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A Mother's Day Wish List

May 5, 2008 - Betsy Bethel
I received this email in my box this morning and am going to post it word for word because I think it brings up some really awesome points. Mothers often feel their hands are tied and they can never get ahead, whether they stay at home or are in the work force. There are so many unfair issues that we face (I know ... life's unfair) yet most of us don't have the time or energy to do anything about them -- or we don't know where to start. Many have learned to rely on the government for help, but often the government is the one tying our hands. Read on:

FORGET THE FLOWERS. FIX THE FAIRNESS. What mothers REALLY want for Mother’s Day

Mothers throughout the country will be receiving flowers, candy and gifts from their loved ones on Mother’s Day. But Terry Neese, a Distinguished Fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis and a woman business owner, said there are much better Mother’s Day gifts that can be given -- ones that have a lasting impact.

“I’m all for treating our moms to nice dinners and a pretty bouquet,” Neese said. “But what our moms really want is time and money. It’s about making changes in federal law so mothers can keep more of their hard-earned cash in their pocketbooks.”

Neese has developed a list of Mother’s Day gifts that require less government involvement and create more economic freedom:

1. Portable health and retirement benefits … so mothers aren’t penalized when they switch jobs.

2. A level playing field under tax law … so that stay-at-home moms who save for retirement, purchase health insurance, long-term insurance, day care, etc., receive just as much tax relief as people who obtain these benefits at work.

3. New rules regarding employer-provided benefits … so mothers can freely choose between taxable wages and non-taxed benefits, selecting the combination that best meets their family’s needs

4. Time … so mothers can work 80 hours over a two-week period in any combination (by changing the 1938 Federal Labor Standards Act).

5. Better treatment under Social Security ... so shared earnings between spouses could easily be applied to a new system of personal retirement accounts (where payroll tax contributions are divided like community property).

6. A new approach to the taxation of Social Security benefits (for grandma) … so marginal tax rates are not raised and there is no earnings penalty for seniors who work.

7. The ability to protect assets by buying long-term care insurance … so Medicaid can be utilized only for catastrophic costs.

8. Personal employment accounts … so moms have more control and ownership, while having unemployment protection. Personal employment accounts could be used during periods of unemployment and any unused funds could add to retirement incomes.

9. A fairer tax system for two-earner couples … so both spouses are able to file completely separate tax returns without penalty. Mothers and grandmothers also want to bury the estate tax for life.

10. Affordable health care … so women and families can feel secure. Small businesses should be allowed to band together across state lines, creating an economy of scale, as they seek to purchase reasonably priced health insurance.


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