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House Speaker Heading To Valley

Boehner to address private event today

July 20, 2013

WHEELING — Murray Energy Corp. founder and Chief Executive Officer Robert E....

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Jul-21-13 7:57 AM

32 percent of American adults view George Zimmerman favorably, while 48 percent view him unfavorably, according to the poll.

By comparison, President Obama clocked in at 44 percent favorability in a new Quinnipiac University poll, with 48 percent disapproving of his performance — the same disapproval rate as for Zimmerman.

"If I had a mixed race son like George Zimmerman, he would have the same disapproval rating"!


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Jul-20-13 9:54 PM

Speaking of disapproval, Opie was a 51% Disapproval rating on Rasmussen and just 30% think the country is headed in the right direction after 5 YEARS of Opies leadership.

BBBWHAHAHAHAAH! Blame Bush my ass!

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Jul-20-13 5:29 PM

LizardKook, all of five people disagree with my posts here thus far. Ouch. LOL Please call all your reptilian friends and have them disagree with me, too. But be careful because in reading my posts they might actually learn something, and also might discover what an idiot you are. One more LOL just for you.

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Jul-20-13 1:58 PM

@DrollPlayer: You're not doing too well on this particular topic - while you are busy LOL-ing you are being disagreed right into the ground. My turn to LOL.

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Jul-20-13 12:16 PM


Your conveniently leaving Harry Reid out! "Congressional" approval is near an all time low. Let's not forget our losers in the Senate.

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Jul-20-13 11:37 AM

Clueless, you realize that “lowest approved” rating was for the Congress, which includes Harry “the war is lost” Reid’s Democrit-controlled Senate, right? Probably not. Ask your fifth grader what Congress includes. LOL

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Jul-20-13 11:03 AM

Liberals live in a fantasy world. In this world, they believe that the greatness of a Speaker of the House can best be demonstrated by her statements regarding the government takeover of 1/6 of the US economy.

Without giving taxpayers and opportunity to read a 1,000 + page bill (and not having read it themselves-a job for which they are paid $190,000 per year plus bennies), the House approved ObamaCare.

This bill could have contained language that requires every US citizen to send $5 per month to the Saudi king and pray to Mecca five times per day. How do you know it doesn't?

And the "great" speaker of the House, Bela Pelosi, whose JOB it is to read and understand legislation before she votes on it, said "we have to pass it so that you can see what's in it."

That is probably the most ridiculous, asinine, pathetic comment by a political "leader" in the history of the modern world.

Bela Pelosi obviously was in over her botoxed head.

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Jul-20-13 10:37 AM

Leader of the most dysfunctional and lowest approved of house in history. GREAT JOB JOHNNY BOY!

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Jul-20-13 10:32 AM

wvhoopie “What has Boehner succeeded?”

He’s succeeded at putting the brakes on the Obama train wreck. In accordance with the wishes of the MAJORITY of voters when they ELECTED a Republican House of Representatives.

Elections matter, hoopie. Remember? And in the last two Congressional election cycles, the MAJORITY of Americans put REPUBLICANS in charge of the House, precisely to STOP the progressive liberal disaster you leftists thought you could ram through but FAILED to do in your two year taxing and spending spree after 2008. Your claims that the Republican House isn’t doing the will of the majority are ridiculous. What House party holds the MAJORITY, and why did American VOTERS put them there? LOL

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Jul-20-13 9:51 AM

What has Boehner succeeded at for his "side" so to speak? What issue or piece of legislation has he led b/c of his passion for the righties? Hmmm? Nothing? Not a thing? Votes to repeal the ACA almost 40 times and failed? Hmmm? Where is his leadership? What is he leading? At least when Pelosi was Speaker she led, whether you agreed with her or not. She had passion and leadership. Boehner? He wants to golf, tan, whine, and do nothing. What a legacy Boehner will have. Leader of nothing.

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Jul-20-13 8:19 AM

...said the poster typing away at a coal-fired electricity-powered computer, then sending his drivel over a coal-fired electricity-powered internet connection.

Just say no, and pull those main breakers, Lizard. Walk the talk. LOL

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Jul-20-13 8:12 AM

Both Bitter Old Murray and Bawling Boehner are on the wrong side of history and by a very large margin. Just like many if not most of the folks in the Valley.

Denial is not just a river in Africa.

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