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Driving Him Crazy, Slowly

December 24, 2007 - Phyllis Sigal
I am a bit annoying to my husband when he's driving. But, then he's a bit annoying to me when he's driving.

Why? Well, I sort of "critique" his driving habits. And I sort of step on an imaginary brake if I feel the need. And I sort of grab hold of the door handle if I feel he's driving a bit recklessly. Or I say (yell), "Bruce!" when i think he's too close to something or that he's not paying attention to the road. I stare at the speedometer when I think he's going too fast.

Often I just cover my eyes. Especially when he's driving in New York City. It's easier that way. Sometimes it's just best not to see.

Now granted — knock on wood — he has had very few (if any) traffic accidents. Knock on wood, again for good measure.

He pretty much does ignore me and my rants. Often, he just tells he he'll stop driving, and I'll have to drive everywhere. Which he knows I would absolutely hate.

But pretty much, he just ignores me. I really have no control.

Until the other morning when I was driving to work. My daughter, Amanda, was with me so that she could have the car for the day. I noticed that Bruce was behind us on Interstate 70 as we were heading into the Wheeling Tunnel.

Where the speed limit is 45. Where he never goes 45. Where I always just happen to mention that I go 45. Because it is a dangerous place.

So this particular day I was going my usual 45. I actually slowed a bit to about 43 mph. And there he was behind me, having to go 45!

I mentioned this to Amanda. She cracked up. (She also believes that Bruce's driving habits are a bit erratic. So does my son, Leland.)

We both were enjoying our "cruise control!!" And wondering what he was thinking as he slowed to 43 mph. I could almost see him muttering under his breath.


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