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New Frack Plant Faces Opposition

Councilwoman Aims to Halt Plan

March 24, 2013

WHEELING — GreenHunter Water officials are familiar with opposition, as Washington County, Ohio sheriff’s deputies arrested 10 people in February for protesting at the company’s natural gas and oil......

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Mar-25-13 6:06 PM

Liberals and democrats doing what they do best, killing jobs.

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Mar-24-13 8:39 PM

wraith makes a good point.The only interested parties in the OV-for new business now- are the gas folks.That is all that is on the table.OV gas will soon become a major export;including to China for power.Carpe Diem OV.

And yes: a 750 acre parcel of OV gas is worth 100,000,000+(in 2013 $ ) to the owners over the next 20 years: lease + royalties.

steel is gone and coal will be is long gone as is most manufacturing of all sorts.gas is all that remains.WV needs the gas money to pay Medicaid.

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Mar-24-13 5:49 PM

I’m just glad those of you complaining about dumping treated waste in the river aren’t dumping any of your waste water down the city sewers where it becomes treated waste in the river, or into the water table where it goes into your neighbors’ wells and from springs into streams into creeks in to the river. Where are you people putting all your sewage, anyway? Maybe the drillers could responsibly put their waste water where you’re responsibly putting yours.

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Mar-24-13 5:29 PM

Maybe they should just pass a law saying the only thing they can locate in Wheeling is day care facilities? Sounds like a pretty harmless thing to me. It's the councilwoman who has a screw lose.

Will the last one out of town please remember to turn out the lights.

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Mar-24-13 4:08 PM

and Ellie May and Granny don't have to use that old water in the cement pond..they b having so much money they kin older water from Deans Water service

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Mar-24-13 3:50 PM

who cares about drinking water when Jethro can buy himself a new four-wheeler and Uncle Jed can buy himself a new pickup truck.

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Mar-24-13 3:49 PM

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Mar-24-13 12:48 PM

Regardless where this facility is located along the river, it will ALWAYS be upstream from SOMEBODY'S water intakes!

But that never stopped the steel mills and chemical plants from locating there!

Getting as many of these road destroying tanker trucks off the road as possible by using barges and TRAINS should be the goal here!

Unfortunately, the poor foresight of some has left us with a useless walking trail instead of a RAIL service and barge docks that COULD have saved BILLIONS in destroyed road beds, bridges, and busted water lines!!

Let's not CONTINUE to make these stupid mistakes!!

The picture PROVES my point!!!

Had that "walking trail" in the picture still been TRAIN tracks, this wouldn't even be an issue!!!

Yet ANOTHER horrible decision that is crippling the area economy!!

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Mar-24-13 12:27 PM

I guess we are back in the 20's & 30's when they dumped anything in the river, all for the sake of money.

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Mar-24-13 12:24 PM

the Councilwoman seems to be on eof the few people in wv with ehr head screwed on right.

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Mar-24-13 11:38 AM

"I don't know how they do things in Texas but this is Wheeling, West Virginia." This is, without a doubt, the most idiotic and hilarious comment I have ever heard from a local official (and that's saying something.). Then again, Gloria is not exactly a neurosurgeon!

I cannot comment on the for/against issues of the plant itself. I will just say this:

Texas has the nation's # 1 booming economy. Every day, more than 1,000 people move from the west coast to Texas. Texas is home to Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Midland, five booming cities with very wealthy and successful cores and suburbs.

Texas is the energy capital of America and home to multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Wheeling is losing 1% of its' population each year, has a 150 year old water system, a declining economy and ZERO Fortune 1000 companies.

Gloria-you are out of your depth.

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Mar-24-13 11:02 AM

Whats difference does another campfire in {HELL} make?

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Mar-24-13 10:38 AM

wow, wonder where all of the sewage created by communities and plants on the Ohio river North of Wheeling goes. Wheeling (including Warwood) is fast on the road to becoming a ghost town thanks to local goverment and the attitude of shallow minded residents. Keep up the good work and Route 2 can soon be expanded to a six lane highway leading out-of-town.

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Mar-24-13 10:16 AM

When I heard about this flowback complex planned for Warwood, I told my family: We have to leave for good now, we have no other choice. Anyone (who is informed and can afford it) will move away once this flowback complex is allowed, and because this industry is permitted to ruin lives here in other ways too. We have lost our right to life and happiness. We have lost our right to enjoy the land and waterways. Stand by your citizens. Is it too late? The only people who will choose to stay here will be the dead,the brain dead, and the poisoned poor. I want to stay, but not at the cost of mental and physical health. Thank you Council member for raising your voice of concern for us. I hope it helps change the plans.

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Mar-24-13 9:59 AM

But think of the jobs people! We need jobs! Where does Dr.Mercer and the health nut crowd stand on this issue? Certainly this stuff is far worse for for humans than cigarettes! Oh that's right, fighting the fracking crew won't deprive me of any freedoms so it's not a cause worth undertaking. The residents of Ohio county should take the doc to task and demand that he represent the people who pay his salary, and stop playing with the minds of the children in the schools.

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Mar-24-13 9:58 AM

most all of you need to **** off. you were all for the drillers an oil workers while myself and a few others didn't want any of them here. now it's not just in your backyard but near your water supply and now you are freaking out. where did you think this crap water was going to go? you made your bed now sleep in it.

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Mar-24-13 8:22 AM

WVugeo your last post is correct...the long term problems from this stuff may become very serious...but few care to really think of it because so much $$$ is coming from it..."it's all safe"

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Mar-24-13 8:18 AM

people should probably be adding to their own personal household water filtering system for clean safe drinking water...I use a charcoal filter myself when drinking tap water in Belmont can buy this farily cheap and it will get out most unwanted contamins...

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Mar-24-13 8:17 AM

The potential water contamination issue is actually far worse than anyone seems to suspect. The deep shale is, among other things, a reservoir of radioactive material that was once, after WWII, assessed as a source of uranium for bomb-making. Fracking flowback brings Radium, which is insanely toxic, it accumulates in your bones, to the surface. That fact was recently, Dec., 2012, confirmed by Penn State University in a report: "Analysis of Marcellus flowback finds high levels of ancient brines". It says, in part: "Brine water that flows back from gas wells in the Marcellus Shale region after hydraulic fracturing is many times more salty than seawater, with high contents of various elements, including radium".

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Mar-24-13 8:09 AM

aaw,,what's wrong with ya''s only water and salt with some secret stuffings added fer flavor...just youin looks at some food packages at what maybein in that there stuffin youin eat..youall ain't wantin not no betterin waterin than yourn food is ya..tis still WVA taint it?

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Mar-24-13 8:06 AM

Face it, the OV has ALWAYS been a polluted disaster zone.

The only business that wants to locate there ARE Fuglyazz polluters who cannot go anywhere ELSE.

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Mar-24-13 7:44 AM

we had to be drinking this stuff in wellsburg when they were dumping it in the river right where our water intake is located.there should be none of these plants built until we the people are told what is in this fracking fluid.all secrets should be treated as such.there is a reason.there is no trust.if this stuff goes into barges it's hard to tell where it'll end up.the public will never know.

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Mar-24-13 2:58 AM

docks? ****. those rusted out falling down peices of crud? the only thing they were/are good for is fishing around for big ole catfish.

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