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Education Bill Debate Becomes Fight Over How to Hire Teachers

March 4, 2013

CHARLESTON (AP) — Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin’s bid to rewrite teacher hiring practices has sparked an early battle as the Legislature wades through his proposed overhaul of West Virginia’s public school....

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Mar-25-13 9:31 AM

@Triton: There is a U.S. Dept of education report that shows the chance of success for different age groups. 3-6, 7-10, 11-14, 14-18, 19-22 for all states. WV ranks near last in 19-22. BUT in 3-6 it is actually just above the middle! Each group there after sinks lower and lower. If parent were the main cause, 3-6 would be low. Parents in WV actually do not do so bad readying their children to be successful. It is after they hit the school system that things go down hill.

I am sick of all the lame excuses. Its the parents. Its the money. Its the curriculum. Its the books. BS Its the unions and the lousy teachers it protects. God bless the good teachers. It only takes 2 bad teachers in K-6 and a student will not be able to recover.

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Mar-25-13 9:18 AM

@Mattis: You are drinking the kool-aid of deception dished out by those that benefit from the system as it exists (obviously the students are not the ones that benefit. The information you spout does not take into account student achievement before and after school choice implementation. Only after. When a School Choice Voucher System is introduced, BOTH choice student and public school student achievement INCREASES. So YES you are right. Student achievement after school choice is pretty equal BUT AT A HIGHER LEVEL. Without school choice voucher competition, it would NOT have improved. You spout the deceptive spin (spin used to be called lies a few years ago).

In fact in Florida, when school choice vouchers were temporarily stopped by a court suit, so did student achievement improvement. Most studies do not look at before and after student achievement as detractors know they are sunk if the truth gets out.

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Mar-05-13 1:44 PM

There are many problems with education in WV and flashing stats around does not help. Teachers are paid less than in nearly every other meaningless as the cost of living is different in other states so asking that a teacher be paid what teachers are paid in Oregon or California is absurd. It is true that WV spends more per student on education than nearly all other states BUT test scores are down. Is it teachers? perhaps a little, is it administration? perhaps to some extent. Parents? Probably the most significant element. If parents don't value education kids will not either and there are many moronic parents who don't care, or say they ain't got no schoolin and they are doin fine on benefits and pass that on to their kids. Schools are forced to be massive social service agencies, private schools are not and can stress education and bounce the ones who don't conform. Public schools need to be able to remove the problem kids and have room to educate, not babysit thugs.

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Mar-04-13 2:07 PM

Ok, where is this pocket lining, WVA teachers are paid LESS than 48 other states, and retirement pay is modest [ no GOLDEN PARACHUTES here] I know from experience. Vouchers and School Choice [ mostly from wealthy parents expensive private schools] has been proven NOT to improve scores over a three year period- then they decline to about the public school average. Most vouchers supplement large tuition fees and make little difference in where students go. I you cant afford a private school [ In Wheeling the can cost up to $8k/year] a modest voucher is not going to change your choices.

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Mar-04-13 12:33 PM

In Ohio, underprivileged public school students were the biggest beneficiaries of school choice competition. After school choice was introduced, their achievement improved more than even the school choice students who were reported to be more privileged.

At about $12,000 per year per student that WV public school systems spend, it makes a lot of sense to let private schools into the picture when they spend about half that amount for better student achievement results.

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Mar-04-13 12:17 PM

West Virginia spends more per student than all but 4 other states. Someone is benefitting from all this money, but it is not student achievement. Studies show that competition from school choice vouchers that follow the student, becomes the low cost motivation that finally gets the public schools to improve student achievement by 20% to 27% on average. One public school in Florida improved student achievement by 69% after such a system was introduced. School Choice is the Right Choice.

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Mar-04-13 11:55 AM

Every new governor has their ways to help public school education in this state, and none of them work. One of the highest dropout rates in the country, while the teacher's union(s) keep the teachers pockets lined.

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Mar-04-13 7:02 AM


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Mar-04-13 7:00 AM

letting county boards decide will fix this.tomblin hasn't heard that they all have their favorites.

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