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buyer beware

January 11, 2010 - Heather Ziegler
I had a downright awful experience at a big box chain store over the weekend. I will advise anyone who uses the self-check out lanes to make sure that there is a clerk there monitoring the situation. If there had not been a clerk watching me put my money into the machine things would have gotten very ugly at this store. I scanned my items, about six bags worth, and put three $20 bills in the machine along with my coupons. The machine said it owed me $8.13 in change which was correct. However, it would not dispense my change nor my receipt. The clerk at the front watched me put the money in and tried to remedy the problem at the machine. She then called for technical assistance by which two additional employee came to the check-out. The first question out of one of their mouths was "Are you sure you put your money in there?" I was starting to feel the slow burn of anger creeping up my already hot neck. The other clerk said she saw me put the money in the machine. Sure enough when they opened it, there were my three $20 bills and my coupons on top. They continued to open and close that machine for 15 minutes at which time I asked for my change because it was getting late and I had to meet someone. They said I could not leave the store without a receipt. They made me feel like a criminal. It appears one of my coupons may have caused a problem althought the machine accepted it. EVEN if that was a problem, they did not have to treat me like the bad guy. After all this, the one woman said "sorry," and that they would have to re-scan all of the items in my cart and then handed me back my $60 and coupons. At this point, I told them I did not have time to wait and they could return all the items to their shelves. I said it was a stupid experience. I have to say the original clerk watching over the area was very nice and treated me kindly. I can't say the same for the other two. Customer service was surely lacking in that store.


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