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Buses Needed Public Service

May 3, 2014

Most local residents do not use Ohio Valley Regional Transportation Authority buses on a regular basis, yet understand they are a necessary public servic....

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May-12-14 2:26 PM

I am a young woman who now lives in the Wheeling area. My family moved here last year from a town about the same size as Wheeling. We aren't rich & I do not have a car yet. I got a job at the Highlands & was planning on commuting by bus. My hometown had bus service from early morning until 11pm so I was shocked to find out that the 1st bus to the Highlands doesn't arrive until 11am & if you live anywhere other than downtown Wheeling, you must take the 3pm bus to get home! This doesn't work for anyone! Luckily, I was able to arrange a shared ride but I know people who have to depend on the bus & therefore, can only work 4 hours a day! How is one to better themselves in this town? From my observation, the well-to-do and ruling class in this town love to be seen giving to the poor at holiday times, but don't seem to want the working poor, who have to rely on the bus, to have any chance of better lives. I'll be leaving this town of hypocrites & snobs as soon as I can a

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May-12-14 11:42 AM

Your editorial makes it seem as though the buses are always there when needed. The bus stops running after 5:30pm. More workers would use the bus if it ran later in the evening. Also there are no buses on holidays or Sundays when a lot of bus passengers have to work. The bus does not meet the needs of the citizens, mainly because the decisions about routes and hours are made by people who have probably never ridden a bus in their lives. Some people claim that few people ride the bus. They must only count the riders who actually take the bus all the way to town. Most people don't ride the bus to town because there is nothing in town. The jobs are outside of the downtown Wheeling and most bus riders work and live where the jobs are. There needs to be major changes made to the buses to accommodate the passengers who patronize them. Most of the drivers are wonderful and they know what needs to be done but the bus board never listens to them. We need longer bus hours!

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May-04-14 1:52 AM

I would use the bus but the thing only runs in the daytime. I work afternoon shift most of the time. what good is the bus to me if i can't get home after work. I'm for the public transportation but they need to offer more for me to be for paying more taxes. I think they should have at least two that run 24 hrs a day on the main routes in the valley.

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May-03-14 9:29 PM

You can't rage against older drivers, if you are not willing to have mass transit. Mass transit is important. Every now and then I ride a bus, the last time when I had an eye infection and needed to go Med Park for an appointment. I was surprised how many people do ride and that many of them are on their way to work. I don't think we should expect buses to be packed like mass transit in India but its clear that busese will continue to be important as baby boomers age. If we want the poor to work and not steal all of your money in benefits and if we want older drivers to not drive, or students who need to use them then we need to support mass transit in Wheeling. Its one thing that taxpayers can use at their will, whereas public housing, food stamps etc are only for you to pay can ride a bus when you need to. Many other taxpayer things are not really accessible to everyone. Soccer on the big new field in EW anyone? Me neither.

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May-03-14 12:48 PM

I'm guessing they receive state and federal aid on top of the local taxes! Funny stuff

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May-03-14 11:57 AM

Since property owners paid $73 each to subsidize those buses, will you at least be giving each of them a $42 bus pass? No? Then why do you think we should be voting to give you even more of our hard-earned dollars?

You Big Government takers have no gratitute. You just demand more and more and more to fund your socialist utopian dreams. Enough is enough.

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May-03-14 8:37 AM

At least replace those big, noisy, stinky, ugly buses with minivans. There's never more than three riders on any given bus at any given time, anyway. Would save money, improve traffic flow, and brighten the scenery.

No doubt somebody special's cousins are bus owners, mechanics, and drivers, so this will never change...

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