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Winning A Piece of the Pie -- A Just Dessert ???

November 25, 2013 - Joselyn King
Visited a local school recently where students were working to raise funds for a worthy cause, and the homeroom that raised the most was to win "a prize."

"A pizza party?" I asked the teacher.

"No," she told me. "We've been told we can't reward students with food anymore."

What? That stunned me. Apparently, we've come to the point where food can't be associated with winning, or reaping the rewards for successful work.

I'm not suggesting our schools endorse "Miller Time" in their classroom, but the tradition of celebrating with food and drink is ingrained in our culture.

Nobel Prize winners get a dinner, and Oscar winners (and those losers who were "just happy to be nominated") gather for post-ceremony revelry.

Olympic champions headed to McDonalds after leaving the medal stand during the 2012 games; World Series winners toast and douse each other with champagne; and Indianapolis 500 victors drink milk after successfully crossing the finish line.

I wonder if future societal winners won't be expected to buy and prepare a dinner to serve to those who don't train for or participate in work or athletic endeavors.

I understand the concerns about childhood obesity. But if you look at school playgrounds, most don't even have equipment anymore for children -- and I'm not sure how often they get out for physical exercise during the school day.

Maybe a better approach would be to pelt less motivated students with carrot sticks to make them run?


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Dec-09-13 10:24 AM

Can’t you just visualize RockERedistribution, in his ideological hatred of the “wealthy children,” glaring into the window of the Cheesecake Factory and fuming about those evil greedy rich people actually getting to enjoy the 50% of their earnings the Government allowed them to keep for themselves? LOL


Nov-27-13 10:04 PM

RFOL - pelting them with carrot sticks will only make them hate veggies,...blasting them with "devil's foodcake" will show the evil side of junk food!! Seriously, how about some fundraisers to purchase, playground equipment, and to fund some gym teachers??? I mean really, if it is too cold out create mathlete treadmills and turn it on high, and the only way to slow it down is to answer a math problem or spell a word correctly! LOL


Nov-27-13 2:57 AM

In the ideological system of privatized education, wealthy children could utilize their school voucher dividends for some after-school just rewards at the Cheesecake Factory.

Nov-26-13 10:54 AM

we were rewarded with a piece of bazooka joe gum for winning the spelling bee.


Nov-26-13 9:05 AM

Moochelle Obama at work in a classroom near you. Eat your jicama!!


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