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Deadline Passes For Obamacare

But enrollment still may not guarantee coverage

December 26, 2013

CHICAGO — The deadline has passed, and so too the surprise grace period, for signing up for health insurance as part of the nation’s health care la....

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Dec-26-13 1:32 AM

"The first step experts recommend is to call your insurance company and double-check they received your payment."

Payment? LOL

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Dec-26-13 2:04 AM

This reminds me of the last time I enrolled in a health insurance plan. Except I didn’t need a “navigator” to help me get through the glitchy, personal financial data-intrusive website. And it only took about five minutes. And my premiums and deductible didn't go up by thousands of dollars. And I didn’t have to find a new doctor. And the IRS didn’t threaten me with “fines” or prosecution for non-compliance. But other than that, it was exactly the same.

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Dec-26-13 5:00 AM

this stuff makes you wish that you were on welfare.will the prisoners be fined?or are the taxpayers the real prisoners in this country?a person should be able to decide for themselves if they want this without being fined.

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Dec-26-13 5:45 AM

Obama train wreck in motion!! What would you expect from a Chicago community organizer??

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Dec-26-13 6:02 AM


Lower your withholding from the IRS, if you do NOT get a refund, they cannot WITHHOLD the penalty.

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Dec-26-13 6:05 AM

If you LIKE your train wreck Obamacare policy, you can KEEP you train wreck policy.

In fact Mr. Affirmative Action President, how about you stick it up your teleprompter's A&^??

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Dec-26-13 6:18 AM

USA Today:

More than half of the counties in 34 states using the federal health insurance exchange lack even a bronze plan that's affordable — by the government's own definition — for 40-year-old couples who make just a little too much for financial assistance, a USA TODAY analysis shows.

Many of these counties are in rural, less populous areas that already had limited choice and pricey plans, but many others are heavily populated, such as Bergen County, N.J., and Philadelphia and Milwaukee counties.

More than a third don't offer an affordable plan in the four tiers of coverage known as bronze, silver, gold or platinum for people buying individual plans who are 50 or older and ineligible for subsidies.


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Dec-26-13 6:23 AM


"So you've signed up for health care on the ObamaCare exchanges. Think you're covered? Not quite.

As with any insurance plan, new enrollees still have to pay their first month's premium to lock in coverage. But the deadlines for that task are different all over the country, adding to the confusion over an already-perplexing sign-up process.

"It makes an already kind of chaotic situation even more chaotic," Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers said.

The deadlines in the ObamaCare enrollment process have been a moving target. For those seeking coverage for the start of the new year, the deadline to sign up was originally Dec. 15. Then it was moved to Dec. 23, and then again to Dec. 24. Even after that deadline passed Tuesday night, the administration announced that those who ran into technical problems on could still seek an exemption and get covered by Jan. 1. '

Obama voters actually PAY for something? LOL LOL LOL !

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Dec-26-13 6:46 AM

Goose step instructions to follow. Then, saluting with the right arm raised 45 degrees, fingers held tightly together in a pointed position. The Third Reich lives.

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Dec-26-13 7:03 AM

As in all Govt. programs, if you follow the money trail, you will understand the program. Like in who pays for the program? Who does not pay for the program? Who handles payments? How much does the handler take for running the program? What % of the total payment goes to people for telling others how to run the program? What would have happened if the program would have never started? Who becomes wealthy as a result of the Govt. program? Who looses wealth as a result of the Govt. mandated program? As in most Govt. programs, if you follow the money, you will find the real reason for the Govt. mandated program. If you think, the Govt. is here to be helpful for you, then you won't be able to answer these questions.

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Dec-26-13 9:40 AM

We live in a country where extortion is now legal.

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Dec-26-13 9:55 AM

Happy Kwanzaa everyone!

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Dec-26-13 1:03 PM

This whole thing is beyond being a fiasco. I won't be signing up, ever! I can't afford it and I won't be forced into it. The premiums I have to pay is 4x what I earn in a month and the deductible is half that. I love how Obama lords himself over everyone, spouting off about what we need to do and how we just need to*****it up and deal with it. He runs around changing laws at his own behest without permission and blessing of the congress or the people. The enrollment is at a fraction of what Obama and his minions had planned and hoped for. I hope the system chokes and causes the entire plan to collapse and fall down around them. Then we'll see the emperor in his true clothes.

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Dec-26-13 1:03 PM

Really? You censored s u c k?

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Dec-26-13 4:59 PM

One single fact I know for sure. those who bombast that they will 'never sign up' and NEVER PAY for a policy will be first to sob and plea and beg ME THE TAXPAYER to pay their multi-million dollar medical expenses.

Should they and/or families be in a horrific accident or get some horrible ailment....suddenly, sob, sob, 'help me! help me!. It's always the case.

Oh...what say? You have some pitiful 'job' and you have private insurance? haw, haw! Just watch those Fagins weasel out of covering you ( have exceeded your policy limits....snort). It's always been that way.

I frankly don't care if any of you live or die....just don't sob to me and the other REAL taxpayers that you need H E L P!

