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There’s Another Side On Forced Pooling

March 8, 2015 Editor, News-Register: I write in support of legislation — House Bill 2688 — working its way through the legislative process in Charleston that would expand West Virginia’s pooling statute to includ... more »»

Legislature Should Pass Pooling Bill

March 8, 2015 Editor, News-Register: The West Virginia Legislature has a tremendous opportunity this session to create more jobs, collect more in local and state taxes, and reduce the environmental impact of the... more »»

Don’t Kill Solar Power in W.Va.

March 8, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Governor Tomblin should stop the Legislature’s attempt to strangle the West Virginia solar industry by vetoing HB220. more »»

Make Suspension Bridge an Attraction

March 8, 2015 Editor, News-Register: When I first read that a cable had snapped on our beloved Suspension Bridge, I feared that this might be the beginning of another Bellaire Bridge type incident, but I’m glad t... more »»

Explaining Concealed Firearms Proposal

March 8, 2015 Editor, News-Register: There has been a lot of talk lately about West Virginia Senate Bill 347, which would allow law-abiding West Virginia citizens age 18 or older to carry a concealed handgun... more »»

Don’t Allow Charter Schools in W.Va.

March 8, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Beware of charter schools. My friends in West Virginia, please contact your legislators and tell them to vote NO on profit schools in your state. more »»

Supporting Neither Republicans Nor Israel

March 8, 2015 Editor, News-Register: For about 50 years I’ve been on Israel’s side, but now they’re teaming up with the Republicans against our president, just because he’s black? Just because he’s black?... more »»

Dog Racing Benefits Wheeling

March 6, 2015 Editor, News-Register: The demise of Wheeling: On the response of the articles on “Ending Dog Racing,” I wonder why officials of the city and state would want to rid the city of one of the only... more »»

Curb Alcohol Abuse in W.Va.

March 6, 2015 Abuse of drugs such as painkiller pills and heroin is taking a terrible toll in West Virginia. Thousands of lives have been ruined or ended prematurely during the epidemic. more »»

Clinton Broke Rules On Transparency

March 6, 2015 Liberal critics of a continuing investigation of the Sept. more »»

Protecting Water in W.Va.

March 5, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Water has always been at the heart of the Christian faith and heritage. more »»

Mineral Rights Owners Are at a Disadvantage

March 1, 2015 Editor, News-Register: As usual, the greed of producers in “mineral forced pooling” overshadows reason, resulting in the complete sacrifice of a mineral owners’ right. more »»

Prevailing Wage Law Is Good for W.Va.

March 1, 2015 Editor, News-Register: On behalf of over 400 businesses involved with our Association who competitively bid on projects both public and private in West Virginia and who have expressed to their newl... more »»

Workers Made Mistake In Electing Republicans

March 1, 2015 Editor, News-Register: The lead article in today’s paper, “Thousands Rally at State Capitol,” is quite interesting! I’m surprised that this Republican newspaper actually printed it! As far as I can... more »»

Political Correctness Harming Our Nation

March 1, 2015 Editor, News-Register: In our attempts to avoid offending anyone, we are offending ourselves. We don’t say what we oppose or really feel for fear of being called prejudicial, biased or insensitive. more »»

Newspaper Delivery Man Is Appreciated

March 1, 2015 Editor, News-Register: The residents of Sugar Lane in Bethlehem would like to pay recognition to our newspaper delivery person, Bud Clark. more »»

West Liberty President Capehart Is Defended

March 1, 2015 Editor, News-Register: I was intrigued and began following the career of Robin C. Capehart long before we became acquainted through our tennis-playing wive. more »»

Right to Work Law Wrong for Our State

March 1, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Right to work and prevailing wage repeal are part of an ongoing radical agenda to destroy workers’ rights and squeeze every dime out the middle class possible. more »»

Prevailing Wage Good for W.Va.

February 27, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Misleading the public about prevailing wage: Unfortunately we have media outlets like this newspaper and Bray Cary that cherry pick and report false information for pure... more »»

Think About Gun Laws

February 26, 2015 Editor, News-Register: For your information, dear people, it is legal to open carry in West Virginia without out any training, so why should we get up in arms if that same person puts his gun in hi... more »»

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