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A Smack To The Pointing Finger

October 21, 2013 - Joselyn King
Furloughed federal workers are back on the job today -- and receiving back pay -- following the recent government shut down that could have sent the nation into a financial tail spin.

And it's not over yet. The continuing resolution passed by Congress to fund government lasts only until Jan. 15, and members agreed to raise the federal debt ceiling only until Feb. 7. The core problems of reducing spending and finding revenue for important programs remain in Washington.

Also continuing to linger are feelings of dissention, and an unwillingness to compromise.

Democrats blame Republicans for the debacle. Republicans, meanwhile, blame Democrats. And Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, even blames fellow Senate Republicans for not backing plans to defund Obamacare and agreeing to the temporary continuing resolution.

Everybody blames somebody. But could it be the American public, as a whole, that is to blame?

Partisans elect persons to Washington, then send them there with a dictate to not compromise. Victory for America -- and in the next election -- voters tell them, can come only if specific agenda items are achieved. Conservatives want no gun laws and Obamacare repealed, while progressives oppose laws stipulating marriage between one man and one woman and want to retain government programs that assist the poor and vulnerable.

Even if a member of Congress is skilled in the art of compromise, it's probable in today's political climate they would be seen as weak if they gave an inch on an issue and didn't achieve a whole partisan victory.

Politics is the art of compromise, and the American public no longer wants compromise.

In the end, there are no winners in the blame game. We just need results.


Article Comments



Oct-30-13 4:20 PM


Ok, we get it. You're confused. As usual. Ask your caregiver for help.

And I always keep my mouth shut when I'm chewing, until I summarily spit your XYZing deflated carcass out.


Oct-30-13 7:23 AM

“High unemployment ... low wages ... A median wage 4% lower than at the start of the [so-called] recovery”

"So we’re in agreement..Glad we cleared that up."?????????????????

Summing then, with "A Smack to the" erroneously self-inflated ego.

“X = work / Y = play / Z = keep your mouth shut” AE


Oct-28-13 6:56 AM

Wow. RockE math is extra babblicious. LOL Sorting the few relevant kernels from the chaff...

“High unemployment ... low wages ... A median wage 4% lower than at the start of the [so-called] recovery”

So we’re in agreement, then. No Obama “Recovery.” Glad we cleared that up.

By the way, we also agree on the “QE = Bull Market” thing, too. Maybe Barry’s trying to help the poor through their stock portfolios?


Oct-28-13 6:37 AM

"Ok..a more DETAILED explanation"


DETAILED GOPeer Math (to promote the Dying GOPeer Brand) for Dummies:

High unemployment X (Filibuster all Jobs Bills) = low wages + solid corporate profits + Obama Disapproval

Constant: A median wage 4% lower than at the start of the recovery = No Worries!! (FREE ER Healthcare is a 911 call away, and its free!)

QE = Bull Market = Equities Sales = Huge Regressives Pay Days (and hey, corporatioms are people, my friend, too)


Oct-27-13 12:45 PM

Ok, for the Obamazombified premature-concluders who apparently need a more detailed explanation:

With a RECORD 48 MILLION Americans STILL on Obama Food Stamps, and the REAL Obama jobless rate STILL stagnant at 15%... “Recovery"? Seriously? "Recovery"?

Talk about “ignorance”... !!!


Oct-27-13 11:37 AM

"Recovery"? Seriously? "Recovery"?

Let's just go with concealing one's knowledge..NOT..revealing one's ignorance...and call it a concluded!!!


Oct-27-13 7:53 AM

"Recovery"? Seriously? "Recovery"?

Talk about echo chamber...


Oct-27-13 7:36 AM

'Is that what you call “civil debate”? Too funny'

No, this shallow brilliance is:

' “Worked”?Seriously? “worked”?.. it “worked”? If that’s the definition of “worked”.. '

In May when Bernanke said the Fed was considering tapering QE and resultingly over $2 trillion was slashed from the value of global stock markets and more than that from bond and equity values??...and Goldman Sachs moaned “We were expecting a dovish Fed and for Bernanke to calm markets, but got just the opposite”??

...let's not realize that money policy is the major drivimg force of the worldwide economic recovery

..NOR factor in that American companies and investors are currently sitting on the largest cache' of money on record

...let's instead ignorantly resound the Troll's echo-chamberish "worked?" !!!


