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The voting people of Bridgeport have spoken

November 9, 2013 The people of Bridgeport have spoken. It’s time to get on to business and put the political bull aside. Mr. Mayor, apparently the people of Bridgeport like what these councilmen and woman are doing. more »»

Washington is broken and needs fixing ... now

November 9, 2013 He was not supposed to be a typical politician! Well, how has that worked out for us? Lets see, “No one making less than $250,000 will see a tax increase!” LIE! “Not one dime will be added to... more »»

Mail for Our Military Praises Local College

November 3, 2013 Editor, News-Register: As we prepare for the upcoming Christmas mail campaign, Mail for Our Military would like to extend special thanks to West Virginia Northern Community College in Wheeling,... more »»

Government in Need Of Professional Help

November 3, 2013 Editor, News-Register: When my siblings and I fought over a toy, often the parental solution was simply to first remove the to. more »»

President Waged War on Ormet, Too

November 3, 2013 Editor, News-Register: I was recently laid off from Ormet. While working there I found it amazing how few could look at the reality of what was going on under their nose. more »»

Why Didn’t Obama Call Fired ACA Worker?

November 3, 2013 Editor, News-Register: Where's the phone call, Mr. more »»

Jefferson JVS Levy Support Is Urged

November 3, 2013 Editor, News-Register: The Ohio School Boards Association strongly encourages residents to vote for Jefferson County Joint Vocational School District’s 1-mill levy on Nov. 5. more »»

Concussions aren’t limited to only football

November 2, 2013 This week the National Academy of Sciences released a report entitled “Sports-Related Concussions in Yout. more »»

Facts are stubborn things, Mr. President

November 2, 2013 The mainstream media say Republicans are doing poorly in the polls for trying to delay Obamacare and negotiate for less debt. more »»

Lace Up for Kids A Success This Year

October 27, 2013 Editor, News-Register: Another successful year of Lace Up For Kids comes to a clos. more »»

Don’t Levy New Tax On All-Terrain Vehicles

October 27, 2013 Editor, News-Register: A recent article was written on ATV registration. Some claim it is needed to control trespassers, troublemakers and irresponsible owner/operators. more »»

Unions Help Resolve Income Inequality

October 27, 2013 Editor, News-Register: Sitting in a rocking chair on the porch, maybe do a little traveling around the country, visiting family and friends. more »»

Criticism on shelter not justified or appreciated

October 26, 2013 The Belmont County Animal Shelter is open 365 days per year, closed to the public on county holiday. more »»

Republicans’ criticism of progress never stops

October 26, 2013 Remember President Bill Clinton? He gave us budget surpluses. We had surpluses “as far as the eye could see.” Then George Bush came along. President Bush gave us tax cuts for the wealthy. more »»

Rethinking the U.S. System of Government

October 20, 2013 Editor, News-Register: All sentient beings know that power corrupts, but life on our sublime blue planet conjures up only two democratic models: 1.) British parliamentary; and, 2. more »»

Profits at Heart of Gas Exporting Strategy

October 20, 2013 Editor, News-Register: Regarding Sept. 12 article “Dominion Is Cleared To Export,” I’m thankful the U.S. Dept. more »»

Capito’s Social Security Position Is Criticized

October 20, 2013 Editor, News-Register: This is from the Oct. 30, 2002 Wall Street Journal: “... Ms. Capito shares the dilemma of many GOP candidates this year. more »»

Justice Missing Under Obama Administration

October 20, 2013 Editor, News-Register: JUSTICE!!!!???? Your printed article by Michelle Malkin, entitled “911 Justice Delayed Too Long,” hit me between the eyes, so to speak. more »»

Not Everyone Was Evacuated From Kent

October 20, 2013 Editor, News-Register: I was disturbed by reports that the residents of Kent, near Natrium (location of Blue River gas processing facility) had been evacuated during the fire emergency on Sept. . more »»

Washington Avenue Change No Surprise

October 20, 2013 Editor, News-Register: The change in the building code on Washington Avenue did not surprise me one bit. If anyone comes along with enough money, you can get almost any code changed. more »»

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