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August 15, 2008 - Betsy Bethel
Pardon me, while I vent.

1. The case of John Angelo Gillespie -- the Moundsville man accused of causing an accident while driving while drunk with his 5-year-old and 7-month-old children in the car -- has my head spinning. This is the THIRD time in ONE year he has been charged with DUI with children in the car, according to court documents. How does this happen? The man should not be allowed to drive ... EVER AGAIN! His children should not be in his care ... EVER AGAIN! He is going to kill someone, and it probably won't be himself. God forbid it would be his kids ... or someone else's.

2. I feel violated after talking to my mortgage company today. We are refinancing with another lender and they want $20 to fax a document with my payoff amount to our attorney's office. It costs them NADA to complete this task. Apparently, I have no choice but to pay. I don't have enough time for the free mail service -- they say it would take seven business days and we're supposed to close Thursday. Of course, it shouldn't actually take seven business days, but if it does, then we have to push back our closing date. The attorney's office says it's worth the $20 so they have the amount in writing on the mortgage company's form, otherwise the company can come back and say we still owe them after it was supposed to be paid off. Of course, she said, they wouldn't TELL us we still owe them until they've tacked on some late fees and other charges. What did I ever do to them? I'll say it again: Violated!

3. Bob the Builder is a sick little puppy. I bought a video at a yard sale a few weeks ago, thinking the animated show featuring Bob, his construction equipment pals and his office (and sometimes construction) employee Wendy, was harmless and would nurture Emma's "strong girl" side. Emma loves it. But after watching it a couple dozen times, I have discovered an underlying theme of Wendy having a crush on the unwitting Bob. Is that really necessary in a show loved by 2-year-olds the world over? In one episode, I kid you not, Wendy's friend Jenny comes over and actually hits on the doofus Bob. I'm telling you, this insidious story line does nothing for me, and I doubt there are dads out there watching with their sons and saying, "Hey, pal, look how that blonde is crunching on Bob. He's a stud!" Then again, there probably are. Ugh.


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