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School Board Right On New Superintendent

May 15, 2016 Editor, News-Register: This letter was written and submitted for publication prior to Tuesday’s Board of Education election. Space considerations prevented it from running. more »»

BOE 3’ Criticized, Vargo Gets Praise

May 15, 2016 Editor, News-Register: This is going back a few issues but, kudos to the editor when he previously wrote that it’s time to move on in the Ohio County school system. This is true in more ways than one. more »»

Medical Marijuana, New Energy Are Keys

May 15, 2016 Editor, News-Register: There are two progressive movements surging across these United States. West Virginia — Wheeling in particular — can ride the crests, or can be rolled under the tsunami. more »»

Keep Healthy Balance Between Coal, Gas

May 15, 2016 Editor, News-Register: In your recent article “Cracker Project Director: Don’t Burn off Ethane,” the foolhardiness of the concept of the natural gas power plant in Marshall County is exposed. more »»

Marshall Board Race Explained

May 8, 2016 Editor, News-Register: Another election year has rolled around and once again I am writing to you in hopes that you will publish my letter regarding the school board race in Marshall County. more »»

Vote to Fight Liberal Agenda

May 8, 2016 Editor, News-Register: This election we are facing is crucial to the wellbeing of this country. We must release that hate and animosity we feel in this election and focus on how to fix what is broken. more »»

Officials Should Serve People

May 8, 2016 Editor, News-Register: Too late to close the barn doors. The cows are out and the fences are down. Once again, it’s election time. Our politicians are looking for votes. more »»

Endorsements Controversial

May 8, 2016 Editor, News-Register: Recently, two very prominent and quite controversial sports icons, namely former collegiate basketball coach Bobby Knight and former professional heavyweight boxing champion... more »»

Keep Brutal Killer in Prison

May 8, 2016 Editor, News-Register: Leslie Van Houten, a member of the Charles Manson gang that murdered six innocent people in their homes, wants to be paroled from prison. more »»

Use the WV Abbreviation

May 8, 2016 Editor, News-Register: How many of you have been on vacation, or just out of the area, talked with someone and told them you were from West Virginia? And they thought you meant the western part of... more »»

Worry About Food in Future

May 6, 2016 Editor, News-Register: In less than 10 years, in the year 2025, the United States will be no longer an exporter or goods to a starving world. more »»

‘Bean Polls’ on Energy Sought Local Opinions

May 1, 2016 Editor, News-Register: On April 20 two “Bean Polls,” called that because opinions were expressed by placing dried beans in jars, were conducted at West Liberty University’s Environmental Education... more »»

WVNCC Thanked For Hosting Forums

May 1, 2016 Editor, News-Register: On April 25 and 26, I had the privilege of attending forums for the mayoral, city council, and board of education candidates in Ohio County. more »»

W.Va. Should Enact Restroom Law, Too

May 1, 2016 Editor, News-Register: I am writing against the “Gender Bender Law,” or LGBT ordinance, or discrimination based on sexual preference and gender identity. more »»

Save Aetnaville Bridge; People Rely on It

May 1, 2016 Editor, News-Register: I’m writing to bring up an injustice facing the local area, the recent closure of the Aetnaville Bridge on Wheeling Island. more »»

Educating Americans For Real-World Jobs

May 1, 2016 Editor, News-Register: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders may represent different political perspectives in America, and different solutions, but supporters of both candidates recognize the same... more »»

Want a Job? Try Dressing for Success

May 1, 2016 Editor, News-Register: This past week my wife and I observed the participants seeking applications for employment at the job fair held at the Ohio Valley Mal. more »»

What He Wishes Candidates Had Said

May 1, 2016 Editor, News-Register: After hearing the four mayoral candidates express their plans for a better Wheeling — Monday night at the Northern Community College in the B&O building — I yearned for a fift... more »»

School Officials Right To Increase Tax Rate

May 1, 2016 Editor, News-Register: I read with disappointment your April 20, editorial, “Tax Increase Is Premature. more »»

Don’t Let It Influence Vote

April 29, 2016 Editor, News-Register: I just wanted to state an opinion of mine as a member of the Ohio County Fire Board. more »»

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