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Little Miss Obvious

January 19, 2010 - Betsy Bethel
Preschoolers crack me up. They have these expanding vocabularies and these literal ways of thinking that combine for some observations that leave adults scratching their heads and laughing.

I frequently find myself pausing a minute to figure out how my daughter arrived at a particular conclusion, only to realize how much sense her perspective makes! Here are a couple recent examples. Hope you'll share some of yours!

At the Dairy Queen in Bridgeport the other day, nearly 4-year-old Emma grabbed and hugged the plastic Basset hound bank put on the counter to raise money for the Belmont County Animal Shelter.

Me: Oh, look, see his tear? He's crying.

Little Miss Obvious: Why is he crying, Mama?

Me: Because he doesn't have anyplace to live.

Little Miss Obvious: But he lives HERE!

At Wheeling Centre Market's Upper Market House on Saturday, Emma said she had to use the restroom. As we entered the facility ...

Little Miss Obvious: Mom, are you sure this is the bathroom for people?

Me: Um, yes, why?

Little Miss Obvious: Because it has ELEPHANTS on the door!

Sure enough, upon second glance, there were two pink elephants on the door — the logo for the type of baby changing station installed in the bathroom.

Our pastor used another example of a "well, duh!" preschooler conversation during the sermon the other day (fact or fiction, I found it on target).

Little Mr. Obvious was coloring a picture in Sunday school, apart from the other children. The teacher approaches him.

Teacher: "What are you drawing?"

Little Mr. Obvious: "I'm drawing a picture of God."

Teacher: "Well, you know, son, no one really knows what God looks like."

Little Mr. Obvious: "They'll know when I'm done drawing my picture!"

These kinds of conversations take place all day long with preschoolers and the adults who care for them. It's like living in a 24-hour comedy club. I love that their little brains are working overtime. I wish I could record every moment!


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