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Antero to Spend $1.65 Billion Here

Company proceeding with drilling operations

February 2, 2013

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — Denver-based Antero Resources plans to spend $1.65 billion this year, fracking wells and producing natural gas in Ohio’s Utica Shale and West Virginia’s Marcellus Shal....

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Feb-02-13 9:08 AM

Lots of arm waving and TALK of spending big $$$ but my "takeaway" from this article is that they are drilling ONE well that is not completed yet in Monroe county.



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Feb-02-13 10:02 AM

Went to WalMart in St. Clairsville after dinner -- around 8:30 -- Friday night to buy some Super Bowl chicken wings.

Was amazed at the number of pipeline workers in the huge store. They owned the place, figuratively speaking. If I saw 20 guys I saw 100, all still in their dirty outdoor wear with the big, hightop boots, but more importantly: spending LARGE ON EVERYTHING.

I was impressed that so many (mostly young) guys have solid jobs with good wages.

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Feb-02-13 11:44 AM

Strange that "billions" supposedly have been spent in the area yet I've yet to see one red cent

And all that I've seen is my roads getting WORSE, my taxes getting HIGHER and thousands of drillers and pipe liners who don't pay ANY taxes or license and insure their vehicles yet use OUR schools and roads and county services!

Then you have counties RAISING property taxes on those of us that don't get a DIME from these gypsies!

If all this money ISN'T going to lower or ELIMINATE our taxes then where is it going?

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Feb-02-13 1:35 PM

Unc, sounds like the sour grapes of someone that didn't get a payment, begrudging those that did, Someone that doesnp't work in a store or restaurant or other business that benefits from those wages and the cash influx from the leases.

In other words, the typical parasite whiner found so often in the Valley.

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Feb-02-13 4:45 PM

Botoxicboy is likely telling the truth for a change, but just proves my point.

When the TEMP jobs are down, what is left will be a few thousand permanent jobs, handful of landowner millionaires (who will leave the area for nicer climates), and another bunch of holes in the ground.

The Gas Biz will NEVER produce the number of jobs that steel or coal did in the day.

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Feb-02-13 5:06 PM

The Earth has been getting warmer -- but how much of that heat is due to greenhouse gas emissions and how much is due to natural causes?

A leaked report by a United Nations’ group dedicated to climate studies says that heat from the sun may play a larger role than previously thought.

“[Results] do suggest the possibility of a much larger impact of solar variations on the stratosphere than previously thought, and some studies have suggested that this may lead to significant regional impacts on climate,” reads a draft copy of a major, upcoming report from the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The man who leaked the report, StopGreenSuicide blogger Alec Rawls, told FoxNews**** that the U.N.’s statements on solar activity were his main motivation for leaking the document.

'The main premises and conclusions of the IPCC story line have been undercut by the IPCC itself.' - StopGreenSuicide blogger Alec Rawls

“The public needs to know now how the main

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Feb-02-13 7:52 PM

It's true what wraith says about the number of gas/oil/pipe jobs. There will likely NOT be a workforce of 20,000 as prior to 1980, but then again the OV has lost -- what? -- 10,000 in population? since those glory days. See what I'm driving at?

Uncommon I totally agree. The roads deteriorate as quickly as they are repaired. More noticeable now in winter because of the freeze/thaw cycle. And, property taxes are a serious issue. The logic that assessors use is that values increase overall when massive capitalization occurs in industry. The thinking is that if you own a house next door to a billion dollar gas processing pad then your house has appreciated by osmosis! I can sort-of accept the logic. BUT: the assessor and the County Commission should LOWER THE MIL RATE on private property rather than reap unearned profits.

The Marshall County Board of Education is the most the grievous of abusers in this area.

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Feb-03-13 11:08 PM

"The Marshall County Board of Education is the most the grievous of abusers in this area." Just another example how our system rewards incompetency.

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Feb-04-13 4:01 PM

Basically, nothing much has changed in over a century. Appalachia has always been and will always be an economic colonial "sacrifice zone". Yes, we are rich in natural resources, and there are a few people who stand to make a lot of money. But at what cost? "I don't mind being poor, but I do mind being poisoned."Judy Bonds

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Aug-09-14 10:01 PM

I am all for economic development, but not at the cost of the environment. Renewable resources exist that can take the place of oil and coal.

The industry statistics about methane being more environmentally friendly than coal are true; even though its ability to trap heat in the atmosphere is 80 times that of the co2 from burning fossil fuels.

A methane leakage rate from drilling, transportation, storage and movement of natural gas to its final destination, if held under 3%, will cause less harm to the environment than co2.

What the fracking/natural gas industry does not tell you is that the average leakage rate is around 14%, often higher. This amounts to an environmental catastrophe. The industry is hiding all this so they can get rich. And they seem to ignore the health consequences of those persons who live near fracking sites.

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