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Bigger Bags, please

November 28, 2007 - Heather Ziegler
I could have sworn that I bought a jar of spaghetti sauce a week ago at the grocery store. However as the meat for my sauce was browning last night, I searched my cupboards high and low and found no spaghetti sauce. I even looked in the fridge and the freezer because absent-mindedness can set in after a major shopping trip for groceries. I have been known to place things in the freezer that do not belong there and put ice cream on the top shelf of the fridge. Go figure. Without the spaghetti sauce I just went ahead and made chili since I had the ingredients for that. HOWEVER, I know I bought the spaghetti sauce because I checked my grocery receipt. Well, I found the spaghettii sauce this morning as I got in the old mini van to come to work. By the grace of God the jar of sauce had rolled from the back of the van and under the middle seats -- without breaking. Obviously it had rolled out of those cheap plastic bags you get at the grocery store. My complaint here is that nothing stays put in the bags in the car on the way home from the store unless you invest in some fancy gadgets or baskets to keep in your car. I don't want laundry baskets in the back of the van because I never know when I might hit up a particularly good garage sale and need the room for say, a rocking chair. But, I digress long enough. I implore the grocery stores to please tell your folks how to pack things so they don't roll out of the bags. My biggest complaint is that many things do not fit in those plastic bags or even the brown paper bags that retailers really don't want us using. PLEASE GIVE US BIGGER BAGS so that value pack of chicken is not leaking or sliding under the seat on the way home. I can only imagine if that jar of spaghetti sauce had broken in the car. And don't tell me to make my own sauce. I am not Rachael Ray. I would not have been a happy camper and I would have let the store people know loud and long. We pay enough for the groceries; help us out on the trip home!


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