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Fifteen Accused in Pain Pill Ring

Feds announce results of 14-month investigation into local distribution of cocaine and painkillers

February 11, 2014

WHEELING — What started as a tip from a confidential informant in October 2012 pointing to alleged drug activity in the local area ended Monday with the indictment of 15 local people on 83 separate......

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Feb-12-14 11:37 PM

Rumor is Clear Chanel Media Co. is offering all 15 of them their own CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO SHOW!

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Feb-12-14 9:27 PM

The only drugstore item these fifteen losers will be needing for the next 20 years is not buprenorphine but rather just, ‘Preparation H’.

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Feb-11-14 8:38 PM

Is Mike Coppa the guy who does taxes up in Mozart?...Could be a slow season

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Feb-11-14 7:42 PM

Million Dollar bails for these folk. When (I mean if) found guilty....Fed Prisons for this Fed Offense. Hard Time with no plea bargains....full sentences in real prisons. Mercy? I don’t know the meaning of the word for drug peddlers. I’d be pleased for them, both men & women, to come out pale, grey hair (or bald) in late middle life with their dark place suitable for use as a bowling ball case! ‘Book ‘em Dano!’

or........ sentence them to a single day of having to read duhRAt’s gibberish.


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Feb-11-14 7:41 PM

When are they going to round up and arrest all of the Detroit/Steubenville refugees that have moved into HUD/Section 8 housing all over the Friendly City and are now destroying even good neighborhoods like the rats they are?

I could care less if someone takes pills so long as I don't have to pay for their pills or their health care, they are not doing it around children, they are not driving and they are not robbing anyone to get the funds.

If they are doing their d r u g s and ANY of the above are involved, they should be harshly punished.

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Feb-11-14 7:10 PM

Just like the welfare and social security system, those who REALLY need it can't get it and those who don't know how to game the system!!

I've heard of parents that faked back pain just to get the pain pills for their teens

AGAIN, without lousy parents, this problem wouldn't exist!

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Feb-11-14 3:35 PM

WTHIWWY, good post.. right on the mark

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Feb-11-14 3:31 PM

Orlando, I agree with your thinking. Had a bad auto crash 6 1/2 yrs. ago with severe head, neck and back injuries. Could not be given anything for pain for two days due to brain bleed and swelling. Won't go into the gory details, but the Drs. and Nurses did a great job of helping me. Left intensive care after 3 days and then went home soon with a walker, not knowing if I would ever fully recover. Was using strong pain meds at the time. Stopped cold and switched to Tylenol. It was tough for a couple days, but soon learned to tell good pain from bad pain. Began pushing myself to walk more each day and did make a full recovery. It took at least a yr. Think if I had stayed on the strong pain killers, would have never fully recovered. Like being able to think clearly, with out the brain fog from the strong pain meds. No doubt, some people do need them, but the goal should be, how soon can one get off them.

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Feb-11-14 2:20 PM

Did these comments just disappear and come back? Paper should put pictures of these dealers in the paper. "Worm" and the school girl shouldn't be the only ones.

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Feb-11-14 9:44 AM

its very unfortunate that these arrest will not even put a dent in the actual drug activities going on throughout the Ohio Valley, people are addicted to drugs! these addictions are ruining lives, families, marriages, jobs, educations, and much more! We should be shown these peoples mug shots so that we can see the scum that has been selling these drugs close to where our children play ans go to school. the sad part is that once these people are taken off the streets, some other scum will pick up where they left off. Law inforcement needs to start enforcing laws with the Dr that hand out the scrips for the drugs like they are candy, this is a qoute from a Dr in a local ER, "Well Sir, I'm sorry I cant fix your pain but I sure can make you feel better." she handed out a percription for some pain killers and sent the patient out the door. This is why peopole are addicted to drugs. most not for pain, but for the HIGH and the easy $, How about get a flippin job and be a parent to

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Feb-11-14 8:58 AM

oh and great articles fred connor..would have been nice for the michigan drug dealers to come back and seal their fate...but since every detail of the investigation has been printed,that wont be happening

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Feb-11-14 8:55 AM

Each of these people could be responsible for facilitating the addiction of your 15 year old daughter, for the death of a college student, for a mother neglecting a child. Each individual action to promote this horrible addiction can and has affected lives, some permanently. Every counter action to prevent this, whether small-time local or attacking the pharaceutical companies is a step in the right direction.

God help those addicted, and protect our children from ever getting involved.

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Feb-11-14 8:53 AM

so now they need to hand down stiff sentencing...not just a couple of yrs. make an example of them where they failed in cases like kym mull..a couple of yrs for the lifestyle they were living is no punishment..and to the bleeding hearts abt addiction...these people are indicted for SELLING thousands of pills...they and drs are to lame for the spread of the epidemic in the first place.

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Feb-11-14 8:47 AM

If you remove a gallon of water from the ocean does anyone notice? Until you target the pain doctors and pharmaceutical companies you will not see any real impact. Otherwise, makes for a nice photo op for the four "law enforcement" officials who had the least to do with the investigation and arrest (good work OVDTF)and I'm certain it will help justify the over inflated war on drugs grants...

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Feb-11-14 8:41 AM

Sad that our community is in the grips of this addiction, but good job to law enforcement for focusing on the true scurge of our people.

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Feb-11-14 7:37 AM

Having had 3 major surgeries with 6 months to a year for recovery for each I can attest to pain. The longest hospital stay was 5 days and given pain medication prescriptions after release. I chose not to take them, took Tylenol instead. Personally I do think we are over medicated and I do not believe these types of arrest interfere with a legit doctor prescribing meds.

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Feb-11-14 6:53 AM

Beaverhausen... you make the mistake of thinking addiction only happens to bad people. The reason for the variety of people indicted are many were in real pain like you and could not get off of them. They just wanted the doctor to give them a few more.

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Feb-11-14 4:35 AM

Well, that's a good start. I saw recently where there are over 70 million in this country taking mind altering drugs. Both legal and illegal. Add in all the drinkers and smokers and you have over half of the population. Should be no wonder to anyone why so many have brain fog. Prescription pain killers are a useful tool in the treatment of short term severe pain. Being used as a long term treatment is abusive and addictive and does alter the ability of one to think clearly.

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Feb-11-14 2:21 AM

for heavens sake, have mercy. Some day you may need help and there will be none.

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Feb-11-14 2:21 AM

On February 14th I am having a c3 c4 spinal fusion to fix bone spurs and degenerative disc disease. I have been in severe pain since last October. The doctor I go to has been reluctant to prescribe painkillers that will address my pain because he is afraid of being accused of overprescribing. These creepy evil people that sell pills to people who don't need them are most likely the main reason that people who are suffering do not get what they need. I hope they all go to a very hot place along with the FDA that focuses on competent physicians who are trying to help people who need it. I know there are other people in the same boat, just trying to make it to their surgery date and trying to find a reason to live until then. Doctors, if you are reading this, don't be afraid to stand up to the FDA on behalf of your patients. If the testing is there, and your patient has gone through physical therapy, steroid injections into the spine, nerve ablation via probes into the dura and the like,

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