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Grandparents Appreciate Land of the Free

December 26, 2014 Hushed the people’s swelling murmur, Whilst the boy cries joyously; “Ring!” he’s shouting, “ring, grandfather, Ring! Oh, ring for Liberty!” Quickly at the given signal The old bellman lifts his han. more »»

Sister’s Change In Behavior Is Cause for Concern

December 26, 2014 Dear Annie: My 50-something sister, “Denise,” has turned into a hostile, critical person. I visit my family four times a year and have witnessed her angry outbursts firsthand. more »»

Uncle Worries About Nephew Going Nowhere

December 24, 2014 Dear Annie: I am a concerned uncle at an impasse. I have a young adult nephew who seems perfectly content not to go anywhere in life. more »»

Houseplants Need Pest Management

December 24, 2014 Now that winter is here, scale insects have started showing up on my potted citrus tree and some orchids. more »»

Sister Hurt When Loan Not Repaid

December 23, 2014 Dear Annie: Two years ago, my sister called crying that they were going to lose their house. She didn’t realize her husband hadn’t been making the mortgage payment. more »»

Heal Family Rift With Gathering

December 22, 2014 Dear Annie: A few years ago, there was an argument in my husband’s family. Since then, my mother-in-law has stopped having holiday dinners. She invites only one daughter and her family. more »»

Unexplained Weakness May Stay That Way

December 22, 2014 DEAR DR. ROACH: About three years ago, I was walking from the parking lot to church (not a long distance) and was overcome with a feeling of warmth and weakness throughout my body. more »»

Holidays A Time for Peace, Love, Goodwill

December 21, 2014 The winter holidays have arrived, so Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas, readers! In Judaism, candles are lit for eight consecutive nights to symbolize the miracle of one night’s worth of oil lastin... more »»

Tyler County’s Stackpole Recognized For Work

December 14, 2014 Tyler County artist Sharon Lyn Stackpole is receiving international recognition for her outstanding artwork. more »»

Reuse Autumn Leaves to Start a Compost Pile

December 10, 2014 Autumn has come and gone and has left us with some things to ponder: Is this winter going to be as cold and snowy as last year? How long until summer comes again? Just what am I going to do with all... more »»

Shopping, Singing, Splurging On Agenda

December 7, 2014 ’Tis the season for shopping, singing, skating, sipping and splurging! Wheeling area residents were excited by the return, after an absence of a few years, of the Wheeling Symphony’s popular holiday... more »»

Dreaming Of a White Thanksgiving?

November 23, 2014 What is it about Thanksgiving and snow? In some ways, snowstorms and Thanksgiving seem to go together like, well, turkey and stuffing or mashed potatoes and grav. more »»

Thinking Outside the Box Inspires Imagination

November 21, 2014 This article is dedicated to Josiah, who didn’t need a special Cardboard Challenge to think outside the box and see the possibility within the cardboard form. more »»

Let’s Not Forget Thanksgiving

November 16, 2014 With the unveiling of the Winter Festival of Lights at Oglebay Park last week and the Fantasy in Lights parade in downtown Wheeling this week, the holiday season is being launched officially in... more »»

Atticus Finch: A Role Model for All to Admire

November 14, 2014 Each school year, I have the privilege of introducing my students to one of my favorite people. This man puts the “gentle” in gentleman. He speaks carefully and thoughtfully. more »»

Try to Stress Less During The Holidays

November 12, 2014 Holidays are a wonderful time to spend with friends and family. However, decorating, shopping, cooking, baking and traveling often leads to undue stress. more »»

Happy 80th To Yodeling Dick Brooks

November 9, 2014 Most folks would celebrate their 80th birthday with a cake, a special dinner and perhaps a party with family and friends. more »»

Navigating Grief And Dark Days

November 6, 2014 I was driving home from work tonight and noticed the leaves are almost gone and the ones left seem to be losing their vivid color. more »»

What Is Chelation?

November 3, 2014 DEAR DR. ROACH: Would you please comment on chelation therapy? A urine test for mercury, lead and arsenic was done that showed abnormal elevations after I was given DMS. more »»

Short Boy Worries About His Future

November 3, 2014 Dear Annie: I am a 14-year-old high school freshman who is depressed about my future. As a result of my premature birth, I have a heart defect and lung problems and am very small for my age. more »»

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