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Layoff Count At 22

Benwood officials expect plant to close

February 2, 2013

BENWOOD — Employees of the AZZ Galvanizing plant in Benwood met armed security guards as they arrived for work Thursday, Police Chief Frank Longwell said, noting the guards notified workers their......

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Feb-02-13 1:39 AM

Unfortunately another victim of George Bush's (sic) failed economic policies. When will it end?

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Feb-02-13 7:40 AM

Armed guards to announce a layoff? Really? Something is very wrong with this picture.

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Feb-02-13 7:45 AM

Shades of the Pinkertons! Which side are you on, boys?

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Feb-02-13 7:55 AM

GDP went NEGATIVE in the 4th quarter and 169,000 people LEFT the job market in January 2012.

And that was BEFORE the Payroll tax restoration has had it full effect.

Need MORE proof the country is BACK in a recession?

Thanks Opie.

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Feb-02-13 9:45 AM

It could be that the IRS froze the bank account. Many small businesses are constantly harassed by bullies in the tax department. Tax reform is needed, but to say that this closure is in any way connected to the President of the United States is ludicrous at best.

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Feb-02-13 10:14 AM

Really still blaming Bush? just how long is that 1 going to play for. Try the dumb*** thats says hes leading now "from behind" is not leading and he couldnt run a book store or pencil counter.

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Feb-02-13 10:21 AM

I wonder if the employees had any warning of this layoff coming. Even if not told in advance. I worked for a fine company for 6yrs, when the signs of it going down showed up in 2008.The Govt. caused housing bubble..the same signs that anyone who thinks looks for..2009 came and it closed. I's still amazed at some who were surprised...we don't have a housing bubble now, but we do have a US Dollar bubble. Which is causing the stock market bubble to form.

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Feb-02-13 11:10 AM

Sorry TD, I was using sarcasm. now we have to figure out what the "disagrees" and "agrees" meant. LOL

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Feb-02-13 11:36 AM

Government caused, IRS caused. I don't know. But-- There at least 22 out of work. I am sure all have bills, payments, etc. You can blame Bush, Obama or whoever. They are still out of work.

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Feb-02-13 12:13 PM

****has 36 plants, did they ALL close down?

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Feb-02-13 12:13 PM


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Feb-02-13 12:50 PM

Dino, td, you dumba&&e&, we will blame Bush for as long as the crisis he created continues. The passage of time doesn't get him off the hook, nor can you kick it down the road to the current President. He's done more good for this country in 4 years than Bush did in 8. Jerks!

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Feb-02-13 12:55 PM

Layoffs in the mfg sector are increasing nationally. Q4 2011 saw a total of 141279 mfg laid off. The Q4 2012 total was 161078.

There were 11,936,000 employed in the mfg sector in December. That dropped to 11,846,000 in January. Both down from an August high of 12,048,000.

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Feb-02-13 1:12 PM

Only a member of the dumb masses would blame a President of the U.S. for this plant closing.

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Feb-02-13 1:44 PM

"Bush for as long as the crisis he created continues"

Please tell us how Bush created "the crisis"?

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Feb-02-13 4:06 PM

@ IMPACT...What kind of drugs are YOU on.OBUMMer is nothing but a WORTHLESS clown... He doesnt give a rats behind about the American people. I suppose you know that he spent OVER 2 BILLION dollars of OUR tax dollars for the vacation that he and his FAMILY and FRIENDS last June..AND that he had a special jet fly his flea bitten mutt to Marthas Vineyards to be with the OBUMMERS,, Who in the*****do you think paid for all of that? OBUMMER is a WASTE of a human being. He has done ZERO for this ONCE great country.

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Feb-02-13 4:14 PM

Imphat, if an ounce of brains were equal to a mile of string, you would not have enough to floss your tooth!

There are 8.8 MILLION fewer people working today than when Nobama took office.

The population of the country INCREASED about 10 million during that time adding another 8 million potential workers to the work force.

If you used the same numbers for Obama that were used during the Bush administration, the real unemployment rate is 14.4%.

GDP SHRANK 0.1 % = RECESSION is BACK, you stupid shat for brains!

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Feb-02-13 4:31 PM


24/7 Wall Street:

For many retailers, the sales situation is so bad that it is not a question of whether they will cut stores, but when and how many. Most recently, Barnes & Noble Inc. (BKS) decided it had too many stores to maintain profits. Its CEO recently said he plans to close as many as a third of the company’s locations.

