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EPA Plan a Nightmare

November 20, 2013

In the next few months, the U.S....

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Nov-22-13 7:31 PM

gaspingsmogger, your emails are what's knows as an ad hominem attack. You have no valid arguments against what was said, so you attack the presenter.

This is also known as the immature 8 year old kid argument.

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Nov-22-13 2:37 PM

Geo Metro, there is already a device that sequesters CO2 very efficiently, and is self-replicating and needs no human intervention. It's called a plant.

Amazing things, just sit there and extract all that noxious gas from the air, and turn it into cellulose, sugar and other useful stuff. Produces more plants, and spreads them far and wide. Amazing what government programs can do, coming up with such useful things.

What, you say the plant is not the result of billions in research spending by our beloved government?

How is that possible? Everyone knows all good things come from the Government!!!

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Nov-22-13 2:31 PM

Rock, from a first costs basis there are good reasons to use gas for small to medium size plants. No massive rail handling yards, no ash to dispose of. Smaller plants can be gas turbine, significantly reducing first costs. Gas turbines have definite size limitations, so steam is needed for bigger uses.

Big plants near mines still have some advantages, mostly cost of fuel for really big boilers. Question becomes what happens when bogus factors like climate change go into the mix.

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Nov-22-13 2:26 PM

id, there are entire fields that have not been sampled yet. Michigan as a bigger field than WV, but it's dry gas, so there is no incentive to drill there yet. Conservative estimates, based on your thoughts, predict we have enough easy gas to cover the growth for a century. And once that's gone, we can go back to coal for a few centuries more.

They have gone back and used fracking and other techniques in some century-old fields in Texas. Fields considered totally dead are being revived. Sorry, unless you are an infant you will expire before this country runs out of commercially viable oil and gas.

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Nov-20-13 5:47 PM

Summing then:

#1 Act as if there is no problem.(See GOPeer ignorance of the fact millions of citizens have no health insurance) to comprehend the GOPeer reluctance to acknowledge that the climate is changing and man is the culprit.

#2 Paint it black (See GOPeer reaction to Obamacare: Violates the Constitution, crushes the economy, bankrupts the nation, has doctors quitting, kills grandma). Thus, this EPA rule on coal-fired plants kills the economy and sends the nation into darkness!

#3 Have no alternate solution.(See repeal and replace Obamacare to fathom the GOPeer response) We have no gameplan to cut greenhouse gas gases...and forgive us for off-focussing from our cap and trade attacks.

GOPeers, take take a moment to fathom the ineffectiveness of your approach to modern times.

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Nov-20-13 2:11 PM

All while Carbon Dioxide can be reclaimed and recycled into hydrocarbons, both liquid and gaseous fuels and plastics. Right now, at a coal-fired power plant in Germany, Bayer Corporation is capturing CO2 and converting it into raw materials for the synthesis of polyurethane. At a new facility in Germany, the car maker Audi is capturing industrial exhaust CO2 and, using wind-generated electricity to power the process, is converting that CO2 into substitute natural gas Methane. Saudi Arabia has contracted the German engineering firm Linde Group to design and build for them a factory that will collect CO2 emitted by petroleum refineries and convert it into fuel alcohol Methanol. Our USDOE has developed artificial photosynthesis that, in reactions driven by sunlight, converts CO2 into Methane. The US Navy has tech, that, driven by ocean currents, converts CO2 into jet fuel.

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Nov-20-13 9:12 AM

Man, they're going to hate it when the drilling slows down and the true production numbers of tight gas plays like the Marcellus are finally realized. Then what? You think your electric bills are high now? lol

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Nov-20-13 8:04 AM

Power companies are increasingly switching to natural gas to fuel their electricity plants ..The switch is occurring globally and is getting a push from regulators who want to limit emissions that contribute to climate change, haze and health problems such as respiratory illness...

Coal-burning facilities are expected to slip to 10% of total new capacity in the U.S. in 2013, down from 18% in 2009, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reports. Gas, meanwhile, is expected to soar to 82% of new capacity in 2013 from 42% last year.

-your WSJ

Its a war I tell you!

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