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Riding Away From Coal

Decline in shipments means rail industry must look elsewhere

September 20, 2013

WEIRTON — Coal remains West Virginia’s leading product shipped by train, but a consultant wants the state to diversify what is transported on the rails as his firms prepares a 20-year rail plan....

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Sep-21-13 9:36 AM

I said from the beginning the rails to trails projects were dumb and would come back to bite us in the a** and now look people have built houses , trailers etc on the old lines and we cant get them back and lots of things would be moved by rail had we not gotten rid of them in the name of progress.How did that work out now?

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Sep-21-13 7:44 AM

Hmmm replace coal that if a train derails (as they do) with nat gas. So used to be something that spilled on the ground and was shoveled back into a truck to something that will emit into the air and catch on fire if there is a spark. Good move!

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Sep-20-13 8:21 PM

Dunce, I remember Harry Reid being very angry that old George was trying to invade Iraq on his own, and did not want to wait until Reid and his bunch had the chance to vote FOR the invasion.

And the Honorable Senator from New York, who snapped that she was not accepting the Bush Administration's claims about Iraqi WMDs, but had used her own sources of intelligence from here years in Washington to independently confirm the threat.

I REALLY hope someone still has that footage, stashed away for Hillary's presidential run.

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Sep-20-13 5:43 PM

One of the major reasons why Obummer opposes the Keystone Pipeline is because it would cut a huge swath into the shipping profits of BNSF Railroad, owned by Berkshire Hathaway, which is run by Soetero crony Warren Buffett.

It is true that coal is hurting in West Virginia. A big reason for this is Obummer's War on Coal. A small part has to do with cheap natural gas and with the decline of easy to mine, high grade coal.

The fact is that Obummer accelerated what would have been a long, slow, steady decline.

Where will we be when coal is dead and natural gas is $20 per gallon?

and Truthforonce-if Bush is such an idiot, and he "fooled" and "tricked" the Democrats into voting for the Iraq War Resolution, what does that say about the intelligence level of Democrats?

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Sep-20-13 3:24 PM

Truthfornonce: Your Bubonic Plague post wasn't meant to be humorous, right? In a snarky sort of way it was. That's liberal humor; snarkiness that's cutting. I can imagine you and your snarky friends tut-tutting over cappucino in a high-priced cafe while at the same time lamenting a TV news story about starvation in impoverished countries. "AWWWWWW, someone should do something about that. Hey! Who wants another latte?"

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Sep-20-13 1:45 PM

Dunce, I didn't see any reference to obie in the article. I didn't see any claim he was responsible for there being no track in Wheeling.

Ever hear the phrase the guilty flee when no one persues? It's a true sign of dementia, when everything you read or hear must be a criticism of obie.

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Sep-20-13 12:10 PM

The headline is misleading. The rail companies are attempting to increase their freight tonnage which is only a good business practice,and rail should be the first choice for shippers. Rail is more economical, is environmentally friendly, and prolongs the life of our highways. All Aboard!

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Sep-20-13 11:54 AM amuse me beyond belief. You can't ever be serious. Your comments have to be tongue in cheek. Otherwise, no one could be so ridiculiously stupid. Keep those funny comments coming We all need some humor in our lives. I particularly got a yuk out of your reference to Dubbya ss a "genius."

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Sep-20-13 9:16 AM

Might want to research the Staggers Rail Act of 1980 and signed by President Carter! Harley Staggers, for those that don't know was a D Congressman from West Virginia!

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Sep-20-13 8:26 AM

Toothfordunce, can we blame him for doubling the number of food stamp receipients, for the 48% black youth employment, for $4,300 drop in average American income, for the lowest labor participation rate in 30 years, etc. etc.?

All happened in the last 56 months on HIS watch.

But the Evil Genius Bush Bush Bush . . .

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Sep-20-13 8:13 AM

The Railroad tore up the railroad tracks in the 70's as a cost saving measure because they were being taxed for miles of track that was on the ground whether it was used or not. The city of Wheeling had no say as to if the rails stayed or not.

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Sep-20-13 4:54 AM

From what I can remember the rails were pulled from Wheeltown in the mid-70s. I think the Pres would have been playing b-ball for the Honolulu Middle School at that time. Sorry folks. Can't blame this one on him. I said when they pulled the rails that the last person in our fair city should kindly turn out the lights. Dead meat and dead between the ears. But Obama did cause the Bubonic Plague, didn't he.

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Sep-20-13 3:33 AM

This President whether he has done it intentinally or not is another question, has destroyed the America we all grew up in. He has made America the home of the WEAK and the land of the hand me outs. forget about waking up and smelling the coffee!! he has already dumped the grounds people this nation is in for one helluva rude awakening int he next few years both economically and policially across the Globe. We are no longer the big brother and the protector the USA under Obama has become the little sister and the cowards! Our words mean nothing any more on the world wide stage!! The only thing that matters now is our money the moneythat we BORROW to give ot these Countries that tear us down and wish to destroy us!! But yet no one will take a stand against it!! We get what we get!!

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