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Larceny Victim Chases Assailant

February 16, 2014

WHEELING—The victim of an alleged larceny chased her assailant while driving her car Friday before police nabbed the suspect following a foot chase. Wheeling Police Sgt....

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Feb-17-14 11:47 AM

Ragnar and displaced...two peas in a pod.

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Feb-16-14 9:48 PM

I can see it now. NAACP files suit against woman for chasing a young man of color and endangering his life on a busy highway. Not to mention she accused him of stealing from her to try to rationalize her horrid behavior. the accusation alone also resulted in a police chase with the young man so scared for his life that he actually ran from the police. This woman is a menace to society and should be dealt with swiftly before her racist attitude causes some one to get hurt!!! We expect multiple civil suits to follow once the young mans name is cleared. One against the racist woman who falsely claims to be a victim, one against the police for false arrest and a suit against any one else who happened to be with in a half mile of the young man while he was trying to escape the misinformed police and so called victim.

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Feb-16-14 9:48 PM

Good job lady. Don't let this get you down. More people should be as brave as you. Hopefully this idiot will learn a life lesson.

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Feb-16-14 7:01 PM

You can't say I didn't try to warn them TRUTH

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Feb-16-14 6:46 PM

Could be that this woman prevented a robbery of the Rite Aide by becoming an easy target!

I wouldn't be surprised to hear that his REAL target was the store until an easier victim showed up!

The latest generation that would rather STEAL than get a JOB!!!!

Lousy parenting strikes again!

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Feb-16-14 6:02 PM

'Sup? Why dontz he calls OBAMA! and tell Barry to bail his****out?

"I aintz gotz ta worra 'bout payin bills, 'bout putting gas in my tank, you know? If I tek ker a' Barack, he gonna tek ker a me!" - Actual Obama voter.

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Feb-16-14 5:41 PM

kaycee. you should have posted earlier. I wouldn't have made such a fool of myself with my I uninformed humor.

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Feb-16-14 5:35 PM

are all nascar drivers racist ?

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Feb-16-14 5:25 PM

you see kids with $20,50,100 bills in their hands. times are a changing.

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Feb-16-14 5:22 PM

right don't come from two wrongs. the akuser admits to talking on a cell while driving. a citation is do.

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Feb-16-14 5:20 PM

it may have been innocent grab. The accused may not have seen the $100 bill mixed with the fist full of food stamp coupons. we all don't know nothing. can you be sure the victim was there ?

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Feb-16-14 3:22 PM

baronmike, How do you feel about your statement now? "Who walks in with $100 bill!" LOL

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Feb-16-14 3:14 PM

As usual the newspaper has the story completely wrong. It was my girlfriend that had the money snatched out of her hand while walking into the store. The money was in her hand because i just handed it to her before she got out of my truck. Also she wasnt driving the vehicle i was. So to the news idiots i say kudos to your crap reporting

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Feb-16-14 2:07 PM

MisplacedWvian, I did exactly what you requested. I read your post, stopped, thought and now have concluded that you are, in fact, a bigoted racist.

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Feb-16-14 12:52 PM

The thief will probably walk. The victim will probably be cited for using a cell phone while driving. Such is the world today.

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Feb-16-14 11:54 AM

Who walks into a store with a $100 bill in their hand? Obviously not getting the whole story...but what else is new.

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Feb-16-14 9:21 AM

Dino I hope you are being facetious!

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Feb-16-14 8:40 AM

I'm sure the young man's father will bail him out once he himself gets out of jail. Or maybe he can borrow some cash from his baby momma(s) or his moms. How much can he get for his SNAP card or Obama phone? I'd suggest he ask for an advance from his employer, but there is a high probability that he has none. Maybe his boyz up in East Wheeling could pass the hat amongst their fellow "entrepreneurs" or ask their "customers" to put donations in a collection jar to help out this latest young brother who is being oppressed by "the man".

Before you knee-jerkers fly off the handle calling me a racists, bigot, etc, stop and think why these stereotypes exists in the first place.....

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Feb-16-14 7:41 AM

With a name like that his bond should be set low! I will admit I like the initials. T.M.I!

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Feb-16-14 2:59 AM

I just want to say this person should be considered innocent till proven guilty by those of us who make comments on this site. We should not make any remarks about their "odd" name or the spelling of it. Nor should we assume he's guilty just because one witness (the victim) says he is. It may be a case of mistaken identity. Some were accused of prejudging an "alleged" sexual predator on this site the other day because of his odd name, skin color, or possible religion and nationality. Let's not do it again. Maybe the victim owed the money to the I mean the young person charged with the crime. Thank you.

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