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Mingo Sheriff Gunned Down

April 4, 2013


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Apr-06-13 4:16 PM

The low IQ crowd and the kool aide drinkers will again blame the gun!!

WOW what a shock!!

The gun has no legs no arms, no brain, and it simply can't jump up and start shooting!!!

Had someone like myself been in the area to give the sheriff some backup, this may have been avoided and we would now have a DEAD 37 year old perp that would cost taxpayers nothing more than the price of cremation!!

The druggies are everywhere now and thanks to Osama they are HEAVILY armed as well!!

I say pas a law as they did in Nelson Georgia that EVERY head of hosehold be REQIRED to own a gun and be trained and proficient in it's use!!

That was EXACTLY the intent and was indeed the law when the founding fathers wrote the second amendment!!!

Of course the brain dead progressive liberals don't KNOW that because their minds were poisoned by these liberal brain washing public schools a professors we have around here!!

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Apr-05-13 7:31 PM

Said the suspect is in hospital with wounds, Why didnt the dumb as-ses just kill him,? Thats what he deserved.. Musta been a new man on the force.

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Apr-05-13 10:44 AM

Blunderlies, the comparison of an automobile to a gun is a complete idiotic mistake.


The SECOND AMENDMENT was the 2nd ONLY to FREE SPEECH and RELIGION for GOOD REASON, your blithering despicable IDIOT!

These “rights” derived from the concept that men were CREATED FREE and had inalienable RIGHTS.

Guns are only available to FREE MEN, not SLAVES. IF SLAVES had GUNS, there would BE no SLAVES!!!

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Apr-05-13 9:35 AM

if you're out to kill a certain person,lack of a gun isn't going to stop's the crazy people.our local h-ero-in addict attempted to mow me down with his car.

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Apr-05-13 8:57 AM

loghog- since there are laws to protect a woman's medical records, it is rather funny that you change the subject and post a comment that cannot be verified. Typical far right. I presume you consider these all liberal abortions? LOL

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Apr-05-13 8:29 AM

over 50 million unborn babies have been slaughtered in this nation.. none with a gun

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Apr-05-13 7:40 AM

wonderwhy, you seriously didn't just insinuate that guns aren't heavily regulated already, did you? Now you're just grabbing at straws. Go ahead and try to save some more face, I get a kick out of it.

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Apr-05-13 7:32 AM

idliketoknow- Cars ARE regulated. Insurance, inspections, having a license to operate. wonderwhy you didn't point that out?

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Apr-04-13 5:33 PM

dyingov,it must be those drug cartels again.

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Apr-04-13 3:18 PM

All of this gun whining is just political diversion taking important deliberations away from important issues like federal spending and unemployment. Obama and the liberals want to disarm you so they can take over the country uncontested. Whatever you do,never ever surrender your weapons.

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Apr-04-13 3:16 PM

whgfleeing "the gun is a weapon made to kill."

No, IDIOT, a gun is what separates a FREE MAN from a SLAVE.

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Apr-04-13 2:31 PM


If criminals can get cocaine across the borders what makes you think they can't get guns the same way?

Laws don't take guns out of the hands of criminals.

Could you please tell me why our elected representatives and most liberals are afraid of law-abiding citizens owning guns.

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Apr-04-13 1:29 PM

wonder and/or wfeel;

Can you advise me of a good intervention program for my car; it seems that it tried to kill a rabbit last evening on the way home from work. Fortunately I was able to apply the brakes at the last instance to save our furry friend.

I am beginning to think that one of my guns may be a bad influence on this car.

I tried to get rid of the offending gun, but the rest of the arsenal threatened to do harm unless I allowed their leader to stay at my residence.

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Apr-04-13 1:06 PM

If it wasn't a gun it could have been a knife or club. The person wanted Sheriff Crum dead. You are not going to stop people from killing people by placing bans on guns. Cain didn't have a gun when he killed Able. There is no value on human life and there never will be in some people.

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Apr-04-13 12:47 PM

1.6 million violent crimes PER YEAR are PREVENTED by guns.

Is MURDER by any means a Capital Crime punishable by DEATH in MOST STATES?

So the DEATH PENALTY did not stop this criminal using a gun????

Please tell us what possible gun legislation WOULD prevent this gun crime _________________________??

{ . . . . . . crickets . . . . . .}

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Apr-04-13 12:46 PM

whgfeeling, I thought my logic was crystal clear but I neglected to take your demographic into consideration. An idiot driver behind the wheel of a car is what causes accidents. Better? I tried to dumb it down a bit this time.

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Apr-04-13 11:47 AM

no matter what spin you put on it the gun killed. the gun is a weapon made to kill. if it were not would not happen. if a guns don't kill..then cars don't kill either. yet you say "look at how many people were killed in car accidents yesterday". think of your logic before you post.

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Apr-04-13 10:39 AM

The ignorant and the parasites of our nation feel emboldened since electing this economic tyrant that we have for a president and his extreme divisiveness has signaled to them that whatever they want is theirs for the taking.

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Apr-04-13 9:50 AM

I had the displeasure of working in Mingo county for half of last year. Place is a real s***hole. This kind of thing jives.

wonderwhy, by looking at the context clues of the article, I have deduced that a mentally unstable man who happened to have a gun pulled the trigger. I couldn't seem to find anything about a gun driving up to the vehicle and firing itself. I'll check again but I think I read it correctly the first time. Maybe you should read it again. Also, do me (and everyone else) a favor and take a look at how many people were killed in car accidents yesterday. Those darn cars! they should be BANNED!!

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Apr-04-13 8:24 AM

guns don't kill people? seriously? Take a look how many were killed yesterday. 4 year old in FL

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Apr-04-13 7:21 AM

"State, federal and local authorities have all tried to crack down on West Virginia's drug problem, which centers on the illegal sale of prescription drugs in the southern counties."

Where do these "prescription" drugs come from?

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