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‘Drug’ Problem That Helped

September 28, 2014 Editor, News-Register: This came across my desk a few days ago, and I thought, this is an amazing article everyone should see. more »»

Serving All West Virginians

September 26, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Recently it was reported that West Virginia will experience a $100 million budget shortfall next yea. more »»

Clarifying Comment

September 24, 2014 Editor, News-Register: I am writing in response to being quoted on Friday, Sept. 19, in the article on the common core curriculu. more »»

Work Together in Government

September 24, 2014 Editor, News-Register: It is no wonder that much of the country considers W.Va. to be populated by rubes. more »»

Car Club Thanks Sponsors

September 23, 2014 Editor, News-Register: The members of the Ohio Valley Street Survivors Car Club would like to thank the following sponsors of our recent Good Zoo Benefit Car Show for all of their help in making our... more »»

School Personnel, Students Are Praised

September 21, 2014 Editor, News-Register: This letter goes out to the WPHS Class of 2014 and Ohio County Schools (faculty and administration of Elm Grove Elementary, Middle Creek Elementary, Bridgestreet, and Wheeling... more »»

Fort Henry Days Group Says Thanks

September 21, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Labor Day weekend saw the largest group of Revolutionary War and Native American re-enactors in recent memory that gathered at Site 1 in Oglebay Park for the 15th annual Fort... more »»

Officer Can’t Get Fair Trial

September 19, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Regarding the Missouri shooting incident: The so-called governor of Missouri wanted “a vigorous prosecution” of the office. more »»

Electric Bills Going Up

September 18, 2014 Editor, News-Register: If you’ve received your electric bill this month, be sure to read inserts. more »»

Keep the Buses Rolling

September 18, 2014 Editor, News-Register: After reading of the brass in Benwood on the bus at 11:20 in the afternoon ... more »»

Drillers Were Kind To Arizona Couple

September 14, 2014 Editor, News-Register: My husband and I travelled to Pittsburgh for 10 days to care for my 83-year-old mother who was having surgery. Upon our return home to Arizona on Sept. more »»

Geese Protected, But They’re a Nuisance

September 14, 2014 Editor, News-Register: What would we think if people went about relieving themselves and leaving their waste behind in our public parks, beaches and even on our personal and private lands? Or, to... more »»

Thompson’s Stances On Miners Criticized

September 14, 2014 Editor, News-Register: I would like to address a recent letter supporting Andy Thompson. The writer states no one has stood up for coal more than Thompson, but fails to mention anything he has done. more »»

Manchin Right About Export-Import Bank

September 14, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia is about to become the hero of the troubled coal industry. more »»

Citizens Important In Monitoring Drillers

September 14, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Your editorial in the Sunday paper, “Require Drillers to Obey the Law,” really doesn’t give the full story and therefore draws the wrong conclusions. more »»

Cheerleaders Who Compete Are Praised

September 14, 2014 Editor, News-Register: I no longer snicker at the idea of cheerleading as a sport. First of all, it’s not called cheerleading but “competitive cheerleading. more »»

Some Politicians Listen to Concerns

September 14, 2014 Editor, News-Register: I am a licensed massage therapist. With this license issued me by the Ohio Board of Medicine, I have the legal right to do “manual therapy. more »»

‘Fair Tax’ Proposal Deserves Support

September 14, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Recent headlines and editorials have finally made Americans aware of something that has been happening for many years — American companies moving their corporate headquarters... more »»

Real Crisis Lack of Leadership

September 12, 2014 Editor, News-Register: I read with dismay recently that in response to low voter turnout in Los Angeles, the Ethics Commission voted to recommend that City Council explore creating a drawing for a... more »»

Control Nation’s Borders

September 11, 2014 Editor, News-Register: In a letter to the editor Sunday, Aug. 31, Richard P. Mullins accused those who are pro-life of hypocrisy if they want our borders protected. more »»

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