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Helping the Poor in W.Va.

August 4, 2015 Editor, News-Register: The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston has been delighted with the impact of the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) upon the families of hard-working West Virginians, placin... more »»

Policies Can Result In ‘Financial Slavery’

August 2, 2015 Editor, News-Register: As the regions only stand alone interventional pain clinic, my staff and I get to see our very own reality moments. more »»

Think About Who’s Paying for Subsidies

August 2, 2015 Editor, News-Register: I heard a cheer from many that the subsidies for the Affordable Care Act were continue. more »»

Social Security Is Not an ‘Entitlement’

August 2, 2015 Editor, News-Register: I would like to say a few words about the politicians who are calling Social Security an entitlement program. more »»

Taxpayers Helped Exxon Subsidiary With Bridge

August 2, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Exxon Mobil Corp. more »»

Men on Ohio County School Board Criticized

August 2, 2015 Editor, News-Register: It is obviously clear that the “no women” club has continued its move within the Ohio County Board of Education. more »»

Getting Students Interested in Science

August 2, 2015 Editor, News-Register: I have been a participant in several West Virginia science fairs hosted by West Liberty University and Fairmont State University. more »»

Manchin Becoming An Eastern Liberal

August 2, 2015 Editor, News-Register Senator Joe Manchin has slowly been losing his more conservative shell in favor of an Obama soft-coat. more »»

Mayor Callarik Praised by Resident

August 2, 2015 Editor, News-Register: I want to send a big THANK YOU to Mayor Callarik from the Village of Bridgeport. more »»

Bring Back Old-Style Country Musicians

August 2, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Bring back the old country music. The singers dressed neatly and you could understand what they were singing. more »»

Leadership Training Being Offered Free

August 2, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Getting involved in your community can be intimidating, but it is something every American should take full advantage of. more »»

Don’t Let United Nations Dictate to Us

August 2, 2015 Editor, News-Register: I need to reply to the letter to the editor in Sunday’s, June 21st edition from a Californian applauding the EPA Coal Crackdown. The address of Berkeley, Calif. more »»

Pope Is Correct About Climate Change

August 2, 2015 Editor, News-Register:- Hopefully, our senators and representatives will have time to read the encyclical, “Ladato Si”, of Pope Francis. more »»

Studies on Gas, Health Flawed

July 31, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Last week the newspaper reported on a new study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University, which attributed natural gas development to increase... more »»

Assessor Explains Valuation Process

July 26, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Mr. Mike Myer recently wrote in the Wheeling Intelligencer about reading a book concerning southern corrupt politicians in West Virginia and was sickened by what he had read. more »»

Obama Abuses Not Approved by Congress

July 26, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Mike Myer’s opinion column in the July 4 Intelligencer was correct historically and currenly and right on the mark. A truly brilliant piece of work. more »»

Cook-Off Officials Grateful for Support

July 26, 2015 Editor, News-Register: The 2015 Ohio Valley Rib & Chicken Cook-Off Festival is history and plans are underway for the 2016 even. more »»

Football Gets Priority Over Crime of Rape

July 26, 2015 Editor, News-Register: In regards to the Trent Mays rape case: Football trumps rape ... again. Need I say more? William Patsche St. more »»

Obamacare Liked, Utilized by Many

July 19, 2015 Editor, News-Register: Although the Affordable Care Act, which is also commonly referred to as Obamacare, continues to be vilified and demagogued by Republicans/conservatives, who have... more »»

Stopping Atrocities Related to Abortions

July 19, 2015 Editor, News-Register: I must put into writing today how I feel after hearing that Planned Parenthood is not only killing babies by abortions but also selling body parts from the aborted babies. more »»

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