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Valley in Path of Drug-Fueled Storm

Prescription Pills And Heroin Have Become Common Recently

February 2, 2014

WHEELING — Just as the Ohio Valley is emerging from a stretch of bitterly cold weather, it finds itself in the eye of another storm that is sweeping across the country — prescription pills and heroin....

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Feb-03-14 5:22 PM

Yeah Raver not everybody can be a local superstar like you in smallville doing . . . . .

uhh . . . .

cleaning out your sock drawer to find some new puppets to play with???

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Feb-03-14 2:17 PM

UNCOMMON:The simple fact is that this is ALL as a direct result of LOUSY PARENTS!! Drug use does not discriminate sorry, you are incorrect.

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Feb-03-14 2:11 PM

wunder, No it was Nixon that started the "war" on drugs. It has been every President since that has continued the "war!" LOL

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Feb-03-14 1:04 PM

It's proven that these types of drugs are destructive, and of course the government doesn't get their fair share, so keep on this path to help the community. Stop arresting good people for next to nothing crimes. Focus on true crimes that are truly affecting our communities. Be part of the progress. Criminalizing an entire community is in no way helpful.

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Feb-03-14 8:38 AM

moodusbass REALLY!! Yeah, blame it on a lazy ass not wanting to get a job or nothing better to do..

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Feb-03-14 8:34 AM

Didn't Reagan start the war on drugs?

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Feb-03-14 6:49 AM

Hey...why just start arresting everyone for everything and send them to NRJ? ....oh wait...that's already happening.

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Feb-02-14 11:15 PM

Self-induced problem with weak-willed, dullards who succumb to taking drugs.

Self-solving problem as addicts most often 'over dose' or have stroke/heart attacks and die. It's a broom sweep out of existance for those who do not meet the Darwin edict of 'survival of the fittest'

Yawn! I care not a wit. Time to stop reading mindless drivel by the world's leading self-styled expert of all-things (duhRat) and do something meaningful.

hmmm.....think I'll rearrange my sock drawer tonight.

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Feb-02-14 10:52 PM


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Feb-02-14 10:51 PM

*giving out huge scripts.(Way beyond what the patient really needs.)Some patients have enough surplus to sell $800-$1000+ a month in controlled drugs. Most use the extra tax free income for weed,cigarettes and booze which they otherwise could not afford on ssi. This is certainly ironic for those on ssi for addiction problems.

A couple of busts by Ilenfeld might curtail this.

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Feb-02-14 9:12 PM

a tip line # or fax# or address was not included in the article. Would help. Note the information came from "informants."

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Feb-02-14 8:55 PM

I have not seen any prosecutions for Medicaid beneficiaries selling their free prescriptions drugs-yet. Perhaps this is on the horizon. The public is paying for the drugs.

Ihlenfeld may also want to look at providers who are over prescribing thus creating an opportunity for patients to sell. A lot of this is going on at Chestnut Ridge/WVU(mental hospital) with Medicaid beneficiaries.

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Feb-02-14 8:38 PM

tri: many of the prescription drugs making it onto the street market are coming from Medicaid patients who receive the drugs free and sell them. I know of one person doing very well selling Xanax and Ritalin(which when snorted has a cocaine-like high).Amazingly the providers (at WVU) seem to know but keep going out huge scripts.

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Feb-02-14 5:52 PM

The huge sums of money that are used up funding the law enforcement effort (with some huge confiscations) is countered by the fact that the Federal Gov also buys drugs for users. For a period of time (and it is still going on) people who are drug addicted are treated as though they are disabled (since they cannot hold a job)and they receive monthly checks that they use to buy drugs. Hunger in America is funded by the Federal Gov that requires states to issue food stamps to everyone who is low income, but drug addicts sell the food stamps to obtain cash to buy drugs. That 1 in 6 children in America goes to bed hungry is brought to us courtesy of the Obama administration. We, you and I buy drugs for addicts not food for their kids. Social workers know that is happening and leave the kids in those hellhole homes to starve and be neglected. Addicts are part of the DNC vote block, drugs are part of that. There will be no victory in that war and the kids the biggest victims.

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Feb-02-14 2:57 PM

wwu, You are likely correct about the appointments. Do understand that even when appointed pre the current administration they are required to follow the policies of the new "leaders!"

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Feb-02-14 12:30 PM

Where's the mugshots for these people? Seeing the look of some of these characters could serve as a deterent for others. You see the file photo of the counselor the other day and she looks so prim and proper. Show her in the orange jumpsuit with cuffs on with tears to send a message. I know I've seen the WADE guy and most don't want that look at 59 after a life of drugs.

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Feb-02-14 12:18 PM

thatsright, Not sure what you are talking about? Look at the possible sentences in this article. This is the US Attorney (Holder/Nomommas) group!

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Feb-02-14 11:47 AM

The president says jail and big fines is n't proper for drug offenders so why shoudl we care what they do?

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Feb-02-14 11:16 AM

daWraith has it right...THE most depressing place to live, low income, no jobs, nothing to offer...ZERO! Is it any wonder this problem is here? People are looking to "numb" themselves out completely so they don't deal with the horrors of living in the valley

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Feb-02-14 10:48 AM

And the effect on children and schools is devastating. Kids in unstable settings with moms and dads is often the biggest challenge for many schools. Many times the first signs of this problem manifest themselves in elementary schools as kids react to home life situations.

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Feb-02-14 10:11 AM

Trillions of dollars have been squandered while LOSING "the war on drugs"!!

And TENS of trillions more will do NOTHING to stop it!!!!

The simple fact is that this is ALL as a direct result of LOUSY PARENTS!!

As long as there are loser kids raised by loser parents, this WILL continue to get WORSE not better!!!

Some say MONEY is the root of all evil

When in fact POOR PARENTING is the root of all evil!!!

And even though I see dozens of horrible parents every day, NONE of them will EVER admit it!!!!

Like any recovering drunk or druggie will tell you, unless and until you admit you have a problem, you will NEVER get any better!!!!

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Feb-02-14 10:07 AM

Wow! Lets fight drugs( something that is right) and let a criminal like Holder walk around in Wheeling and "buddy up" with him. Really hypocritical !

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Feb-02-14 10:03 AM

It's good for business keeps people employed, what more do you want?

"The investigation into Schultz includes work done by special agents, the Ohio Valley Drug Task Force, Belmont County Drug Task Force, Marshall County Drug Task Force and the U.S. Marshal's Service."

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Feb-02-14 9:56 AM

This story would have been better with some numbers – you know, actual statistics to prove how much worse it is now than, say, 5, 10 and 20 years ago.

As it is, it's a nice story about one idiot selling oxy.

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Feb-02-14 8:20 AM

WV has the highest percentage of Depressed people, the highiest rate of mental illness, the highest rate of depression, etc. of any state in the United States.

Abject poverty, zero job opportunities, and crappy weather: why would it NOT be highest in drugs, legal and/or otherwise.

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