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Reduce Racing Subsidies Again

March 4, 2015 It should have come as no surprise that a bill intended to get West Virginia out of the greyhound racing business has finished out of the running in Legislature. more »»

Reward Quality In Public Schools

March 4, 2015 President Barack Obama has made it clear he is less interested in Americans doing things better than in doing them his way. That needs to stop, especially in regard to public schools. more »»

Bringing 300 Jobs to Valley

March 3, 2015 With any luck, the old Ormet plant at Hannibal could transition from being the last of the Ohio Valley’s big industrial employers to being the first of a new generation of sites where hundreds of... more »»

Recognize Threat Of Iranian Buildup

March 3, 2015 Americans can never share the same fear Israelis have of a nuclear-armed Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made that clear during a speech Monday in Washingto. more »»

Don’t Encourage School Absences

March 3, 2015 Unless something unexpected happens, West Virginia legislators will make it easier for public school students to skip classes. more »»

Ensure Veterans Can Receive Care

March 3, 2015 One issue — doing right by veterans of military service — erases party lines, as far as many members of Congress are concerned. U.S. Sens. Shelley Capito, R-W.Va., and Joe Manchin, D-W.Va. more »»

Correct State Law Oversights

March 2, 2015 If you are a public school teacher or administrator in West Virginia, there’s an excellent chance you have been told state law requires you to report sexual assaults that occur in school. more »»

Remember Casino Cash Exaggerations

March 2, 2015 Officials in Ohio school districts have wisely ignored the promise of money growing on trees once casinos were allowed in the state. more »»

New Tank Bill Still Protective

March 2, 2015 About 36,000 of the large, above-ground storage tanks regulated for less than a year in West Virginia would be taken off the books if House of Delegates members approve a change suggested during th... more »»

Bishop’s Leadership Has Been Important

March 2, 2015 Wheeling Mayor Andy McKenzie uses his annual State of the City addresses to highlight important milestones in the community. more »»

Stop Letting State Go to the Dogs

March 1, 2015 When a school teacher in West Virginia is laid off, the state’s effort to cushion her fall is limited primarily to unemployment benefits. more »»

Giving Counties Added Flexibility

March 1, 2015 West Virginia’s home rule program has given some cities, including Wheeling, more control over their own affairs. Most participating municipalities have benefited. more »»

Pats on the Back:

March 1, 2015 --To Nicholas Wince of Middlebourne for, as some West Virginia University basketball players put it, motivating them to beat Texas in a game in Morgantown. more »»

Rethink Plan For Magistrates

February 28, 2015 A well-intentioned bill to restructure West Virginia’s magistrate court system should not be approved by the Legislature until a second look is taken at the numbers. more »»

Reconsider Ohio Solid Waste Rules

February 28, 2015 “Nanny state” government costs all of us plenty, all in the name of protecting us from alleged dangers public officials decide we aren’t responsible enough to avoid voluntarily. more »»

View Severance Tax Cautiously

February 27, 2015 When Ohio Gov. John Kasich first proposed increasing severance taxes on oil and natural gas, many legislators balked. Drilling has been a godsend in East Ohio, they pointed out. more »»

Override Obama Veto on Pipeline

February 27, 2015 President Barack Obama can provide no scientifically based specific reason for vetoing a bill to allow construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline — but he has killed the measure anyway. more »»

Many Still Rely On Government

February 27, 2015 West Virginia University took part in the analysis of 50 years’ worth of data on the Appalachian Regional Commission’s impact on the region it was intended to help. more »»

Grant to Benwood Would Aid Growth

February 27, 2015 Benwood officials have a laudable track record of pulling their town up by its own bootstraps, rather than waiting for help from state or federal governments. more »»

Kasich Right On School Aid

February 26, 2015 To judge by what Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Tuesday, state officials should be directing more money to the Switzerland of Ohio school district. more »»

Who’s to Blame For D.C. Gridlock?

February 26, 2015 President Barack Obama blames Republicans for gridlock in government. They just won’t compromise, he claims. more »»

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Carousel of Kindness

February 26, 2015 Contrary to the horror stories abroad and the general apathy here at home, there is no shortage of chivalry and kindness in the world. Just a few examples from my past few days: 1. more »

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