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Benwood Hears First Reading Of Appearance Law

March 27, 2014

BENWOOD — Benwood City Council this week heard the first reading of a measure establishing an appearance policy for employees....

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Mar-28-14 5:51 PM

They are simply trying to keep tatooed and pierced up circus freaks from becoming the norm there

And as an employer, I can certainly feel their pain

NOBODY wants to hire these circus freaks except the tatoo parlors they got their work done at

Yet with the massive amount of lousy parents who raised these lousy kids, the city will soon find themselves unable to fill positions as those who were properly raised by NORMAL families retire

And if you are wearing a ski tobogan when it's 80 degrees outside I'm gonna assume that you are mentally incompetent and you will NOT be working for ME!

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Mar-28-14 8:00 AM

SME, I though you had promise as a poster on this site!

You really don't know that police tests make adjustments between male/female?

I doubt they are making adjustments for gay/straight yet, but that will soon be done, as well! LOL

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Mar-27-14 8:59 PM

Truly professional police departments have weight/BMI/fitness standards for their officers.

Being in good shape makes for a more effective officer and reduces the potential for injuries and lost time claims.

Why should I pay for a police department that cannot catch a perp doing a fast walk?

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Mar-27-14 4:49 PM

Bossman say, "I guess ALL the council looks like models from GQ magazine.”

Actually, they look more like Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.

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Mar-27-14 12:26 PM

Think the over weight embarassing looking police chief--recreation director--and everything else he wants to be can fit into a regular size car, or chase a rapist or robber ? Only if you get him away fro the table or bar !!!!!!!!

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Mar-27-14 12:23 PM

Oh hey! It's 2014, have you heard?

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Mar-27-14 12:16 PM

Good for you little town of Benwood. I could see how some on here would say that road crews really not need be trimmed and groomed. But you cannot discriminate against one class of worker based on job position. Also, nobama...this is not discrimination, this is job requirement. If you dont like the requirement, find a new job. I dont have a problem at all with this. I for one dont like going to a business and have the worker behind the counter look like some freak show as they make my food or drink, have to look at someones underwear as they work...most younger people dont have a sense of pride in appearance anymore, so I guess the city has to push it on them

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Mar-27-14 11:24 AM

I had no idea that long hair or beards afffected something in the brain that makes ones work quality decline!-- oh wait, IT DOESN'T Did we time travel several decades into the past? The judgmental nature of the 1920's mentality was left in the past for a reason. Bigger fish to fry...

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Mar-27-14 11:11 AM

and if you don't meet the ideal weight limit you are out.

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Mar-27-14 10:43 AM

Oh about teeth? Are teeth necessary? I'm fat, bald and old but discrimination is still discrimination and that is all this is. LOL this is too funny!

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Mar-27-14 9:14 AM

Public employees do not work for themselves, they work for the people and people have some expecatations. Image is important, its why car dealers make employees wear clean uniforms. People have the right, since they are paying, to not worry if the guy in ZZ Top beard and chains really is a city employee who needs in your house to check utilities. An awful lot of public employees wear uniforms to help identify them, not just cops but people in tax officers, assessors, dog wardens, road crews, etc. What makes it necessary for the city workers in Benwood to need to express themselves with tatts, pony tails, etc? The city has an image and the people who work there are part of that. The street crews should be in high vis uniforms for safety reasons and not requiring that probably extends some risk liability to the city and the citizens of the city.

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Mar-27-14 8:37 AM


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Mar-27-14 8:36 AM

so your not allowed to be fat and sloppy here?

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Mar-27-14 8:23 AM

I guess they lost the fight to get the bridge removed so they moved on to this? So if I had a well groomed Fu Manchu mustache, I could not work for the town of Benwood? Grow baby grow.

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Mar-27-14 8:03 AM

You missed health appearance......BMI

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Mar-27-14 5:17 AM

Apparently some is going to be fired for having forked tongue

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Mar-27-14 4:22 AM

What a joke!! There's nothing more important in Benwood than what the workers look like? What a waste of time any money. I guess ALL the council looks like models from GQ magazine.

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Mar-27-14 12:30 AM

Grabbing deep dish of popcorn and propping my feet up, ready to watch the comments for this one roll in.

Incidentally, no mention of weight requirements, body fat percentage limitations, fitness level expectations or mention of overall sloppy appearances. Wait..was the chief on the committee of persons who drafted this??

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