Oct-26-13 7:13 PM

RockERepination “I will not debate such jabbermonkey drivel...[whine, ad hominem] cadet!!”

Is that what you call “civil debate”? Too funny.


Oct-25-13 4:07 PM

"responsible Republicans paid the DO have to negotiate with terrorists!!.. what form of extortion you Democrits will pull next time!!... Barry’s Brownshirts treated WWII veterans!!.. LOL!!"

Same old TROLL song and dance time, I see

..validating to the Nth degree why I will not debate such jabbermonkey in addressing the remaining statement-by-statement far-rightwing leaning analysis of my original comment cadet.

If you did attend college and were engaged in any classes promoting civil debate?...perhaps you were absent on occasion.


Oct-24-13 10:06 PM

Expanding then on the gist of Upton's wisdom “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his welfare check depends upon his not understanding it."

Surrender? LOL Just because responsible Republicans paid the ransom you pirate Democrits demanded in exchange for loosening your choke hold on US fiscal security doesn’t mean Republicans declared unconditional surrender. Contrary to the Bush Doctrine that Harry and Barry rigidly follow, Republicans know that for the lives of the hostages sometimes you DO have to negotiate with terrorists. And that little “surrender” is only good until February 7. America is looking forward to seeing what form of extortion you Democrits will pull next time. Because America was so unimpressed with the way Barry’s Brownshirts treated WWII veterans at their memorial they’ll certainly remember it on Election Day. LOL


Oct-24-13 6:54 PM

Summing then in the words of Upton Sinclair “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."

'Harry “No Vote” Reid’s “no negotiations hostage-holding ”'... Barry “No compromise” Obankrupter’s hostage-holding'

"We're not going to pass a clean debt limit increase!!!" - Boehner

A clean debt limit increase attached to a clean government funding resolution...passed the House 285-144

How do YOU spell surrender?


Oct-24-13 9:17 AM

RockERevisionist “GOPeer debt hostage scenarios”

GOP leader John Boehner delivered MULTIPLE debt ceiling bills to Democrit leader Harry “No Compromise” Reid. Loco NoCo Harry REFUSED to even bring them to the Senate floor for debate and a vote. So Democrits’ folly-filled revisionist history on who held whom hostage is easily debunked by the Congressional Record. Have a gander, goose. LOL


Oct-24-13 9:16 AM

RockERemonstration “lopsided income equality”

Maybe the Obama Jobs Disaster, exacerbated by the Obama Health Insurance Tax Scam, which has left 15% of Americans without real jobs had something to do with the Olopsidedness? Derrrrrrr.....

RockERefutation “inflation remains at a meager 2%, not up up up”

I suppose it depends on what you’re putting in your market basket. Apparently you’re on a diet. Since Obankrupter’s inflation calculators decided to leave FOOD – the largest percentage of expense for the lowest income folks – out of the equation, Barry’s making it difficult to know the truth – imagine that [eye roll]. Ogarbage in, Ogarbage out. But FOOD prices are up, up, up, at least according to the folks at finance.fortune.cnn.c om/2012/12/17/food-inflation-bernanke/.


Oct-24-13 9:15 AM

RockERedoubler “Quantitative easing was instituted by the US Fed in November 2008 as a result of we all know what and its worked...”

“Worked”? Seriously? Five Obamatative-easing years later, with a RECORD number of Americans surviving on Obama Food Stamps, it “worked”? Five Obamatative-easing years later, with REAL unemployment - counting ALL Americans including those who in Odespair have simply given up looking for a job – STILL STAGNANT at 15%, it “worked”? If that’s the definition of “worked” I shudder to imagine the definition of “failed.”

