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No excuses

January 13, 2009 - Betsy Bethel
It's not easy trying to change your entire life in the span of two weeks. That's basically what I set myself up for when I made 146 New Year's resolutions.

There are just so many things in my life that need fixing!

Some years, it's not so bad. Things might be going rather swimmingly come Jan. 1. This year, not so much. This year, things are going rather drowningly.

Where did I go wrong, I ask myself.

The easy way out is to blame my daughter. I would be in good company. Having a child changes your life, they say. It changes your priorities, it eats up all your free time, it gives you an excuse to be eat chocolate, to not shave your legs, to neglect cleaning the oven to the point that the neighbors call 911 every time you put in a frozen pizza.

But I don't want my daughter to read this 10 years from now and sink into a depression because she thinks she ruined my life. (At 13, she'll have enough reasons to be depressed.)

Blaming my flabby arms on my status as a mother does no one any good.

Of course, becoming a parent does change your life, your priorities and your quota of free time. But I signed up for it, and the blessing of having a child outweighs any hardship.

As for the excuses, my No. 1 New Year's resolution is to chuck them. All of them.

No time to exercise? Re-prioritize. To rephrase an old saying, If Mama ain't healthy, ain't nobody happy.

Didn't pack lunch and have to hit the vending machine? Choose peanuts and water, then force yourself to pack a yummy and healthy lunch before going to bed.

Too cold, too busy, too lazy to go to church Sunday morning? Puh-lease. Worship is like spiritual fuel for the week. It makes everything else run smoothly. It strengthens my resolve, focuses my mind, reminds me of my purpose. Why wouldn't I want to go? Besides, there are always good snacks afterwards!

I'll spare you the other 143 resolutions, but you get the gist.

Note to Mom: Before you comment that I'm setting myself up for failure by trying to make too many changes at once, rest assured: I am well aware of my limitations. But you know it's true: The more bulbs you plant in the fall, the more blooms you get in the spring.


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