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Meniere’s Disease And the Face Of Recurrent Vertigo

October 12, 2015 DEAR DR. ROACH: My wife is suffering from Meniere’s disease, a condition that causes, at times, severe vertigo and disorientation. more »»

Semester Abroad Offers Couple A Chance to Grow

October 12, 2015 DEAR ABBY: I am a college sophomore and have been dating my boyfriend, “Evan,” for nearly a year. I am planning to take a semester abroad at the beginning of my junior year. more »»

Pumpkins In Peril? Please, No!

October 11, 2015 We have barely recovered from the shock of learning that fresh turkeys won’t be available locally this Thanksgiving because of a national turkey shortage related to the ongoing avian flu outbreak. more »»

Adopt a ‘Worry-Less’ Approach to Parenting

October 9, 2015 As a student and a teacher, I have faced deadlines. I have pulled the all-nighter. I have crammed. I have stressed. But it wasn’t until I became a parent that I knew true anxiety. more »»

The Wedding That Was ...

October 8, 2015 I can’t believe it’s over! The planning, the sleepless nights, the endless shoe shopping. ... more »»

Organize Your Home One Step at a Time

October 7, 2015 There are many things that help us feel relaxed and stress-free at home. It may be that we exercise and eat healthy most of the time. It may be that our finances are pretty well under control. more »»

Harshman Joins Poets to Celebrate

October 4, 2015 West Virginia Poet Laureate Marc Harshman of Wheeling has been invited to join more than 20 current and former poets laureate from five other states next weekend for an event described as “a... more »»

Full Moon Anecdotally Linked to Odd Behavior

October 2, 2015 I direct a program for young children with autis. more »»

Looking to Clear Up Confusing Pneumonia Vaccine Guidelines

September 28, 2015 DEAR DR. ROACH: I have a question regarding the new pneumonia vaccine Prevnar for my grandmother. She had the Pneumovax 23 in 2012 (she is in her 80s). more »»

Mom Back In Dating Game Moving Fast

September 28, 2015 DEAR ABBY: My mom recently separated from her husband. They’re in the process of getting divorced, and she is already talking to another man. more »»

Banjo Man Captures National Title

September 27, 2015 Steven Moore of St. more »»

Empower the Bystanders to Stop the Cyberbullying

September 25, 2015 In a recently released documentary, “Submit,” the rise of cyberbullying and its many consequences for students are examined. more »»

Texting Etiquette

September 23, 2015 Text messaging is a wonderful thing. It allows all of us to connect with people without long conversations. more »»

Area Efforts Receive Honors

September 20, 2015 Four of this year’s award winners honored by the Preservation Alliance of West Virginia have Northern Panhandle connections. The historic preservation awards were to be presented Saturday night, Sept. more »»

Teacher Asks Students What They Need From Her

September 18, 2015 I had a “passion for teaching,” and all the credible education experts said teachers with a passion for the profession would be a success. more »»

Need a Little Inspiration?

September 16, 2015 As much as I enjoyed writing while growing up, as an adult I could never work solely as a professional writer because of my permanent state of writer’s block. more »»

Civil War Volume Here Now

September 13, 2015 The printed copies of the new book, “Wheeling During the Civil War,” have arrived in the city. more »»

Wheeling Native’s TV Movie to Debut

September 6, 2015 A movie co-written by Wheeling native Preston DeFrancis is set to premiere on the Lifetime television channel at 9 p.m. today, Sept. 6. more »»

Parents’ School Experiences Affect Their Own Kids’ Learning

September 4, 2015 I am a mother. The job description for this position is extensive. I am the finder of everything. I am the social coordinator. more »»

Recognize Auditory Processing Delay in Kids

September 3, 2015 Did you know that your child can have normal hearing but have difficulty decoding and interpreting what they hear? Of course, even the simplest sounds are dependent on awareness and detection. more »»

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