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Dec-26-13 6:52 PM


· 71 million Americans on private insurance have gained coverage for at least one free preventive health care service such as a mammogram, birth control, or an immunization in 2011 and 2012. In the first eleven months of 2013 alone, an additional 25 million people with traditional Medicare have received at least one preventive service at no out of pocket cost.

· Up to 129 million Americans with pre-existing conditions – including up to 17 million children –will no longer have to worry about being denied health coverage or charged higher premiums because of their health status.

· Approximately 60 million Americans have gained expanded mental health and substance use disorder benefits and/or federal parity protections.

· Consumers have saved $5 billion over the past two years due to a new requirement that insurance companies have to spend at least 80% of premium dollars on care for patients (at least 85% for large group insurers). If they don’t, they must send c

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Dec-26-13 6:54 PM

If they don’t, they must send consumers a rebate. In 2013, 8.5 million enrollees will receive rebates averaging $100 per family.

· Since the health care law was enacted, more than 7 million seniors and people with disabilities have saved an average of $1,200 per person on prescription drugs as the health care law closes Medicare’s “donut hole.”

Individuals no longer have to worry about having their health benefits cut off after they reach a lifetime limit on benefits. Starting in January, 105 million Americans will no longer have to worry about annual limits, either. - - Dave Johnson

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Dec-26-13 7:37 PM

WASHINGTON — Here comes the ObamaCare tax bill. The cost of President Obama’s massive health-care law will hit Americans in 2014 as new taxes pile up on their insurance premiums and on their income-tax bills. Most insurers aren’t advertising the ObamaCare taxes that are added on to premiums, opting instead to discretely pass them on to customers while quietly lobbying lawmakers for a break. But one insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, laid bare the taxes on its bills with a separate line item for “Affordable Care Act Fees and Taxes.” The new taxes on one customer’s bill added up to $23.14 a month, or $277.68 annually, according to Kaiser Health News. It boosted the monthly premium from $322.26 to $345.40 for that individual. The new taxes and fees include a 2 percent levy on every health plan, which is expected to net about $8?billion for the government in 2014 and increase to $14.3 billion in 2018.

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Dec-26-13 7:38 PM


There’s also a $2 fee per policy that goes into a new medical-research trust fund called the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute. Insurers pay a 3.5 percent user fee to sell medical plans on the Web site. ObamaCare supporters argue that federal subsidies for many low-income Americans will not only cover the taxes, but pay a big chunk of the premiums. But ObamaCare taxes don’t stop with health-plan premiums. Americans also will pay hidden taxes, such as the 2.3 percent medical-device tax that will inflate the cost of items such as pacemakers, stents and prosthetic limbs. Those with high out-of-pocket medical expenses also will get smaller income-tax deductions. Americans are currently allowed to deduct expenses that exceed 7.5 percent of their annual income. The threshold jumps to 10 percent under ObamaCare, costing taxpayers about $15 billion over 10 years. Then there’s the new Medicare tax. Under ObamaCare, individu

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Dec-26-13 7:41 PM


Then there’s the new Medicare tax. Under ObamaCare, individual tax filers earning more than $200,000 and families earning more than $250,000 will pay an added 0.9 percent Medicare surtax on top of the existing 1.45 percent Medicare payroll tax. They’ll also pay an extra 3.8 percent Medicare tax on unearned income, such as investment dividends, rental income and capital gains.

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Dec-26-13 8:09 PM

Who dat source, bud light? FOX BLOG courtesy of the NY Post? Rupert's sensational NO pun tabloid?

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Dec-26-13 9:28 PM

Your post sounds a little Fagin-ish, rover my dear. LOL

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Dec-26-13 9:35 PM

RockERebabbler complaining about sources? When the Rebabbler’s source is the White House? The same White House that was awarded Lie of the Year for that classic “if you like your insurance you can keep it, period”?

You should know by now, RockE, that the Obama White House is the unreliable source of the year, at least according to PolitiFact. LOL

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Dec-26-13 11:18 PM

MOngrel58, we realize that YOU have su*ked off of the Government teat your whole life but facts are:

Over 80% of the people were HAPPY with their private insurance BEFORE Obamacare F***ed it UP

ANd now MORE than 60%, HIGHER than EVER, do NOT favor Obamacare.

The Highest rejection rate of any insurance company in America: MEDICARE

If you think government health care is so {censored}ing great, I have 3 words for you:

Walter Reed Hospital.


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Dec-26-13 11:24 PM

FabricatedReputation, "· Consumers have saved $5 billion over the past two years due to a new requirement blah bah blah.."

Obviously you have NO insurance FROCKE or you would KNOW what we already KNOW: I had a 40% increase in premiums in 2012 and about 20% in 2013.

I got NO new service that either I or my wife could use.

You are babbling Hillbilly bullspit you know nothing about.

My Ex Doctor RETIRED rather than work under Obamacare.

The BEST hospitals in Los Angeles are are REFUSING to participate as they cannot afford the PEANUTS those ahole Obamascammers are going to reimburse them.

Stick to something you understand, FabricatedReputation, like moonshine or Steely Dans or Manogrrams.

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