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Water Is Not The Only Thing Rising

Local Neighborhoods Brace For Increase in Flood Insurance Rates

November 17, 2013

WHEELING — Skyrocketing flood insurance premiums resulting from a new federal law could be devastating for many local homeowners if Congress doesn’t act soon to correct the problem, area insurance......

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Nov-18-13 1:07 PM

Best part is the $500 bucks you get to pay to have the property surveyed to be eligible to be get the insurance that your going to pay more for.

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Nov-18-13 8:47 AM

When Ivan hit the valley, flooding National Road, and many areas that were rarely flooded, insurance companies denied flood insurance coverage, because Ivan was a hurricane...........Fema stepped in. This new bill is a concern for more than just Wheeling Island folks.

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Nov-18-13 7:48 AM

dying ponders "So why is a NFIP bill attached,,,Because now they can blame it"

WHo's your 'they'...the bill's primary spomsor, Rep Judy Biggert?

...or more likely, 'they Democrats' since the bill has issues.

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Nov-17-13 10:38 PM

ohiodem, read the report from the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) and the 103 ways to cut the deficit over the next 10 years. Two stand out, 1.1 trillion in a carbon tax and 950 billion for cutting the local/state tax deduction on your federal income tax return. Who/whom do you think these two ideas will "hurt" the most? How much more can the middle income peeps give?

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Nov-17-13 9:23 PM

I smell Teabagger budget cuts, elections have consequences. Why are people complaining they elected Tea Party Republicans to the congress, they don't like government, what goes around comes around.

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Nov-17-13 9:14 PM

In about 45 days the goberment will declare the Midwest states as a disaster (tornadoes today) and we will pay for the under/uninsured building owners! Why have insurance if the goberment pays for damage?

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Nov-17-13 8:30 PM

rockhead, So why is a NFIP bill attached to a transportation bill? Because now they can blame it on the fact that the transportation bill needed passed. 63 page (NFIP bill) should not be attached to other legislation......

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Nov-17-13 7:47 PM

Wraiff T Bait, Professor of Political Pig Latin, concludes “without Dem Support if not acceptance. Got It??”

What we got was the NFIP attached to a transportation bill…the current transportation bill was set to expire in 24 hrs in June 2012…GOPeers were ready and willing to hold US highway and mass transit projects (and about 3 million construction jobs) hostage as they refused to authorize the NFIP-attached spending bill…because they wanted their Keystone Pipeline Dud attached!

I assume the NFIP rider stayed on because when you are negotiating a basic transportation bill with economic terrorists/hostage holders, during construction season, the matter of alleviating a flood insurance dilemma that’s hemorrhaging red ink might not be the top priority.

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Nov-17-13 7:38 PM

cowtransplant, nobody blamed Obama for floods, you idiot. Just high prices of Flood Insurance, which his administration seems to be a master of.

Happened on HIS watch, he could use the veto pen but he was out on one his 150 rounds of Golf to date, doing really important _________.

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Nov-17-13 6:32 PM

calgoof, My post gave the average since 2000, it's a D and R thing.....Pork spending!

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Nov-17-13 5:55 PM

AtrophiedReputation you are going from obstinate to complete friggen idiot in a New York minute.

Makes no difference whether a GOP sponsors a bill, initiates a bill, or just supports a DEM bill, NOTHING, I REPEAT NOTHING, passes the Senate and is signed by the President without Dem Support if not acceptance.

Got It?? Passed the GOP House, the DEM SENATE and the DEM PRESIDENT in 2-0-1-3. President Potatohead in office for the past 58 months. Get a FRIGGEN CLUE.

We hear no end to whining about the House blocking DEM programs, the Senate could block any GOP proposal as well and even if it squeaks past BOTH, El Dictator in Chief can veto or Unconstitutionally Refuse to ENFORCE it, which has done on his own healthcare bill.

