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Stopping Atrocities Related to Abortions

July 19, 2015 Editor, News-Register: I must put into writing today how I feel after hearing that Planned Parenthood is not only killing babies by abortions but also selling body parts from the aborted babies. more »»

Lack of Regard For Public Opinion Cited

July 19, 2015 As an informed and involved parent, educator, school volunteer, and community member, I would like to express my disappointment with the Ohio County Schools Board of Education. more »»

Missing Meetings Not Good Representation

July 19, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Social and news media forums are abuzz with the seemingly outlandish idea that the Ohio County Board of Education has recently voted to limit participation to those members... more »»

Traubert’s Pharmacy Employees Praised

July 19, 2015 For nearly 70 years, the Wellsburg Garden Club has been beautifying Wellsburg. As the city has evolved, so has the Garden Club. more »»

Budget Balanced By Ignoring Real Needs

July 12, 2015 Editor, News-Register: On the third page of the Wheeling paper last week, in the upper left hand corner of the page, there was an article that noted West Virginia had ended their year in the “blac. more »»

Accountability, Not Police, the Problem

July 12, 2015 Editor, News-Register: The real problem isn’t police brutality. more »»

Proud of Country, But Still Concerned

July 12, 2015 Editor, News-Register: All about love and patriotism: I was sitting on my patio and just enjoying the nice morning, cool air, birds singing and the busy highway — people going to or from wor. more »»

Automated Political Calls Cause Animosity

July 12, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Open letter to all political robocallers: You have created a conundrum. I think we should all be thanking you for helping us make a serious decision. more »»

Pleased With Staff, Experience at OVMC

July 12, 2015 Editor, News-Register: This summer, I learned I was going to need surgery. Being a teenager and having the young, “invincible” attitude, I was not prepared. more »»

‘Nightmare’ on Elm Run Story Misleading

July 12, 2015 Editor, News-Register: In response to the article titled, “Nightmare on Elm Run” which appeared Saturday, June 27 in The Intelligencer: As a son of the owner of one of the properties mentioned in... more »»

Presidents Need Good Advisers for the Job

July 12, 2015 Editor, News-Register: The 2016 presidential campaign is well underway, even though it’s about a year too early. The name-calling, mud-slinging and lying has started. more »»

Rethinking Legend Of Stonewall Jackson

July 5, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Now that a national consensus has been reached about the official display of the Stars & Bars, the public debate is now shifting to other reminders of what are considered... more »»

Gentile Praised For Stance on Funding

July 5, 2015 Editor, News-Register: On behalf of the Yorkville-Tiltonsville-Rayland coalition, we write in strong support of Senator Lou Gentile’s efforts to restore funding to our local communities and schools,... more »»

Fracking, Pipelines Raise Many Questions

July 5, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Do fracking and pipelines scare you? I read about the dangers. more »»

Country Lost An Outstanding Man

July 5, 2015 Editor, News-Register: With the recent passing of Joseph Beau Biden, who succumbed to brain cancer at the age of 46, the family of Vice-President Joe Biden has experienced another unspeakable ... more »»

We Should Give America Back to God

July 5, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Give America Back To God I wonder what God thinks of the world toda. more »»

Keep Prevailing Wage Law

July 3, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Senate Bill 361 (SB361), the Prevailing Wage bill designed and voted into law on party lines by our new political leadership, assigned WorkForce West Virginia, in partnership... more »»

Government Stifles Better Technology

June 28, 2015 Editor, News-Register: The sun is not shining on the “Green. more »»

George Washington Right About Freedom

June 28, 2015 Editor, News-Register: George Washington’s First Inaugural Address contains wisdom totally consonant with that expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. more »»

Claire Swanson Had A Distinguished Life

June 28, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Many may be interested in lengthy articles concerning Cuba, fine arts; new owners of an established business, a guy who uses “all the crayons”; another with 15 minutes of fame. more »»

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