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Climate Alarmists Not Honest

May 26, 2013

Even as the poor folks in Moore, Okla., pick through the rubble of their homes, businesses and schools, radical environmentalists are using the tornado that killed them for political purposes....

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Sep-08-13 1:13 PM

I realize that most who contribute to this forum unlikely will review this topic via the related article. However, I figured it was worth the effort to see if there has been any reaction to the recent feature article in the National Geographic re: global warming and projected rise in ocean levels. I read the NG with keen personal interest and found it thought provoking. The evidence seems overwhelming both in its thoroughness and its extremely troubling implications. This is not something that might happen a thousand years in the future, but it is rather a world-changing event taking place now. Low lying regions, such as FL, will become virtually uninhabitable within the foreseeable future. The global impacts are literally off the scale. Any other thoughts?

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May-31-13 8:17 AM

If there wasnt "climate change" there would be glaciers in New York city still, go to Central Park and see the scrapes left in GRANITE by them moving back and forth as they grew and declined

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May-30-13 8:51 PM

Dolphin3111 great stuff but Weedawg is the grand pubba of the Church of Climate Science and you are telling him his GOD is a powerless FRAUD.

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May-30-13 8:49 PM

Bigmike, yep and the men in Black from Ford/GM/Chrysler or which ever version of the story came out and replaced it and the car went back to 15 mpg.

However, there IS truth to the fact that the Liberal feel good movie "Promised Land" starring Matt Damon that was VERY ANTI FRACKING was financed in part by Arab Oil Sheiks!

And Chesapeake finances lots of bad PR for Coal and coal power plants, etc. etc.

If the IRS can do it, so can private industry :)!

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May-30-13 7:16 PM


I assume you've heard the story of big oil suppressing the development of the 100 MPG carburetor back in the 70's.

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May-30-13 6:16 PM

The initial premise of this editorial was to dispute the assertion of climate alarmists (like wheeldog) that the recent tornado in Moore, OK was a result of global warming.

In my initial post, I pointed out that recent published data from NOAA supports the premise of this editorial 100%.

In a post two days ago I accurately forecasted severe weather and tornados for today and tomorrow in the central plains, which are now occurring as I write this. I also offered my explanation for the severe weather forecast, which had nothing to do with global warming, but instead has to do with normal ocean decadal temperature cycles.

Apparently wheeldog can't be bothered by such unimportant data or information. Being totally uninformed about the real sciences of physics, meteorology and thermodynamics, wheeldog must concentrate on the "true complexity and the reality of long-term cause and effect events". Very nice.

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May-30-13 5:34 PM

WVEGO, want to get in on my Cold Fusion patent 6,666,666? It is hellish great!

Just take water and get enough energy to power the earth.

And big oil and big gas are trying to suppress it.

It uses technology from Area 51, trust me.

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May-30-13 5:31 PM

Wieseldawg you effing idiot I said BP not Exxon Valdez. you could pour pizz out of a boot with directions on the heel with your "science"

I'll put my MSEE and 13 patents against your Park Ranger background anyday, geriatric fool, and rasie you.

If you had even a 7th grade exposure to science, you would realize that the handful of AGW "scientists" violated every tenant of the Scientific Method.

They LOST the entire raw database usec to deduce global warming, they REFUSED to share the data with other scientists who disagreed with them, their computer program has been debunked by independent scientists as a complete FRAUD that produces a HOCKEY STICK temperature increase with RANDOM data, and 31,000 other Scientists included over 9000 PHD's signed a petition criticizing their conclusions based on such flimsy evidence.

But put on your tin foil hat and get ready for the Flat Earth Society of Astrological "Science" meeting tonight!

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May-30-13 5:23 PM

...and Wheeldogs gravitate toward NatGeo popular propaganda and climate alarmist hype based on debunked cherry-picked data that made AlJazeera Gore rich. We all have our skeletons.... LOL

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May-30-13 5:02 PM

dah and his ilk display a very thin understanding of basic science. It is reflective of a comic book mentality that cannot deal with true complexity and the reality of long-term cause and effect events. They gravitate toward simple answers and slogans rather than facts and data.

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May-30-13 4:59 PM

dah tells us that the Exxon Valdez oil spill is all gone now. I happen to have worked on the spill and personally saw the impacts. I also returned to the affected shores and carried out investigations months later. The oil was hidden under layers of sand and in crevices of rocks, but it was still there. And it is still there today. The following is an excerpt from Nat. Geographic:

"But look a little closer and the picture gets a little murkier. In some of the hardest-hit areas, swaths of oil—buried just a few inches below the surface—run across the beaches. Water may circulate to the edges of the oil, but not through it....Among the animal species that have not recovered are common loons, harbor seals, harlequin ducks, and Pacific herring. Sea otters, which eat clams buried underground, are particularly affected by the subsurface oil. The clams may be clean, but sea otters may get oil on their fur, which requires energy to cope with."

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May-30-13 4:50 PM

Today in ridiculous patenting, Microsoft wants to receive protection on the idea of taking a picture using your voice as the catalyst.

