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Enforce Charter School Reforms

October 9, 2015 For a few years, Ohio was something of a wild, wild West of charter schools. Lack of accountability meant serious problems at some of the privately run but publicly funded facilitie. more »»

Recording Heroic Police Officers, Too

October 9, 2015 What would you do if you were a policeman who — fortunately wearing a ballistic vest — had just been shot by a suspect? Remember, the impact of a bullet striking a ballistic vest is severe and... more »»

Manchin-Toomey Bill Merits Debate

October 9, 2015 It would border on the absurd to suggest that a West Virginia senator who owns firearms, hunts with them and once ran a campaign spot featuring him using a rifle to blow a hole in an anti-coal bill... more »»

Be Leery of Talks With the Taliban

October 9, 2015 We Americans seem to be viewed as suckers by many of our enemies. And why not? We strike trust-us deals with an Iranian regime operating under the motto, “Death to America. more »»

Sincerity Not Clinton Value

October 8, 2015 While she was running unsuccessfully for president in 2007-08, Hillary Clinton’s stance on protecting Second Amendment rights was so tough her chief opponent, Barack Obama, accused her of “talking... more »»

Crack Down On Armed Criminals

October 8, 2015 It has become something of a truism among defenders of the Second Amendment: If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. more »»

WVU Plan Will Help Weirton

October 7, 2015 Unlike several other local communities, Weirton has managed to hold on to a substantial segment of the steel industry that once was the foundation of the Ohio Valley’s economy. more »»

Using Immigrants As Political Tools

October 7, 2015 Not since 2006 has the federal government deported more illegal aliens. But then, not since then have Democrat hopes for the presidency been so low. more »»

Information Access Critical

October 6, 2015 Many newspaper journalists will have no trouble believing allegations Murray Energy Corp. is making in a lawsuit against the federal government. more »»

Demand Results For Our Veterans

October 6, 2015 After allowing the Department of Veterans Affairs to go for months without a permanent inspector general, President Barack Obama finally is nominating someone for the post. He is Michael J. more »»

Force Officials To Obey Law

October 5, 2015 This is the United States of America, where the government is not supposed to attempt to intimidate members of the press, use the Internal Revenue Service to harass opponents of the White House,... more »»

Device Can Make School Buses Safer

October 5, 2015 If even half the situations in which motorists pass stopped school buses can be prevented, something very worthwhile will be accomplished: The odds of a child being hit will be reduced dramaticall. more »»

Reject Restriction On Job Applicants

October 5, 2015 If a bill approved — astoundingly, by a 91-1 vote — in the Ohio House of Representatives gets through the state Senate, government employers will be told to stop requiring job applicants to reveal... more »»

Obama, Kerry Rejecting Reality

October 5, 2015 Annoyance registered by U.S. officials at Russian military activity in Syria reminds us of one of many famous lines from the movie “Casablanca. more »»

Fueling Change For Wheeling

October 4, 2015 A feeling of optimism about the future of downtown Wheeling that has not been present for many years is being voiced by many who, both in the private sector and government, have worked to revitaliz... more »»

Retaining Turnpike Tolls to Fund Roads

October 4, 2015 Among ideas being discussed to make more money available for highways in our state is retaining tolls on the West Virginia Turnpike. more »»

Don’t Forget Voter Registration Deadline

October 4, 2015 In addition to the much-publicized marijuana initiative on the November 3 election ballot, Ohio voters will decide hundreds of local questions, including some affecting East Ohio resident. more »»

Don’t Block Breakthrough

October 3, 2015 Fewer than half the students in West Virginia public schools can demonstrate grade-level proficiency in mathematics, according to the state’s own yardstick. more »»

Get Results From Charter Schools

October 3, 2015 Federal officials who awarded Ohio $71 million to expand charter schools said they spotted “no weaknesses” in the state’s application for the mone. more »»

Don’t Hinder Free Enterprise

October 2, 2015 Ohio should not join big cities elsewhere in stifling entrepreneurs, not to mention thousands of state residents who want to earn a few bucks occasionally. more »»

Steubenville Needs Weed Ordinance

October 2, 2015 Weeding out neglected buildings and vacant lots is a constant battle in many communities. It is important for the health and safety of residents, as well as in the interests of economic development. more »»

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September 29, 2015 I can't understand all the fuss over a lack of turkeys for Thanksgiving. There are plenty of turkeys roaming near where I live as you can see by the photos here. more »

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