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Tunnel Vision

December 18, 2007 - Heather Ziegler
I saw a commerical on TV the other day for Cadillac. A TV star was driving the car and it was one of those fast-paced, sexy commercials that auto makers believe will sell their cars. I didn't care what kind of car the woman was driving or that she was driving too fast or any of that. However, the commercial appeared to be shot as the woman was driving the car through a TUNNEL. A real nice-looking tunnel with yellow walls. I'd like to know where they shot that commercial so we can find out who maintains that tunnel. There were no tiles falling down. It was bright as day inside. I don't recall the actor having to turn on her windshield wipers because of water dripping from the ceiling. She never braked for holes or uneven lanes as she made the trip through the pristine tunnel. There wasn't a traffic jam because strangers to the area slammed on their brakes thinking they were entering some bizarre traffic universe. She didn't stop to read the graffiti on the walls or even slow down for the Sunday drivers ahead of her. There weren't even any tractor trailers bearing down on her bumper to urge her along. Now that I think about it, that just couldn't have been a real tunnel in that commercial. In reality folks, it's not funny anymore. There is nothing good left to say about the Wheeling Tunnel fiasco. It has to go down as one of the top disappointments of the year in Wheeling. And we don't need anymore disappointments.


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