Or, put more simply, it wants to patent saying “Take photo!”

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May-30-13 4:44 PM

So WVUGEO has the secret plans to produce all the free gas and fuel we need, and he’s not implementing it immediately to solve the world’s energy problems and global warming problems and even to enrich himself. Why is NOBODY in all of America using your sure-fire world-saving technologies, GEO?

Maybe it’s another one a them hillbilly conspiracies...

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May-30-13 4:16 PM

"US Patent Application 20100213046 - Titania Nanotube Arrays, Methods of Manufacture, and Photocatalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide Using Same"

US Patent Applications, Year 2012: 576,763. A patent application is not much of an indicator. Does the process work reliably, simply and at a competitive cost? I suspect these factors are an unknown at this time.

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May-30-13 2:13 PM

Budman, you might also want to look up: "US Patent Application 20100213046 - Titania Nanotube Arrays, Methods of Manufacture, and Photocatalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide Using Same". It's technology developed by Penn State that uses sunlight to convert CO2 into, again, sorry, shale gas fans, Methane. Then, search for "Tri-reforming of Methane for CO2 Conversion to Syngas Using Power Plant Flue Gas", wherein Penn State tell us that Methane, as can be made from CO2, can be reacted with more CO2 to make a hydrocarbon synthesis gas suitable for catalytic condensation into liquid hydrocarbon fuels. That CO2-Methane to syngas reaction, by the way, has been known since before WWII.

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May-30-13 1:50 PM

Budman: We'll look into that crude oil versus refined oil natural degradation thing for you, but: The big difference between the BP and Valdez spills likely was/is climate. You have higher temperatures in the Gulf, plus more sunshine, both of which help to break down hydrocarbons via physical/chemical processes of oxidation, etc. Plus, there is a greater bio-diversity in the Gulf, with more organisms that are, one way or the other, able and willing to metabolize and break down some of the hydrocarbon compounds. Still an unnecessary tragedy, a disaster.

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May-30-13 1:41 PM

Budman! Thanks for thinking of us! Hey, all of this CO2 and oil spill hoo-hah is being pretty much made moot, anyhow. Wait a day or two, then do a search for: "NASA Improves CO2 to Methane Conversion". It concerns: "United States Patent Application 20120029095 - Sabatier Process and Apparatus for Controlling Exothermic Reaction", which is a NASA-contracted development, in which environmental energy can be harnessed to collect CO2, then, much, we're certain, to all you shale gas fanatics, convert that CO2 into Methane. It's a bit more complicated than that, but, once you have Methane, as therein made from CO2, you can reform the Methane with more CO2, and make a synthesis gas that can, via the Fischer-Tropsch process, be converted into liquid hydrocarbons.

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May-30-13 12:54 PM

Croaking I said "LONG TERM". Short term was pretty tough on the wildlife but the ENVIRONMENTAL ALARMISTS were pontificating like YOU, INCREDIBLE DISASTER of EPIC PROPORTIONS, the Gulf Coast will unusable for 50 years, blah blah.

Today: can't even find a trace of the oil, oil eating bacteria naturally cleaned it up.

Another Y2K FAIL brought to us by the Alarmist community.

Gulf Shrimp gumbo, anyone?

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May-30-13 12:45 PM

The BP oil spill was unrefined crude as I remember, which will naturally decompose over time. As opposed to the Valdez oil spill which was refined oil that will not decompose.

Where is WVGEO when you need him, lol.

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May-30-13 6:06 AM


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May-29-13 11:04 PM

Thanks LogHog.

Croaker, I think pollution has NOTHING to do with Climate Change.

Only a narcissist would think that the effect of man is significant in caparison to the energy from the SUN and the cycles of the Oceans.

Sure man can pollute streams and creeks and even rivers and lakes.

But what was the effect on the OCEAN of the BP spill long term? What was it, 22 million gallons of oil??

NOTHING Zero zip Nada.

Get a clue. Some things are just bigger than your ego.

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May-29-13 10:18 PM

Locally in Ohio. A gas well drilling company was looking for 20 new employees to hire locally. After drug testing 100 potential hires. Only 6 passed the drug screen. They brought the other 14 from Texas to fill their needs. So, sure. Most babies born or aborted will have many different drugs in their little bodies.

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May-29-13 7:40 PM


In 1956 the US government proposed building numerous coal power plants BECAUSE they produced lots of CO2.

Scientist calculated it would increase the crop yields in the world to fight off the latest faux catastrophe of the Left: WORLD OVERPOPULATION and STARVATION!

How did THAT knee jerk idea work out for ya??

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May-29-13 6:26 PM

Maybe if you’d quit buying as much of that **** they’d produce and sell less of it? Easy. Furnace – off. Water heater – off. Gas range and oven – off. Main breakers – off. You’ll feel greener immediately. You’ll feel colder a few minutes later, but isn't that a small price to pay for intellectual honesty?

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May-29-13 5:43 PM

Dolphin, Scary!

For the Left, AGW is all about FEELING GOOD about oneself, science be dam*ed!

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