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Nov-17-13 3:33 PM

Standard flood insurance policies via the NFIP are full of exclusions and provide a property owner a false sense of security should they incur loss caused by flooding. Many damaged items are excluded, payment/reimbursement structure requires a team of NYC lawyers to comprehend, claims adjusters are routinely overwhelmed with claims therefore arrive weeks after loss event and many restoration contractors won't touch a loss covered by a NFIP policy. FEMA is operated with same business logic as USPS and efficiency of Obamacare enrollment operation

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Nov-17-13 2:56 PM

the democrats have the bill to end flooding. all the people west of grand canyon will flush toilets simonaltanousely together.

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Nov-17-13 2:53 PM

when did a democrat government become first money responder for private property owner weather disaster inconveniences .

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Nov-17-13 2:47 PM

it just might come back on you. could that mean transparency is unwelcome ?

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Nov-17-13 2:43 PM

some planners buy in flood zones so they can place unworkable items in the structures for flood damage and replacement. Oh nobody would do that ? we are talking people here.

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Nov-17-13 2:39 PM

him whot put all eggs in another persons basket need to rethink all the days he attended school.

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Nov-17-13 2:36 PM

high ins cost will free up choice river front property land grabs. some cash registers don't mind floods. you plug them back in when the water drops.

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Nov-17-13 1:03 PM

Also, some people collect flood ins. on one disaster and rebuild in the same place, then collect on subsequent disasters. One disaster at any one location should be limited to one payment, then and forever after.

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Nov-17-13 12:58 PM

@ragnar: I agree with your comments, however, I believe the govt. is the only source of flood insurance. Also, if a residence is in a flood plain, a person cannot get a mortgage without the flood insurance. Flood insurance as it is is very tricky indeed. One of my homes was once in a hurricane on which I had flood insurance but it covered nothing claiming that the water was wind driven and not the result of a flood. I think those folks in Hurricane Sandy are having that same problem.

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Nov-17-13 12:48 PM

Wraith, Dying, when did weather disasters become the fault of a democrat government. Ignorance runs rapid on the right! I knew that the same kooks on this site would try to make this a partisan issue. Either you raise premiums, or the taxpayers foot the bill

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Nov-17-13 12:29 PM

"Even one of the bill's namesakes, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif." Another Democrat initiated a bill without thinking about the ramifications.

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Nov-17-13 12:20 PM

Just like a Steubenville crack dealer, the first batch is free

Once the federal drug dealer gets you DEPENDENT on their support, they have you at THEIR mercy!

NEVER EVER take money from this corrupt government!

Once you do, they can pull the rug out from under you any time they want!!

Proof positive that "free" is NEVER free!!

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Nov-17-13 11:41 AM

"it is 2-0-1-3, try to keep up"

Such a commonplace given that wraiff's ignorance precludes his every comment appearance.

"Dems control the executive and 1/2 of the legislative branches of government, I wonder who is to BLAME"

FEMA created their flood insurance program because, in all fairness to capitalism, BIG Insurance would't touch it.

GOPeer Rep Judy Biggert was chief sponsor on the House side and your David Vitter worked it hardest on the Senate side.,,,and it got a 406-22 House vote...Mr. LowBrow

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Nov-17-13 11:35 AM

If you own a property in a flood zone, it is YOUR responsibility to insure it. If you can't afford the flood insurance, either do without it and hope for the best or pay the higher rates.

Apparently, people don't realize that insurance companies are in business to make money. Excess insurance funds (float) are the basis for Warren Buffett's entire fortune. The insurance company, be it health, auto, property, etc. cannot make a profit if it sells policies for $1,000 per year and has to pay $4,000 per year in claims to 25% of those policy holders.

We see this with health insurance all the time. People whine about their premiums and the costs, etc. but they want unlimited coverage at limited prices. Insurance companies cannot exist with that business model.

If you live in a flood prone area, you live with those risks. Why should others, through an inefficient government program, subsidize your choices?

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