome.

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May-03-14 7:07 PM

I am SOOO looking forward to finding out what "strike three" brings. rightis, you're a riot. LOL

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May-03-14 7:04 PM

7,100 in the US turn 65 each day, 4,600 older that 65 die each day in the US. 11,400 people in the US turn 18 each day! You progressives have any other stories you want to give? Funny stuff.

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May-03-14 6:06 PM

Sorry rat boy, but you're wrong...again. LOL!

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May-03-14 5:40 PM

darat,Did you know 10,000 people retire each day in the U.S. Did you know that you have strike two.Lets go for strike three.More funny stuff please.

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May-03-14 8:51 AM

acousticportal "Must be miserable never seeing goodness."

Must be awesome seeing record numbers of Food Stamp recipients and record REAL unemployment and record national debt dumped on our children and grandchildren as "goodness."

You know that wacky terbacky is still illegal in this state, right?...

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May-03-14 8:50 AM

Wanna see some more funny stuff? I gotta show you all what I can do with these spatulas, I'm getting good at this. What's that boss? 14 more patties? You got it!

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May-03-14 8:28 AM

From CNN and a left-wing group! Even the left is seeing the real recovery!

"The labor market has been recovering since the Great Recession ended, but many of the jobs created have been in low-wage industries, according to a new report by the National Employment Law Project, a left-leaning group.

Among the fastest-growing jobs: Food services, home health care and retail -- all of which pay relatively little.

Better paying blue-collar industries, such as construction and manufacturing, have not recovered to their employment levels before the recession.

Lower wage industries accounted for 44% of employment growth since employment hit bottom in February 2010, the group found.

Going back to the start of the recession six years ago, the nation has added 1.85 million jobs in low-wage industries, but mid-wage and higher-wage industries have shed nearly 1 million positions each."

Funny stuff!

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May-03-14 8:16 AM

The glass is always half empty for the NR and the rest of the haters of America here. Must be miserable never seeing goodness. Poor bastids.

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May-03-14 8:12 AM

A record 20% of American families have NOBODY employed, but Liar of the Year Barry Obamboozler is reporting the unemployment rate is down to 6.3%.

Obamamath. LOL

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May-03-14 7:43 AM

I had a good night's sleep last night.Seems some of you wingers were up most of the night.Is that your excuse for beiing stupid sme.Ha,Ha,Ha,What a bunch of rigtwing failures.Just like daddy bush and cheney (pronounced cheeeeney) the marksman.

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May-03-14 6:19 AM

Oh my! Any good news for America gets the moron duhhhhhhRAT and his a.k.a.'s all up in a little tiddy. Still gots to wonder, if you hate America so much, spare us the whining.....Im sure you'd be fine in Somalia.

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May-03-14 5:56 AM

Cue tote morons. Oh I see they're already up. :) Hmm. Lower government spending. Lower unemployment. What will it take to satisfy the morons?

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