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Out of the mouths of babes

August 13, 2008 - Betsy Bethel
One thing about having young children, you can save money by canceling your cable and eliminating your movie budget. We get our entertainment from a 3-foot-tall 2-year-old whose smile lights up a room, whose laugh is infectious and who even in her orneriest moments tends to soften our hearts.

Upon seeing the rides when we first drove by Betty Zane Days in Martins Ferry: "OH MY GOOOODNESS! Oh my SOUL. Oh my gosh. Look, Mommy! A roller coaster!!" Well, really it was kiddie cars and a Ferris wheel, but I about wrecked the car I was laughing so hard. I have an inkling she got "Oh my soul" from Grandma.

Reprimanding her baby (or maybe it was a Hot Wheels car or a piece of lint, whatever she was playing with at the time): "Quit that out!"

Holding the shoe polish sponge: "Can I 'poligize your shoes, Mommy?"

On our way to her first real playdate this morning: "We're going to see Silas. He loves me!" (Forget the fact she hasn't seen him in about a year!)

First prayer spoken by herself last week: "Sank you, God, for Grandma and for J.R. (her uncle), and sank you for every-sing. A-men."

On the way to the St. C. Farmers' Market last night: "Are we going to see cows at the Farmers' Market? Moo!"

Heaving a full gallon of milk out of the fridge last night: "I a STRONG girl!"

Preparing to floss her teeth with mint floss this morning: "Mmmm. That smells tasty!" (She doesn't REALLY floss, although the dentist says it's time to start! Can you believe it?)

After being scolded: "Are you happy, Mommy?" To which I sternly replied, "No." Then she said, "Awww, it's aw-wight. It'll be OK." and patted my back. So frustrating and so darn cute at the same time!

Don't get me wrong. There are plenty of times Emma's behavior is anything but amusing. If you've seen us in public recently, you know she throws a honkin' good tantrum. But I'm choosing not to dwell on those today.

Please share your "out-of-the-mouths-of-babes" stories. They're always good for a laugh!


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