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Government Police Raise Issues on Liberty

July 21, 2013

Following the Civil War, the former Confederate States were subjected to rule by U.S. Army troops during the10 long years of what history calls the Reconstruction....

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Jul-22-13 7:47 AM

It used to be that we would worry about them doing away with the first and second amendments little by little now they are doing it in leaps and bounds. You can have a gun but we will keep you from getting bullets to shot them with. We will now have people to buy guns not being able to target practice, that is just crazy thousands or millions getting guns and not be able to practice so now you will have way more bystanders or people that aren't doing anything getting caught in crossfire. Who is mining roads in the USA to prevent the govt from coming down their streets?

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Jul-22-13 2:14 PM

The story of the present Administration. We, the average working person no longer counts, except to pay taxes.

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Jul-24-13 8:19 AM

The article goes well beyond the gun rants, though back door attacks on 2nd amendment are indicative of an overall lack of respect for the American government system. When you take the NSA information, the IRS scandal, use of drones to watch ordinary citizens, and license plate readers to track everyone's daily movements its pretty clear that civil liberty and the whole American concept of freedom is in danger. Add to that the growth of Federal police agencies involved in local policing matters and there is due cause for concern. The Dept of Homeland Security and its reach into areas other than terrorism or stretching the concept of terrorism in domestic life is something that needs to be addressed. Obama, as it turns out, is a fascist in the mold of Mussolini and Hitler. No sense in pretending that Obama is a swell guy, the IRS thing should be enough to consider impeachment. Nixon was a piker compared to Obama. It is a serious subject.

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Jul-24-13 2:29 PM

Just a couple more words- What Triton says is very true. Trouble is; When, how to stop it??? Rep & Dem Administrations just keep making the problem worse. Too many empires created in gov with every new Admin.

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