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Man Allegedly Beats Driller With Fence Post

February 15, 2014

Justin Lang is accused of bringing a fence post to a fistfight on Wheeling Island. Wheeling police charged Lang with malicious assault after multiple units responded to a call at 6:54 p.m....

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Feb-18-14 6:15 PM

You crack my up so much with your wit!! How long did it take you to think that one up? Or did you see it on another site? Hahahahahaha.

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Feb-18-14 7:27 AM

If Gooseman had a son, he would look and ACT like Justin Lang . . . . with feathers and a beak that is.

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Feb-18-14 4:32 AM

Gooseman, Feb 16, in Comments to Man Allegedly Beats Driller With Fence Post - “...some yahoo who just got to the intersection decided he would just go and disregarded all the cars already waiting, narrowly missing another truck who had been waiting to turn. Some of us have dusted off our concealed pistol permits in case we have to protect our kids on the highways from some out of state yahoo without much consideration for other drivers. Im sure they won't have much problem replacing those blown out tires.”

“Yahoos” with skittles and iced tea? Loony leftist Gooseman believes in “standing her ground” against drivers who don’t take their turns at stop signs. You libbies are sure a conflicted, angry bunch... LOL

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Feb-18-14 3:19 AM

Back to the insults and belittling the valley. Hmmmmmmm.......... Pathetic.

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Feb-18-14 12:39 AM

the worst drivers in this area end up in the mall parking lots[drillers or no drillers].hey wraithy,women like men with no teeth.still got mine so that leaves me out.what kind of good jobs are these drillers offering to these women?turn the lights out and the teeth don't matter.

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Feb-17-14 8:36 PM

WOW. talking about shooting people now? lol, I am not from the valley originally , I am from the DC area. There we all drive like a-holes and the speed limit means nothing but a suggestion. I dont blame the driller's at all. sure there are a few bad apples in the bunch but i'm sure most of them are hard working guys trying to make a living for their family , the same as you people ( for those of you that actually have a job ) as for the driving part, well maybe they are used to different ways where they are from. does it make it right? no it doesn't. But relax when the drilling is done then we will only have to worry about the a-hole tanker drivers taking the gas out of here. Bossman011 I apologize for the welfare comment, all to often I see folks on here spouting off to stir the pot and sit back and refresh the screen all day cause they have nothing else better to do than to hate... carry on friends.

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Feb-17-14 7:36 PM

Dino, FencePost and his friends should be encouraged that the local neanderthals SUPPORT these f***ing thugs.

Guess the locals are jealous that the drillers can offer the local women two things they can't find in local men:

1) A good job

2) Teeth!

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Feb-17-14 5:45 PM

I bet the FENCE POSTER and his "friends" are pretty PO'd that there are 60+ comments and most aren't about them. Just sayin

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Feb-17-14 4:54 PM

I just keep you coming back and checking this. Hahahaha you haven't given a valid reason why you keep returning and making comments on an area you hate.

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Feb-17-14 4:49 PM

Thanks for proving my point, angry tirds!

Still waiting for that meaningful debate on something other than why you live in Purgatory!

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Feb-17-14 4:24 PM

Ooooooooo, dazzle me with intelligence. Mostly what he reads from a book and away from real life.I see a white male age mid 40s to mid 50s. Probably married once and divorced. Mostly due to not being in touch with the real world. Maybe a workaholic. He had an inability to associate or socialize. Probably picked on in school for being nerdy and introvert. Thus the reason for moving. To distance himself from the area where he could not excel. But continues to return to "get even" with those who doubted his abilities. Likes to rub peoples' noses in topics they know little about to showcase so kind of knowledge and intelligence. Probably plays online games where he can take on any identity but yet still hide.

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Feb-17-14 4:15 PM

duhhhhRAT raves: ‘..All you angry tirds KNOW is personal attack.’

This from a basket-case who calls others posting here, ‘dumbazz’ and worse.

A creep who HATES West Virginia, HATES everything about us but yet, spends his every waking moment focused on Wheeling.

Perhaps a hillbilly hero bent a fence post over Wrat’s face some years ago and he bears a grudge? (I picture a spindly Woody Allen body with a Karl Malden nose, only red, swollen and twisted to one side).

