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Players Given OK For Union

NLRB decision stuns college sports world

March 27, 2014

CHICAGO (AP) — In a stunning ruling that could revolutionize a college sports industry worth billions of dollars and have dramatic repercussions at schools coast to coast, a federal agency said......

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Mar-28-14 10:06 AM

The players generate billions in revenue. Money talks and B S walks. It's capitalism, the American way.

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Mar-28-14 4:57 AM

so now we'll have 40 yr old college players saying they should remain on the team due to tenure--and they'll still be on mom and dads insurance. The unintended consequences of an unaccountable liberal mindset.

"For the first time in my life, I'm embarrassed to be an American!"

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Mar-28-14 12:08 AM

It will be fun to see how they work out the details. What will happen with unionizing in right-to-work states? Will private college players be employed by the college, while state school players be state employees? What will determine third-string QB pay vs. first-string defensive end pay? Will bad behavior on, or off, the field result in union/management negotiations? If so, who pays for that? Will the potential for lawsuits make this idea a lawyer's dream-come-true? Oh we'll, why wonder. I'm sure this union thing will all work out with grace and common sense, the way union operations always do.

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Mar-27-14 7:29 PM

Once the college students are union, then they can get the HS students to join up... D a m community organizer ... the school unions will demand more "free" stuff or go on strike

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Mar-27-14 5:14 PM

GOOD. Now they will be responsible for paying TAXES on their income which will include a $100,000+ 4 year scholarship for most athletes. I can't see minor sport athletes wanting that DEAL.

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Mar-27-14 12:06 PM

Since these players would be considered employees of the school, any wage compensation, or benefit in lieu of wages would change the status of these players to Professional.

As professionals, how can these players be eligible to participate in a NCAA sanctioned sport?

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Mar-27-14 11:58 AM

they just want to go from H.S. to Pro. .

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Mar-27-14 10:43 AM

coach,if you don't let me play i'll file a grievance.

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Mar-27-14 10:10 AM

When you have a community organ-izer as a President, why shouldn't the jocks follow their leader and organize the colleges to get MO' MONEY! SHOW ME THE MONEY!

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Mar-27-14 9:51 AM

If they get paid, does that mean no more scholarships? What a joke but what do we expect out of the Chicago organizers?

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Mar-27-14 9:01 AM

I have no interest in watching employees working for a University's professional minor league football team play. It would be like watching the service employees bowling team play. Its not our school, yippee rah rah, its just like pretending that the minor baseball team in Charleston is part of the U of Charleston. College Presidents sold their school's dignity a long time ago, it has not really been about the schools at all for 30 yrs. The players know they are not students and want paid while they train for the NFL/NBA. Might be time to look past the idea of the NCAA and phony colelge sports. In a way the players are being honest, they are playing for money and want more. Academics play no role now at all. If they had to meet actual academic standards they would all be gone anyhow. College Presidents are the greediest, unethical CEOs in America.

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Mar-27-14 7:55 AM

will they be picketing for a pay raise?hopefully they have spellcheck for the picket signs.we know how you football players are.

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Mar-27-14 7:35 AM

They had better run the plays exactly as they are drawn up in the play book, no holding, fumbles, off sides, etc.

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Mar-27-14 6:59 AM

I guess they will have union and non-union teams!

Most of the money for college sport comes from the TV network conference deals. Remember when TV was paid for with commercials sold?

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Mar-27-14 6:46 AM

Greedy little jock bas***ds!

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