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New Anti-Coal Claim Ridiculous

November 1, 2013

Those who hate the coal industry, and by extension the reasonably-priced electricity it generates for tens of millions of Americans, never tire of inventing new arguments for why every mine in the U....

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Nov-02-13 4:26 PM

Oh and sounder. Do you have a clue?

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Nov-02-13 4:25 PM

Very very well said Oldsteelmaker. The first round was well needed and did a lot of good. We seem to be in the "sterilization" phase now. Everything must be pure. No matter the cost or the actual need.

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Nov-02-13 3:25 PM

As usual OSM is coorect! Groups like Clean Energy Action have no interest in facts. Facts don't fit their agenda!

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Nov-02-13 2:16 PM

Ug, the administration has done it's best to roadblock building additional coal piers for export. Can't totally stop it, but sure can slow things down.

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Nov-02-13 2:14 PM

a, the really big mines are in Wyoming. Then WV,KY,PA and, surprisingly, TX. Wyoming mines as much as the next three combined. Those mines will be going for centuries.

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Nov-02-13 2:07 PM

Ever hear of the Law of Diminishing Returns. Reducing a problem by 90% has a cost. Reducing the remaining 10% by 90%, to 1%, usually costs as much as the first reduction. Getting to 0.1% may not even be possible, but that never stopped rule writers.

The first Clean Air and Clean Water Acts were clearly necessary, and did a world of good. By the fourth go-around there was little benefit, and we have had several rounds since.

Once you reduce any pollutant below the "will not hurt you" level, there's no benefit to us, but our regulators don't seem to care.

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Nov-02-13 2:07 PM

Demonstrated minable reserves of coal large enough to be worth mining will supply all current and foreseen use and exports for well over a century, probably two.

Sounder, our president has shown on a number of occasions he intends to force us to stop using coal as a fuel, by the actions of his agencies. Permitting for new plants is basically impossible, regulatory actions are becoming much stricter, with no demonstrable benefit to society. I don't know if "hate" is the appropriate term, but he sure doesn't like it.

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Nov-02-13 12:18 AM

It is true minable coal in WV is running out. The large open pit Western mines are the future for coal.

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Nov-01-13 11:05 PM

Coal exports to other countries are at an all time high. Coal is a very profitable business and nobody is trying to shut down coal mines.

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Nov-01-13 8:22 PM

Myer the liar strikes again!

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Nov-01-13 6:06 PM

Who actually says that coal is hated? Really no one; the NR floats this balloon to generate interest. My father retired from the UMW--how I remember those strikes, those frantic times in the fifties and sixties as one UMW contract expired, those frequently violent strikes--the loss of income, the near loss of our home. If West Virginia wants to continue to believe that it is Coal or else? Doomsday if the mining is restricted, then why should the U.S. subsidize all those small villages and communities hanging on life support, their existence not crucial for the mining of coal. Mining today, even back in the old traditional Coal Fields, mining is not what is was when my Dad ended up doing it for want of better opportunties after WWII. Who really needs those near "Food Stamp" communities hanging on just because someone has had the habit of picking up their mail at a familiar Zip Code?

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Nov-01-13 3:17 PM

colorado might only have 20 years of coal but we have plenty more than that.

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