Whatever, his psychoses (yes, the plural) run deep.....very deep indeed. He ‘thinks’ he’s a ‘scientist who holds patents in the light bulb industry. Maybe so, after all, he's...a ‘dim bulb’ himself.

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Feb-17-14 3:36 PM

When you are ready to debate String Theory or Quantum Mechanics let me know, Flossman.

All you angry tirds KNOW is personal attack.

Otherwise Zzzzzzzz....

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Feb-17-14 2:03 PM

Babbling bullsh@t? Hahaha I watch and learn from you. From you little pathetic life on the oh so great West Coast. So sad. You still make me laugh. Oh, keep them coming. This ******* union man loves it.

Insults. Hmmm...... Is there a site you go get them or do you sit and think them up all by your self?

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Feb-17-14 1:52 PM

Stop babbling bullsh*t and specify something meaningful.

What Misinformation?

You got nothing.

Your SH*t state has no city over 100,000 population because you paranoid delusional luzers would disgust any self respecting company.

All you ever attract is companies that need your raw materials and don't need your big mouth and your chickenshat Union attitudes.

So they bring their own people to rape your resources and leave their leftover waste.

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Feb-17-14 1:35 PM

Sorry. I don't debate politics. Whatever side you are for, you're wrong in the other's. Cut and paste? I won't go there. That's expertise. Back to your old favorite insults. The best you can do. So pathetic in your miserable little existence. Talk about making someone laugh? Keep posting. I get a good chuckle through a lot of your misinformation of the real world.

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Feb-17-14 1:14 PM

I'll be happy to debate tech or politics but with 260003's it is having a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

Confronted with INSULTS?? You mean like:

"‘A good wage’....oh..pahleeeeze give me a break or I’ll have a seizure laughing picturing you in ten day old soiled Depends in a dark room pecking out cut & paste propaganda quotes. zzzzzzzz...! "

Yeah, real "cutting edge dialog" there.

You miserable angry tirds are so paranoid of outsiders you choke in your own spit.

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Feb-17-14 9:47 AM

Again, confronted you start with insults. How pathetic a life you must lead. Backed into a corner and again, the political comebacks that have no bearing on anything. And then belittle an area where you are so happy go move from but yet still keep up on the local news. So sad.

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Feb-17-14 7:51 AM

u R funny Flossman. A prison guard arguing tech with a guy with a MSEE.

Trying to defend a POS who assaulted a police officer and two women.

Can make stupid shat like this up!

I guess if Osama bin Laden were born in 26003 I guess you bumpkins would defend HIM 'cuz he is local and we are "outsiders".

Maybe that is why nobody locates a company in that crap hole?

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Feb-17-14 7:38 AM

When confronted with an answer that is above your intelligence level, start the name calling. So pathetic. Stick with arguing with illegals on the west coast.

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Feb-17-14 5:32 AM

Oh BTW Raving ATT 4G seems to be averaging about 4 mbps, which is 10 times slower = standing still oompared with FO cable.

With the hills and valleys of WV you get BUTTKISS mbps typically.

But keep on California Dreamin, boyz.

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Feb-17-14 5:26 AM

Face it Raver you are stuck in Purgatory because you are an idiot.

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Feb-17-14 5:23 AM

Don't make fools out of yourselves by babble tech shat, BossRavers.

You could send text with a tin can but your browser is loading WEB PAGES.

My point is in a few seconds I can open NR****, tell you what an idiot you are in 3 threads and go on to the next task in less than 60 seconds.

It may take YOU idiots HOURS to fumble over what you are going to say but for the rest of us this is just like swatting an annoying mosquito.

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Feb-16-14 7:38 PM

ps duhRat...... you don’t even need ‘cable’ to have high speed internet access using one of the state-of-the-art 4G LTE high speed data plans (10gig data per month) at el cheap Mobile plans from carriers such as AT&T.

AT&T LTE for West Virginia

Beckley Charleston Huntington Morgantown Oak Hill Wheeling

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Feb-16-14 7:36 PM

I guess 45.13 Mbps don't count for the real world. Even with a 42 ms ping. Oh well.

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