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HRC Chief To Be at Work Monday

Says communication from city nil; lease for office space set to expire

June 25, 2013

WHEELING — Despite a 79-percent cut to the Wheeling Human Rights Commission’s budget, Executive Director Theresa Garrett technically still has a job — and she plans to report for work Monday as she......

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Jun-26-13 7:17 AM

sorry but this office is a waste of money. they pass the buck to the next in line. never really helps anyone.

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Jun-25-13 7:44 PM

This poor woman reminds me of the character 'Milton' in the now classic movie 'Office Space' or perhaps the hapless character in that TV commercial of the guy munching cereal that crunched so loud he seemed never to hear that he was FIRED!

In sum...Hello...McFly! knock! knock! The city manager that just voted himself a huge raise was able to do that by taking YOUR salary!

Your job is gone, kaput, disappeared. So sorry...if you keep going back to work....let us know how your next payday goes. I have a feeling you won't like it. Oh, and welcome to the millions now in the same boat. Perhaps you can file a 'discrimination case' with that person in the mirror.

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Jun-25-13 5:34 PM

Two observations: 1) 57% of the HRC's budget went for the Director's salary. 2) I'm not an expert on employment law, but if the Director hasn't been notified of a salary cut or termination isn't she entitled to her current salary until so informed? Shouldn't the Mayor's office have notified her, by now, of her status. Something about this smells fishy, with the source of the odor unknown at this time.

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Jun-25-13 4:46 PM

The only problem with the publication and disposition of financial statements published each year in this paper is the pension for present and future pensions obligations are not reported to show the citizens of the future liabilities that might require higher taxes, fees and other cost increases. The internet is bringing change in knowing how you local government operates and how they spend the taxpayers’ dollars.

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Jun-25-13 4:35 PM

Since the City of Wheeling seems to not know, what is going on and what should be done. Remind the City Manager and Council according to WV State Code:

§8-13-23. Preparation, publication and disposition of financial statements.

(b) Every city shall transmit to any resident of the city who requests it a copy of any published statement for the fiscal year designated, supplemented by a document listing the names of each person who received less than fifty dollars from any fund during the fiscal year and showing the amount paid to each and the purpose for which paid and an itemization of the ***salaries***, receipts, payments to each individual vendor and expenditures to employees of municipal offices, companies and departments otherwise published in the aggregate.

Now this is the information that might wake up the local citizens.

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Jun-25-13 3:13 PM

Mr Hood states that nobody except the HRC is allowed to view the files. Excuse about the complaintant? And guess what, even the complaintant hasn't been able to view "their" file. Seems to me a violation of the freedom act. Then of course, as I have previously stated...The HRC didn't even follow their own written rules. They have been nothing but a expensive "cover up" for the city businesses, politicians and city and county offices. Get over it...this HRC office is gone.

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Jun-25-13 1:11 PM

Why do people refuse to read and understand what is written. As far as I am concerned the HRC is dead. In addition there have been so many comments about the overpaid city manager and kiss A## council. What this city needs is a really good house cleaning.

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Jun-25-13 11:20 AM

@Triton: the Mayor appoints the HRC members.

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Jun-25-13 11:18 AM

For once Hef and I agree!! Let's get rid of this so-called council and get reps who truly have the people's best interest in mind, instead of their special interest projects!! Start with the city manager who bullied to get his pay raise and then ask yourself if your council rep has stood on his/her own two feet or has been "swayed" to walk someone else's path! I'm sure if we all demand the respect and representation we deserve this and other situations WILL have a different outcome.

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Jun-25-13 9:12 AM

How can a city manager who makes $115,000 large a year not tend to the simple matter of rewriting the Human Rights Commission’s operating procedures after the city council voted to essentially defund the outdated organization? Did he even bother to tell the Director of the Commission that her job was terminated? Wheeling city government is a cesspool of incompetence as is demonstrated with every action they take. Wheeling needs a city council with the cojones to fire this city manager and it has to start with the replacement of this mayor and all members of the city council by the voters. To the voters and taxpayers of Wheeling…….Haven’t you had enough?

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Jun-25-13 9:06 AM

This reminds me of George Costanza's work situation at Play Now.

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Jun-25-13 8:20 AM

Good example of why government never gets smaller it just duplicates itself over and over like a renegade cell. HRC has not done a very good job of explaining its importance to the city and the people, in general, not just special interest groups. Since its inception there have been dozens of laws passed that give people a lot of recourse to address their belief that they have been discriminated against and there are two more levels of government (state and Federal) who do the same things. And herds of lawyers who are happy to make money from misery and injustice. Is it all about housing and tenant v. landlords now? How many age discrimination cases, disabled access cases? Is the HRC caseload diverse, or just about race? People really don't know just that the board (which is not very diverse in opinion)insists that it needs to be here. Is it one of those gov agencies, no one elects, but acts like a court? Inquiring minds wanna know, and we don't. Perhaps its just not necessary.

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