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Obama ‘Stimulus’ Hasn’t Created Jobs

September 10, 2013

President Barack Obama likes to boast that trillions of dollars in “stimulus” spending of various types has put more Americans back to work. It has not....

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Sep-10-13 8:50 PM

From the NY Times, "The Affordable Care Act gives employers an incentive to hire part-time workers rather than full-time workers, as they might be compelled to offer health coverage to the latter, but not the former. That’s why a number of big employers have started offering more temporary or part-time positions."

Goose, No need to believe posters here when Liberal standards like Huff Po and the NY Times blow your mono focused, ideologue view points out of the water!

Try again!

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Sep-10-13 8:45 PM

"the Wall Street bailouts sure helped raise the CEO wages even higher!" Hoopie makes a great point as the stimulus and subsequent fiscal policy has been GREAT for Wall St but crap for Main St. Incomes levels for average Americans has dropped since the recovery started w/ the minorities and the young being hurt the most. This year the jobs that have been created have been mainly part time. "Part-Time Work Made Up More Than 65 Percent Of New Jobs Created In July" Huffington Post. "So far this year, low-paying industries have provided 61 percent of the nation's job growth, even though these industries represent just 39 percent of overall U.S. jobs, according to Labor Department numbers analyzed by Moody's Analytics. " "That's one reason Americans' pay hasn't kept up with even historically low inflation since the Great Recession ended in June 2009. Average hourly pay fell 2 cents in July to $23.98 an hour."

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Sep-10-13 8:38 PM

Note the 137,491,000! It's been over 5 years and we still haven't caught up to that number (136,133,000 as of last month).

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Sep-10-13 8:36 PM

Clue is NOT posting facts! According to the BLS (search Employment, Hours, and Earnings from the Current Employment Statistics survey (National)

Series Id: CES0000000001 Seasonally Adjusted Super Sector: Total nonfarm) there were 137,491,000 Americans employed in May 2008. In November 2008 there were 135,130,000 or under 400,000. Very bad indeed, but not 800,000 a month.

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Sep-10-13 4:08 PM

GoosedClues think George Bush was President for 8 months in 2008 and Obama has not been elected yet, he is still campaigning.

The rest of the world already KNOWS what a effing disaster Syria has been, it is Amateur Hour at the White Crib.

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Sep-10-13 3:17 PM

It's the Obama Economy that needs a shower. Perpetual unemployment benefits and over-regulation alone are enough to keep a stranglehold on new jobs. Add in the toxic shell game called Obamacare and you've got a job-killing trifecta.

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Sep-10-13 9:44 AM

Get a clue-dont waste time posting facts here. It doesnt fit in with "Obamacare plan falters", "Obama unsure of votes", "Obama stimulus hasnt created jobs" All that in one day.

Need a shower after reading these posts.

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Sep-10-13 8:16 AM

As long as more people LEAVE the labor force, eventually the unemployment rate will be ZERO and NOBODY will have a job.

That is the dirty little secret of the Obama Jobless recovery. People GIVE UP and QUIT looking for a jog, so they DON'T COUNT in the Unemployment Rates.

But they still exist, many on Social Security Disability Fraud when their unemployment benefits ran out.

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Sep-10-13 8:13 AM

Clueass the Bush administration produced 8.4 million NEW JOBS, had one of the lowest unemployment rates of any president (under 5%) and produced a record 53 months of continuous economic growth, a record no president before or since has matched.

More than a Trillion in spending(new DEBT) and the disastrous Obama Economy has not been able to lower the unemployment rate below about 7.5%

There are fewer workers employed as a % of the population than at any since the disastrous Carter administration.

The REAL unemployment rate is about 14% and black youth unemployment is an unheard of record high 48%.


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Sep-10-13 7:40 AM

In NOVEMBER 2008 two months before OBAMA took office the BUSH ECONOMY was BLEEDING JOBS at a rate of 800,000 a month it had been doing so for the previous 6 months.

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Sep-10-13 7:24 AM

hoopie, The "wall-streeters" are big campaign donors (In other countries they call it bribery) so our tax dollars get put away for safe keeping.....

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Sep-10-13 7:17 AM

the Wall Street bailouts sure helped raise the CEO wages even higher!

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Sep-10-13 7:00 AM

Last week our politicians were claiming they "saved" 3 million jobs with the 900 billion dollar stimulus package in 2009! Even if that is true (not sure how you quantify jobs saved) it amounts to $300,000 per job! Give me 3 million and I will be sure to employ 10 peeps....

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