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PUCO Grants Ormet a Break

Workers await word from Wayzata on whether decision will prompt company’s purchase

October 3, 2013

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio on Wednesday granted Ormet Corp.’s request for lower electricity costs, from $60 to $50 per megawatt-hour....

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Oct-03-13 10:47 PM

To all of you wondering about your rates. The PUCO sets your rates (right now) not AEP. Right now in Ohio you ARE paying more to support Ormet. This decision assures that you will continue to do so. Interesting though that in 2015 Ohio will be totally deregulated. Once that happens who will pay Ormet's bill? Will Ohio surcharge their people on their deregulated bill? Weird situation.

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Oct-03-13 7:37 PM

caltransplant.. I mean anyone who pays their own way.. All people that do not benefit directly from this crony capitalism...

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Oct-03-13 5:51 PM

Well people don't worry about ormet cause I don't think it will be here very much longer.Then you people will see an increase on your electric bills...just wait and see...its coming cause I don't think they can make it even on this deal

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Oct-03-13 4:04 PM


I mostly agree with your comments, except for the reference to 'unintended consequences'. I believe these are intended consequences. The liberals want to see sky high energy prices to 1) Make the so-called alternative energy sources profitable 2) To reduce energy usage to lower greenhouse gases 3) To de-industrialize the American economy, one smokestack at a time. This has been their stated goal for quite some time.

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Oct-03-13 3:55 PM

we should complain about foreign aid as much as we do about Ormet.

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Oct-03-13 1:45 PM

I don't want to see anyone loose their job but if I have a hard time paying my electric bill mine gets shut off. Ormet has 3 or 4 people sitting in an office doing the same job. I feel it is better for 10-20 people to get laid off then to see 1000 people loose their job. Ormet shuts down production which makes the company money instead of cutting back wages for the higher ups that sit and do nothing because someone else is doing their jobs. Ormet needs someone in the position to take control and do what is right for the workers that keep the plant open instead of the office people that are only collecting money and doing nothing for the plant to stay open.

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Oct-03-13 1:03 PM

Americans always complain about foreign companies getting assistance and not creating a "LEVEL PLAYING FIELD" What do we think this creates??? If Ormet can't compete, let it and others sink or swim. Workers will have to livewithin their means with a reasonable pension. The big wheels and majpr share holders should live like average Aomercans.That is not to say they shouldn't make a good return on their money.

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Oct-03-13 11:08 AM

People from Ohio whining about people from WV working there? Are you freakin' serious? If it wasn't for Wheeling the unemployment rate in Belmont County would be about 15 percent. There are plants on the WV side that have tons of workers from Ohio there. Dumber than a bag of buckeyes I tell ya!!!

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Oct-03-13 10:12 AM

Loghog, not that I disagree with you, but I'm curious as to what you mean by "regular people". Everyone who isn't politically moderate or liberal, black, hispanic, asian, non-Christian,gay, lesbian, feminist, and so on and so on...

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Oct-03-13 8:59 AM

@lucidnitemares. Have you thought of directing your anger at Pres. Obama, the EPA and the war on coal? Did you think that AEP spending billion$ on their coal plants wasn't going to raise utility rates? OH Sen. Brown said that the new requirements would create jobs. Better ask him about that again. These are all unintended consequences of their actions. Think before you vote for these job ending fools. They don't help employment of the the common man of the Ohio Valley or the rest of put country.

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Oct-03-13 7:38 AM

How much do you think AEP would raise their rates if Ormet were to close??? The $2-3 would seem like a drop in the bucket and you would be looking at a minimum of a $10-20 raise. All they want to talk about is the "discounts" that Ormet has already received... Why don't they mention the amount that their power bills have been raised? Their power bill was raised by around $110M this year alone. That doesn't count what Ormet pays for power... that's just the increase. Had PUCO "regulated" the price increases by AEP, this situation wouldn't exist. If your power bill was raised by around 60%, what would you do? I'm sure your tune might be a little different. No company can absorb that kind of expense... Well, AEP and their $1.3B profit in 2012 and $1.9B profit in 2011 may be ok.

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Oct-03-13 6:20 AM

Let's see... The business taxes go to Ohio. The property taxes go to Ohio. A lot of the workers, probably most of them, live in Ohio. A lot of the workers shop in Ohio.

Naahhh, there's too much benefit to WV. Shut it down.


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Oct-03-13 4:18 AM

Isn't it so nice of the puco to give this plant another chance. Gee this will make all the regular people paying higher electric rates such a nice warm feeling knowing more of their money is going from their pockets to pay ormet's bill. But, but it will keep people employed at high paying jobs? Yes, grandma. You should feel good about helping to pay for those guys, shouldn't you?

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Oct-03-13 3:39 AM

When do our rates increase to make up for AEP's loss? You know it's coming.

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