BEST BUY: The holiday season was rough for Best Buy Co. Inc. (BBY). Same-store sales declined by 1.4% year-over-year, with international stores posting a 6.4% decline while U.S. same-store sales were flat.

Companywide, the electronics retailer reported that holiday revenue had declined to $12.8 billion

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Feb-02-13 4:33 PM


24/7 Wall Street:

Both Sears and Kmart have been going down the tubes for a long-time, steadily losing their middle-income shoppers to retailers such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) and Target Corp. (TGT). Sears Holdings Corp.’s (SHLD) same-store sales have declined for six years.

In the most recent year, same-store sales at the namesake franchise fell by 1.6% and at Kmart by 3.7%, compared to the year-ago period. The company is already in the process of downsizing its brick-and-mortar presence.

In 2012, Sears announced it was shutting 172 stores..

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Feb-02-13 4:36 PM

J.C. Penney has gone through a rough stretch recently. In the most recent quarter, same-store sales fell by 26.1% compared to the year-ago period. Even Internet sales, which are increasing significantly across the retail sector, have taken a turn for the worst, falling 37.3% in the third quarter, compared to the prior year. J.C. Penney sales have taken a turn for the worst since former Apple Inc. (AAPL) retail chief Ron Johnson took the helm at the company.

. Office Depot plans to relocate or downsize as many as 500 locations and close at least 20 stores. In the third quarter of 2012, the company closed four stores in the United States, and same-store sales were down by 4% year-over-year.

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Feb-02-13 4:37 PM

The move by customers away from print books toward digital books has hurt Barnes & Noble Inc. (BKS). Same-store sales during the nine-week holiday season fell by 8.2% year-over-year. The bookseller has tried to offset the declines in physical book sales with its Nook e-book reader device, but sales of that device fell 13% compared to the previous year.

In November, just as the holiday season was in full swing, GameStop Corp. (GME) announced it would close 200 stores in 2013. The video game retailer, hurt by growth in mobile gaming at the expense of console gaming platforms, had a 4.6% year-over-year decrease in revenue, as well as a 4.4% decline in comparable-store sales over the nine-week holiday period

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Feb-02-13 4:39 PM

OfficeMax, like rival office-supply stores such as Staples and Office Depot, has been hit hard by both online competition and lower sales for technology products such as personal computers.

In the third quarter of 2012, OfficeMax reported that same-store sales in the U.S. fell by 2.6%. Midway through the fourth-quarter of 2011, the company announced that it would seek to close 15 to 20 stores every year for the next five years.

Earlier this month, RadioShack’s long-term prospects as a viable company took another hit when its partnership with Target ended after neither side could come up with a mutually beneficial deal. The company had operated mobile kiosks at 1,500 Target locations across the country. Shares of the consumer electronics company are down by roughly 68% over the past year.

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Feb-02-13 4:41 PM

SOOOOOO Liberal Rocket Scientists, tell us who IS DOING GREAT in this OBAMA GREAT DEPRESSION????

Are we still going to be hearing this BLAME BUSH LIE for ANOTHER 4 {bleeping} Years, you Azzwipe Cretins???

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Feb-02-13 4:44 PM


GPs are to be forced to hand over confidential records on all their patients’ drinking habits, waist sizes and illnesses. The files will be stored in a giant information bank that privacy campaigners say represents the ‘biggest data grab in NHS history’. They warned the move would end patient confidentiality and hand personal information to third parties. Data grab: Doctors will be forced to hand over sensitive information about patients as part of a new programme called Everyone Counts but campaigners have criticised the move The data includes weight, cholesterol levels, body mass index, pulse rate, family health history, alcohol consumption and smoking status. Diagnosis of everything from cancer to heart disease to mental illness would be covered. Family doctors will have to pass on dates of birth, postcodes and NHS numbers. Officials insisted the personal information would be made anonymous and deleted after analysis.

Read more: ***********

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Feb-02-13 4:51 PM

Obama wants to control what you eat and how much:

The Obama administration proposed regulations Friday that would prohibit U.S. schools from selling unhealthy snacks.

The 160-page regulation from the Department of Agriculture (USDA) would enact nutrition standards for "competitive" foods not included in the official school meal.

In practice, the proposed rules would replace traditional potato chips with baked versions and candy with granola. Regular soda is out, though high-schoolers may have access to diet versions.

Read more: *******thehill****/blogs/healthwatch/nutrition/280613-soda-candy-out-under-proposed-school-snack-rules#ixzz2JmUIZrzW Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

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