RockERealtor “we all know what”

You mean the 2007-2009 years “what” of a DEMOCRIT Senate and a DEMOCRIT House writing overheating home loan bribery bills to pander to their debtor base and enrich their crony banker pals? Yeah, RockE, anyone without an Obama-Biden bumper sticker plastered across his eyes knows... LOL


Oct-24-13 6:55 AM

So much folly, so little time:

"..savings..dwindling ..Barry Obankrupter’s quantitative easing"

Quantitative easing was instituted by the US Fed in November 2008 as a result of we all know what and its worked...over 1/2 of Americans dp not invest in the mkt due to aftereffects of the recession and lopsided income equality...inflation remains at a meager 2%, not up up up...GOPeer debt hostage scenarios do wonders for spurring the international community's demands to end the US dollar's status as the world's reserve currency


Oct-22-13 1:52 PM

RockERevisionist “Tea culprits envision and strive for an America not unlike the one existing during the 1920's follies years”

yawn... Go to the Obamascam website if you want to see “follies.” LOL


Oct-22-13 1:51 PM

RockERedoubler “The real patriotic politicians realize US debt must continue to be addressed”

That’s what Barry Bankrupter USED to say. Remember how raising the debt ceiling signaled “a failure of leadership”? How it was “irresponsible”? “Unpatriotic”? Now the Democrit version of “addressing the debt” is to ADD TO IT. Do you address your debt problem by applying for a new credit card? Barry and Harry do. As Barry Bankrupter said, Dems, "It's irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic."


Oct-22-13 1:50 PM

RockERebabbler “extremists employ their hostage-holding antics.”

Are you referring to Harry “No Vote” Reid’s “no negotiations” hostage-holding by refusing to bring ANY House debt ceiling bills up for debate and a vote in the Senate?

Or are you referring to Barry “No compromise” Obankrupter’s hostage-holding by refusing to even discuss Republican ideas on even delaying Barry’s Obamascam enrollment train wreck?

When the Executive Branch becomes the hostage takers and the American people become the hostages, you have to wonder where the American Way went.


Oct-22-13 1:50 PM

RockERithmetic “stay prepared to watch your education and retirement savings dwindle”

If your savings is in US dollars, in a bank savings account, yes it’s dwindling because of Barry Obankrupter’s quantitative easing at a rate of $85 BILLION a month, which is causing the prices of everything, from food to college tuition, to go up, up, up. But if your savings is in the stock market, it’s booming because many of those quantitatively-eased dollars are going straight to paying off Barry’s crony corporate debt.

So once again, betting on PRIVATE investments BEATS betting on the US Government. Thanks, Barry Bankrupter.


Oct-22-13 1:49 PM

Newgirl is right. The Tea Party Caucus of the US House of Representatives is only 46 members out of the 435 voting members of the House. About 10% of only one chamber of only one branch of Government.

So it isn’t the size of the Tea Party that makes it powerful. It’s the GRASSROOTS CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES the Tea Party represents that makes liberal Congressmen FEAR speaking and voting against Tea Party-proposed bills and amendments.

And the Tea Party is GROWING in number and in voter appeal. So you’re right to fear them, “progressives.” LOL


Oct-22-13 9:18 AM

AMAZING that you point the finger at the tiny tiny tiny tea party. I guess it is easier than holding the representatives accountable. ;o) Have a great day!


Oct-22-13 7:43 AM

With tri-partisanship the newly required (impossible to achieve) ingredient for any semblance of compromise, and with the Tea faction non-compromising..until such time they shrink and drown the government they wish to control..stay prepared to watch your education and retirement savings dwindle, and to witness the economy suffering whenever these extremists employ their hostage-holding antics.

The real patriotic politicians realize US debt must continue to be addressed and that unemployment and economic stagnation are the current culprits... while the Tea culprits envision and strive for an America not unlike the one existing during the 1920's follies years.


Oct-21-13 11:15 AM

Great view on the inability to compromise, however, when the American people will be hammered, and the big businesses and millionaire politicians on both sides don't want to be held to the same standard, then the legislation needs to be curtailed and revamped. If it isn't good for the golden goose, (or golden Geese), then it should not be shoved down the ganders' throats. Everything has good and bad points, and yes, they are all sent there to represent their CONSTITUENTS, based on party ideals, however, there comes a time to stand up for what is right, and fair and just - and there is no reason why something should be SHOVED through, if it is going to ultimately hurt the masses. Blocking gay marriage hurts a few, bone crushing debt and Obamacare hurt the masses, when it isn't thought out and only implemented on the powerless few, who believed that the candidates when they said I WILL REPRESENT YOU AND YOUR INTERESTS. That is where the frustration lies.


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