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GreenHunter Set To Start Work on Plant

Councilwoman still not happy with Warwood plan

October 9, 2013

WHEELING — City Councilwoman Gloria Delbrugge usually welcomes new businesses to Warwood, but she doesn’t plan to be on hand when GreenHunter Water opens its natural gas frack water recycling plant....

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Oct-09-13 9:15 PM

Not being on hand is even more irresponsible than any uninformed forecasts of bad behavior by the fossil fuel industries. Blankenship called those who blindly believe electricity and home heat just magically show up as "Greeniacs" and the term sure fits.

If we were sensible, we could merge truths and have just one party, The Green Tea Party. Nobody wants to trash the environment but everybody should want to trash elected liberals who lead with blinders on.

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Oct-09-13 6:37 PM

yawn.... zzzzzzzzzz......

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Oct-09-13 11:35 AM

If the council would just study and take care of the water factor in this case and report it to all proper officials and no cover up of violations it will take care of itself. You will get rid of bad businesses or let a good business grow if the local government take care of the monitoring of water..

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Oct-09-13 11:27 AM

Most city council are intelligently challenged and incapable of leading their city back to liveable vibrancy. As long as you have political powers up and down the OV trying to get a cut of the action the OV will have a hard time changing the direction and grow. Local councils should stick to fixing roads, collecting the garbage and fixing water and sewage. This is a full time job for part time councils.

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Oct-09-13 10:12 AM

Let's face it; The citizens of Wheeling have lost all control of "THEIR" Gov. Once in awhile we are thrown a crumb to keep our mouth shut. It's no wonder the population is down and going further, and it's not only jobs thats doing it. So called improvements to the civic ctr, Capitol, construction of ath complexes just spend money and do nothing.

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Oct-09-13 9:00 AM

Right, Hefner. When the Ohio Valley is shutting down industry because fearmongerers are spreading disinformation and old ladies can no longer tolerate the truck traffic, goodbye Warwood.

I suppose the town can survive on Social Security checks and Food Stamps. And when all the jobs are elsewhere maybe the kids will come back to visit occasionally.

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Oct-09-13 8:55 AM

So, GEO, you're standing by your irrelevant comparisons and your fearmongering babble about the minuscule quantities and astronomically low concentrations of radium that residents WON'T be exposed to, just to damage reputations of businesses with which you can't find any reasonable fault? That's what's execrable.

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Oct-09-13 8:51 AM

When they voted to change the zoning of Washington Avenue, Wheeling's government demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that they have no concern for the citizenry or the future of the city. City government is comparable to a crack addict who has lost all moral integrity and nothing is of any value beyond the next fix, while with city government nothing is of any value whenever a huckster shows up promising rainbows and lollipops, especially if they wear a clerical collar. Goodbye Warwood, thanks for the memories.

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Oct-09-13 8:22 AM

First of all, Troll, you are ignoring the fact that a news article is, in the first place, presenting erroneous opinion as fact. Second, the Radium-containing wastes will be transiting Wheeling/Warwood streets; be processed a short distance upstream from a municipal drinking water intake; and, be conveyed on a waterway that is the source of drinking water for many, many downstream communities. One accident, one spill, is all it would take for water infrastructures to be ruined by Radium contamination and for generations of unborn children to, through genetic damage inflicted on those unfortunate enough to ingest Radium-tainted water or inhale Radium-tainted air, be inflicted with an horrific range of inheritable diseases and disabilities. You are putting children not even yet conceived at grave risk for the sake of a profoundly minor, even paltry if you examine the real facts of the matter, economic "benefit" now. That attitude is execrable, repulsive.

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Oct-09-13 8:01 AM

...but since fracking fluid is NOT drinking water and is NOT industrial effluent and will NOT be dumped into the river, WVUGEO’s comparisons to drinking water standards and industrial effluent standards are DISINFORMATION. He’s attempting to spread FEAR by citing facts that are IRRELEVANT and babbling scary words like RADIATION and TOXIC in an effort to smear the gas drilling industry.

If you’re going to fear fracking fluid because it’s more dangerous than drinking water, you’d better fear all those gasoline trucks that pump MILLIONS of gallons into storage tanks in Wheeling, too. Each one of those gasoline trucks has enough toxic fluid to poison every resident of Warwood, and enough energy to BLOW UP THE ENTIRE TOWN.

Just as factual, and just as irrational and irrelevant.

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Oct-09-13 7:31 AM

From the article, again the weasel phrase is repeated, as it has been in the past: "Although radium, uranium and radon are considered radioactive". They ARE radioactive. There is no "considered" about it. And, further: "Jack said these elements will be minuscule in volume". Multiple studies and reports, from the US Geologic Survey, The University of Pittsburgh and The Pennsylvania State University, among others, demonstrate that Radium, a profoundly toxic and highly radioactive element, can be present in frack flowback in amounts thousands of times higher than allowed in drinking water and hundreds of times higher than allowed by law in industrial effluent. Solid frack wastes have triggered radiation alarms at landfills in eastern states by some reports hundreds of times.

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Oct-09-13 4:30 AM

so he thought that he would have dry weather in the summer?between now and february is our dry season.

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